Pardon my French

When I was a little girl, I never wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor, or a lawyer. No, I wanted to sale dresses. And people would be: But don’t you want to do something bigger? In other words, something that society thinks is a good career? I always loved clothes, I would spend hours trying on my mum’s dresses, playing with fabrics and creating outfits. I never wanted to be a designer, I was told I’m not that talented so I decided to give up on that dream. But I did like playing with clothes and I decided I’ll create a career in the fashion industry somehow. I went on to study Marketing. I thought I needed to learn how to sell the clothes, I needed to know what people want and I needed to find a way to use my creative mind. I don’t even remember the amount of times people made sure to tell me how easy is to study Marketing. And my answer would always be – it’s not easy to be the best, no matter what the hell you study or do, so shush.

I was over the moon when I found a masters degree in Fashion Marketing. I thought I finally found a way of building a career exactly how I wanted. In the meantime I started writing this tiny blog of mine. Not because I am confident, not because I am photogenic, but because I like to do creative shit and this was the best way. In the meantime a lot of girls decided to become fashion bloggers, I guess there’s no point to tell you how many eye rolls I get when I say I’m one of them. And then comments like “oh, you’re actually smart, you actually have something in your head, not just <check out what I wore today>”. Since when working in fashion is not good enough? Since when having a passion about clothing, cuts and designers is a silly thing to do? I choose my path, you do your thing and give all us fashionistas a break! I’ve seen too many awful doctors, shitty lawyers, corrupt presidents and bad teachers to think that just because you have a society favourite job, you’re fab. The job does not define you, you define you.

P.S. I hope you like my outfit! Got it in the sale, of course.

Dress – French Connection | Shoes – Zara | Watch – Daniel Wellington


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Dear Journal…

It’s the middle of the night, in the middle of the week. I need to wake up early tomorrow but I just can’t fall asleep. Too many thoughts running through my mind, too many plans I still need to catch up on, too many exciting things happening at the same time. It’s really quiet and I can finally think about the last couple of weeks that went by too fast. I’ve noticed something that I’m not happy about. I’ve been postponing some fun stuff because I was busy with other stuff. Why do we have to cancel the things we like, when we’re too overwhelmed with work, tedious jobs and other things that don’t bring us joy? Why do we always have to sacrifice the good stuff? Naah, I’ve had enough. So I decided to revisit my blog again. And tomorrow I might even call a friend and spend an hour on the phone just because. And after that I’ll do some shopping – afterall it’s the sale season and I still haven’t had the chance to check it out! What I’m trying to say is, don’t forget to do some fun things especially when you feel you have no time.  That’s when you most need it.

Trousers Primark | Shoes & Top Zara | Watch Daniel Wellington

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Wearing a Dress in the British Summer

red zara hm essentials

I might as well give up shaving my legs once and for all. All the effort, all the drama, and no appropriate weather to show them off. I mean, why? Why England, why? And on top of this, you go shopping and there’s floral dresses everywhere. They’re all made of delicate fabrics that won’t keep you warm at all. They must think we all spend our weekends in Spain or something. The struggle is real, especially for someone like me who prefers to wear dresses all the time.

red blonde zara hm ootd

I know there’s this big trend right now to wear a dress on top of your jeans. But short and not so skinny girls like me cannot pull that off, unless you want to look more unflattering. So instead, I prefer to go back to my old habits: chunky knit on top. And if you match the colours like I did, it looks like one single clothing item.

And if you are one of those lucky girls who lives in a warm country, well.. I’m not jealous of you because you must be broke right now considering how pretty the new ss17 dresses are.

manchester street style red zara hm

Red ruffle dress underneath – Zara| Red maxi jumper on top – H&M | Buy a similar look from here.

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You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

blog andra dorolti zara top

I’ve made it a habit into reviewing my life every time I turn one year older and I usually am not afraid to share my thoughts with you on my blog. It’s been almost a month since I’ve turned 27 and realised I forgot about my good old habit. But no worries, today I’ve finally found the time to talk to you about what I’ve learnt this last year. And that is

You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

zara top yellow flowers

What many people don’t know is that last year I decided to take on a very exciting journey that literally meant no security, no comfort zone, no nothing. I’m not gonna give you all the cheesy details, but I basically stopped everything I was doing and decided to reinvent myself. The biggest thing was to quit my secure job. Why? Because it just didn’t feel right. Was it easy? Hello no. Was I constantly tempted to go back to how things were? Hell yes. It was frustrating sometimes, very frightening especially at first but I was on a mission. And I stuck to it. It was the best decision I ever made and even though it wasn’t an easy journey, I feel like I’ve learnt so much in the last year, it’s just incredible. And by being this brave  (because this is brave, no modesty needed), I became way more confident and ready to take on new challenges.

zara top yellow flowers

I didn’t just leave my job, I decided to change my mindset. I decided to make the most out of my skills, experience and my goals. I decided to take it to the next level. Some of you might read this and think I must be high or something, but when you get that drive, that desire to do something great, then you’ll know what I mean. And if you have no desire, than you better find one, because you only live once.

zara top yellow flowers spring

Top – Zara

If you’re going through a difficult path right now – career or personal – remember that you are stronger than you think you are, just stay committed. And if you need someone to talk to, to cheer you up and get you going, drop me a message or email 🙂

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She Wants to go to the Seaside

seaside red dress zara

EN  This summer has been pretty busy for me and it doesn’t seem to slow down either. But the best part is that it’s been exciting and definitely unforgettable. So no regrets!

I’ve been spending my last weeks travelling around Canada. There’s too much beauty in this country to name a favourite, but I have to say I did enjoy my beach time. We didn’t spend much time on the beach, but it was enough to relax and enjoy the view. The pictures you see have not been edited at all. And I don’t know about you, but I find this perfect blue shade incredibly calming.

This place is on the Toronto Island, 10 minutes away from the city, reachable by boat.

RO   Am inceput vara asta in forta. De la un nou job, la noi evenimente, la doua excursii in doua luni si la noi proiecte ce vor aparea in curand. Toate astea s-au adunat si recunosc ca la un moment dat a devenit obositor. 

Eram prin Toronto cand am decis sa mergem pe o insula la 10 minute distanta. Am gasit o plaja acolo unde am petrecut cateva ore. Vreau sa spun ca dupa 5 minute deja m-am simtit altfel. Pozele la care va uitati nu sunt modificate deloc. Albastrul era mai albastru ca niciodata, iar pentru cineva care traieste in Anglia sa ai un cer asa albastru e prea frumos sa fie adevarat.

Am vazut foarte multe lucruri deosebite in cele doua saptamani jumate petrecute in Canada, incat mi-e greu sa spun ce mi-a placut cel mai mult. Dar timpul petrecut pe insula Toronto a fost cu singuranta printre cele favorite. 

summer shopping must have

summer must have list

red dress sea side

at the beach fashion red dress

Dress and Sandals – Zara | Sunglasses –


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Best Way to Revitalize your Hair

cullotes zara affordable look, short hair

EN  Do you want the quickest way to have a healthy looking hair? I’ve got an answer for you – cut it!! After countless efforts to revitalize my hair I gave up… I took my scissors and cut 6 inches off my dull, dry and very damaged hair. I still don’t have the perfect hair, but it instantly has more volume, looks more fresh and I feel great! It’s quite a big change for me, but I love it. It’s also extremely easy to style, so it’s a win!

The beginning of summer is the perfect opportunity to change your style. Is that time of the year when you go a bit crazy, you go on holidays, wear different clothes, dare to experiment with looks – so why not change your hair too? You can always go back with some good quality hair extensions, so why not take the risk? 😀


RO   In ultima vreme am incercat sa-mi las parul cat mai liber, pentru ca era atat de uscat la varfuri incat am zis ca nu mai vreau sa-l stric cu ondulatorul sau presa. Ba mai mult, am exagerat putin cu cantitatile de balsam si tratamentele intensive pentru par. Tot n-am ajuns la rezultatul dorit asa ca intr-o zi m-am enervat si mi-am taiat 15centimetri din par. Yep, 15! Eu singura mi-am facut onoarea, am foarfeca de tuns acasa. M-am asezat frumos in oglinda si am taiat fara frica. Rezultatul? Ma simt fresh si foarte bine! Parul pare mai sanatos, am scapat de varfurile despicate. Am automat si mai mult volum – e perfect!

Vara e anotimpul schimbarilor majore zic eu. E anotimpul in care experimentam mai mult, iesim mai des pe-afara, mergem in excursii, suntem mai energici si mai inspirati – asa ca de ce sa nu ne schimbam si coafura? Iar in caz de ceva, avem de unde sa ne cumparam extensii de par, asa ca risul e mic, I say let’s go for it! 😀

cullotes zara affordable look summer hair

cullotes zara affordable look revitalize hair

cullotes zara affordable look

Cullotes – Zara | White Top – French Connection | Shoes/Ballerinas – Zara | Bag – Vintage | Sunglasses – Primark


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Having fun with the Basics

BASICS INSPIRATIONEN   This is an outfit for all my ladies out there who don’t like colour, don’t like patterns and don’t like weird shapes. Everything I wear is defined as being basic: black trousers, white shirt, grey jumper. However, they all have different textures, they have different colours and they can all be layered. Take the jumper off, change the Converse with a pair of black shoes (boots, balerinas, pumps endless opportunities) and you’ve got yourself your job outfit. What I like most about this outfit is that it’s the most comfortable thing to wear. I swear! And if you want to spice it up a bit, try putting on a red jumper instead of a grey one. Oh yess, that’s what I’ll probably wear tomorrow!


RO   Asta-i o tinuta pentru fetele care nu-s fanele hainelor colorate, care evita printurile si care vor cusaturi drepte, simple, fara croi ciudat. Am folosit trei obiecte vestimentare categorisite ca fiind basic: camasa alba, pantalonii negri, pulover simplu gri. Insa fiecare are o textura si o culoare diferita, ceea ce face tinuta mai (ati ghicit) diferita. Si daca dai jos puloverul, schimbi tenisii Converse cu niste pantofi negri (sau botine, sau balerini etc), ai deja o tinuta simpla de birou. Si ce-mi place cel mai mult la tinuta asta e ca e extrem de comoda (cu accent pe extrem). Oh, si ca sa mai experimentezi, incearca sa pui un pulover rosu in locul celui gri – o grozavie! Probabil asta o sa port maine…
fcuk trousers, zara jumper, primark shirt office look with a twist androgynous trousers and jumper monochrome androgynous

Basic Grey Jumper – Zara

Basic White Shirt – Primark

Black trousers – French Connection

White Shoes – Converse

♥ Andra

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Coffee Tastes Better on Cold Days

hotel chocolat pink champagne trufflesEN   I am a true fan of coffee, I enjoy it anytime, with or without milk and if it has some chocolate on the side, I’m in! And the funny thing is that I associate coffee with productivity. No matter how tired I am, or totally not in the mood for work, I will make myself a coffee if I need to do something. And I instantly feel energized and more excited about the job. Another trick is to grab my laptop and go to a nice cozy place and work there while enjoying, you guessed, a coffee. I always look for a place with huge windows, with a nice view and internet. What do you do to get more work done? Any ideas are more than welcome!


RO   Sunt o mare amatoare de cafea, la orice ora, cu sau fara lapte, iar de e si o ciocolatica pe langa m-ati convins! Si faza tare e ca atunci cand beau cafea ma pun mai serios pe treaba. Am asociat cafeaua cu productivitatea si atunci cand nu prea am chef, imi fac una. Iar daca-i tarziu, fac una decofeinizata si are acelasi efect. N-o beau pentru energie, mai degraba pentru sentimentul ala de “acuma ma apuc de munca” pe care-l am dimineata la prima cafea. O alta metoda de-a ma ambitiona e sa imi iau laptopul si sa fug la o cafenea in oras. Imi plac localurile cu geamuri mari, cu priveliste frumoasa si musai pentru munca mea – cu internet. Voi ce faceti sa fiti mai productivi? Orice idee ajuta, astept sfaturile voastre! 

vintage pastel colours mom's skirt vintage blue pastel shades mom's skirt vintage blue pastel shades starbucks

Skirt – From my mum’s wardrobe, vintage

Top – Primark

Boots – Zara

Coat – Mango


♥ Andra

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The Denim ShirtDress

the shirt dress

EN  Today is all about the shirt-dress. In the last months there have been a couple of really cool long shirts supposed to be worn as dresses. The best thing about them? They are very comfortable and versatile. For example, the denim shirt-dress that I am wearing today can go easily with a pair of converse, or can be worn as an overcoat on warmer days, or it can be dressed up with a belt and some heels. I chose the last option for today just because of the weather outside. It’s been raining for hours now and all I want to do is stay in bed. So in order to fight with the stupid weather, I decided to dress up, don’t wash my hair (there’s no point, right?) and head over to the library. At least being surrounded by hard working people makes me want to work some more. And even if I don’t know them, being surrounded by them inspired me. So here it goes – surround yourself with awesome people! After this I’m headed to the ground floor to enjoy a live concert, for free. I mean, this city is pretty awesome isn’t it? Too bad the rain makes it all harder to enjoy.


RO   Astazi vreau sa va vorbesc despre camasa-rochie. Nici nu stiu daca are o denumire specifica, eu asa am dat de ea pe Net-A-Porter TV. Puteti sa le urmariti video-uri de styling, interviuri si alte idei foarte faine pe pagina lor de Youtube aici. Mi-a placut ideea de camasa-rochie pentru ca e extrem de comoda si versatila. Cand am cumparat camasa-rochie din denim pe care o port azi am avut in gand s-o iau in combinatie cu tenisii Converse si un rucsac din piele negru. Apoi ma gandeam ca o sa-mi vina la fix si primavara, luata ca un fel de trench peste o rochie. Insa astazi o port cu o curea la mijloc si botine – o abordare mai diferita. Am fost inspirata de vremea asta ingrozitoare din Manchester. Ploua neincetat de ore intregi si simt ca nu-mi gasesc motivatia sa ma ridic din pat. Asa ca m-am fortat sa ma imbrac si am fugit la bilioteca centrala. Am zis ca vin aici si ma inconjor de oameni harnici si studiosi, poate poate ma motivez si eu! Si sa stiti ca a mers! Adevarul e ca sa fii aici e o placere, o cladire istorica, o atmosfera deosebita, iar la parter un concert live gratuit. E tare frumos Manchesterul asta, pacat de ploaie! 

the shirt dress the shirt dress the shirt dress the shirt dress the shirt dress

Shirt Dress – Zara

Boots – H&M

Necklace – Primark

Bag – Ralph Lauren


♥ Andra

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New Year, New Sales!

january outfit EN  It’s that wonderful time of the year again when we are surrounded by Sales everywhere. And even though we’re broke after the winter holidays, it’s too tempting to say no. Still, I’m trying to be good this time and buy only things that I really really like. I often buy clothes that are a bit outside my comfort zone, just to experiment more with style. And one brand that has a lot of variety is Zara. You can’t go empty handed from a Zara store. I was a bit disappointed with the sale in Romania, I think UK offers a better range and even better prices! That’s why I only bought a knitted jumper which feels like a blanket, it’s extremely comfortable and warm. What have you bought lately? Let me know in a comment below.


RO   E iar perioada marilor reduceri si desi avem bugetul strans dupa sarbatorile de iarna, e prea tentant sa nu mergem si prin magazine. Insa cu parere de rau trebuie sa spun ca am fost usor dezamagita de promotiile din tara. In Anglia gasesc oferte mai bune, chiar si preturi mai mici in perioada reducerilor! Chiar si asa, n-am putut sa nu-mi iau nimic.. asa ca astazi port un pulover de la Zara, extrem de comod si calduros. Insa e mai scurt, asa ca nu-l recomand decat cu pantaloni sau fusta cu talie inalta. E si foarte largut dar asta-l face mai interesant. Voi ce v-ati luat de la ‘marile’ reduceri? Lasati-mi un comentariu mai jos. january outfitjanuary outfit zara top january winter

Top – Zara

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – H&M

Coat – French Connection


♥ Andra

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