I’m Ready for the New Chapter

Tomorrow is the 1st of March, a day that’s pretty big on my calendar. It’s our one year anniversary since we got the keys to our first home, it’s also the month I’ll be turning 29, which means my last year under 30’s (no pressure, Andra, no pressure..)
And it’s also the beginning of Spring!
I love that it’s light outside when I wake up, I love driving to work with my sunglasses on, singing out loud. I love that our neighbourhood is full of flowers, neighbours outside with their dogs and my kittens laying in the sun like two mini lions. I just love this feeling, of all sunny and bright, kind of like a new chapter. And I love that I’m almost 30 and I’m totally rocking these cat shoes!
I’m suddenly feeling very refreshed, happy and positive. I know I usually am like that to begin with, but now it’s like the next level! Having 3 coffees a day might have to do something with this too. I have a lot to achieve in these 12 months.. after all, like Monica says in FriendsCompetition with myself is my favourite kind of competition! 
So yes, bring it on Year of 29, I’m ready for ya! Cheers to a (hopefully) very proud 30 year old Andra. 
Top – Ralph Lauren (old, similar here)  | Skirt – & Other Stories (old, similar here or here ) | Shoes – Charlotte Olympia (all colours here )  | Scarf/Bandana – H&M (old, similar here )
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We’re all in this together

It’s funny how things work.. Last month I had a flicker of creativity, wrote an article quickly and before I knew it, I pressed publish. And there it was. Out for the world to see my weakness. Me, a typical Aries – stubborn, ambitious and with too much personality. So for me to say I couldn’t handle it, was not easy at all.

I was overwhelmed with the messages and the amount of people that contacted me afterwards. First, everyone wanted to know if I’m ok, how I feel and if they could help. It made me feel incredible to see that many people that care.

Secondly, I felt like I started my version of a #metoo campaign. So many of you told me how you’ve been struggling, how you couldn’t do it anymore. And that, basically, we all deal with issues and it’s not as easy breezy – and that it’s harder and harder to find the best opportunity to talk about these things. How do you start a conversation about “I can’t do this anymore?”. In my case, this is how I started the conversation and I ended up talking with many beautiful friends that all had challenges much bigger than mine.

It gave me peace to share this with others and it gave you peace to share your problems with me.

We’re all in this together.

I’m wearing: dress from Shein and the bag belongs to Dan’s grandma. She used it when she was my age, to take food to workers on the fields. It’s older than me and yet, the trendiest accessory for this summer.

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Wearing a Dress in the British Summer

red zara hm essentials

I might as well give up shaving my legs once and for all. All the effort, all the drama, and no appropriate weather to show them off. I mean, why? Why England, why? And on top of this, you go shopping and there’s floral dresses everywhere. They’re all made of delicate fabrics that won’t keep you warm at all. They must think we all spend our weekends in Spain or something. The struggle is real, especially for someone like me who prefers to wear dresses all the time.

red blonde zara hm ootd

I know there’s this big trend right now to wear a dress on top of your jeans. But short and not so skinny girls like me cannot pull that off, unless you want to look more unflattering. So instead, I prefer to go back to my old habits: chunky knit on top. And if you match the colours like I did, it looks like one single clothing item.

And if you are one of those lucky girls who lives in a warm country, well.. I’m not jealous of you because you must be broke right now considering how pretty the new ss17 dresses are.

manchester street style red zara hm

Red ruffle dress underneath – Zara| Red maxi jumper on top – H&M | Buy a similar look from here.

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You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

blog andra dorolti zara top

I’ve made it a habit into reviewing my life every time I turn one year older and I usually am not afraid to share my thoughts with you on my blog. It’s been almost a month since I’ve turned 27 and realised I forgot about my good old habit. But no worries, today I’ve finally found the time to talk to you about what I’ve learnt this last year. And that is

You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

zara top yellow flowers

What many people don’t know is that last year I decided to take on a very exciting journey that literally meant no security, no comfort zone, no nothing. I’m not gonna give you all the cheesy details, but I basically stopped everything I was doing and decided to reinvent myself. The biggest thing was to quit my secure job. Why? Because it just didn’t feel right. Was it easy? Hello no. Was I constantly tempted to go back to how things were? Hell yes. It was frustrating sometimes, very frightening especially at first but I was on a mission. And I stuck to it. It was the best decision I ever made and even though it wasn’t an easy journey, I feel like I’ve learnt so much in the last year, it’s just incredible. And by being this brave  (because this is brave, no modesty needed), I became way more confident and ready to take on new challenges.

zara top yellow flowers

I didn’t just leave my job, I decided to change my mindset. I decided to make the most out of my skills, experience and my goals. I decided to take it to the next level. Some of you might read this and think I must be high or something, but when you get that drive, that desire to do something great, then you’ll know what I mean. And if you have no desire, than you better find one, because you only live once.

zara top yellow flowers spring

Top – Zara

If you’re going through a difficult path right now – career or personal – remember that you are stronger than you think you are, just stay committed. And if you need someone to talk to, to cheer you up and get you going, drop me a message or email 🙂

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How to Rock Sunglasses in 2016

cheapasssunglasses affordable sunglasses

EN  For years I refused to wear sunglasses even if I was blinded by the sun. I absolutely hated how I looked with sunglasses on, but thankfully things changed and went even a bit too far. I love my sunnies now and I like experimenting. I will always choose the weirdest shapes and try them on. Of course that 90% of them look too weird on me and they’re a pass, but I did manage to add to my collection some cool ones that actually complement my face. I do love my Ray Bans and Police – they are high quality, classic, just perfect.

However, this blog post is all about experimenting with style. It’s all about convincing you to go and buy a pair. So I decided to make a list of very affordable brands that still look really cool and are for completely different looks. I’m trying to convince you to have a go and play with sunglasses, you’ll have fun! It’s all about practice and using some tips. So it’s time for me to share my wisdom with you on how to rock sunglasses this spring/summer:

RO  Ani de zile am refuzat categoric sa port ochelari de soare. Eram de-a dreptul ingrozita de cum aratam cu ei. Si acum am in minte imaginea cu mine in fata oglinzii total descurajata de cum arat cu ochelari de soare. Ajunsesem la concluzia ca nu sunt facuta pentru asta. Insa cu norocul totul a luat o intorsatura – nu numai ca port ochelari de soare des, dar mi-am achizitionat niste modele tare ciudate. Ma duc in magazine si nu ma atrag decat ramele iesite din comun, culorile diferite. Asa ca azi vreau sa va arat cateva perechi din colectie.

Desi trebuie sa recunosc ca cel mai adesea aleg perechea preferata de Ray Ban, sau clasicii Police, astazi va vorbesc doar despre ochelari ieftini. Pentru ca vreau ca postarea de azi sa fie pentru oricine. Si mai vreau sa va incurajez sa incercati sa experimentati cu ochelarii de soare – de aceea nu va voi recomanda niciodata sa investiti o suma mare daca nu sunteti hotarate. Vreau sa vedeti ca doar schimband ochelarii de soare, am cu totul o alta tinuta. Pentru mine e tare fain si e o metoda usoara de-a schimba un look. Am creat conceptul in limba engleza, dar scrieti-mi un comentariu daca nu intelegeti totul, va stau la dispozitie oricand. Iar acum, sa-i dam drumul!

affordable sunglasses find your style 2016 summer ideas

cheapasssunglasses fun glasses cheap afforsable

*This pair was gifted to me by CheapAssSunglasses.com. Buy them online here.

affordable sunglasses topshop style ideas summer 2016


affordable sunglasses crazy ideas fun sunnies


affordable sunglasses affordable sunglasses primark topshop h&m cheapasssunglasses



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Happy in Pink this Spring

spring outfit pink colors h&m hollister converse

EN   I don’t know about you, but when it’s sunny outside I am a completely different person. My energy levels are already much higher and I am ready to take on the world. We’ve had so much clear blue sky lately that I felt inspired, more productive and more relaxed. And my wardrobe is starting to change too – it’s that exciting time of the year when I get to wear more colour and show some skin. So I had to make my entrance in a pink outfit. I forgot how much I love this colour, it used to be 80% of my closet. I don’t wear it that much nowadays, but it still remains my favourite colour. What’s your favourite colour? Don’t forget to embrace it this spring!


RO   Diminetile insorite au un impact foarte mare asupra mea. Ma simt automat mai energica, dornica sa fiu mai productiva si mult mai relaxata in acelasi timp. In ultima vreme ne-am bucurat de dimineti insorite si a fost deosebit. Si incetisor starea mea de bine se transfera si la tinutele de zi cu zi – ma atrag iar culorile vii si hainele vaporoase. Mi-e tare dor de vremea buna si plimbarile in oras fara geaca pe mine, cam ceva in genul tinutei de azi, care n-ar putea fi mai roz. Si-mi aduce aminte de garderoba mea de acum cativa ani: cred ca 80% era roz. Mi-am adus aminte cat de mult imi placea culoarea asta…si cred ca a ramas culoarea mea preferata si acum. Si ma bucur ca vine vara incetisor, abia astept sa-ncep sa port mai multa culoare. 

spring outfit pink colors h&m hollister spring outfit pink colors h&m hollister converse ray ban spring outfit pink colors h&m hollister converse ray ban

spring outfit pink colors h&m hollister converse ray ban

Pink Skirt – H&M

Pink and Blue Shirt – Hollister

White Shoes – Converse

Blue Sunglasses – Ray Ban

♥  Andra

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Easter in the UK

marni top topshop skirt spring outfit

EN    This last weekend was simply amazing. Warm and sunny, and happy people everywhere as most of them enjoyed a couple of days off for the Easter holiday. I worked on all bank holidays, but that didn’t stop me to take advantage of every single bit of sunlight. I took out loads of pink stuff from the closet and the outfit was done. What I usually do in spring is always layer up. It’s just a weird period when one minute you’re too cold, one minute you’re too warm. And I hate that. So to feel better I put on as many layers as I can. In order to avoid looking way too big, I like to choose thin fabrics and a scarf is always a good idea.


RO    Weekendul trecut a fost de vis – vreme exceptionala, oameni fericiti pe tot locul, Pastele aici in Anglia. In parc era plin de oameni intinsi la soare. Mult asteptatul soare, dupa luni si luni de cer gri. Fete in rochii, zgribulind usor de frig, imbracate mult prea sumar pentru vremea de primavara, insa entuziasmul a fost prea mare. Si desi stiam ca trebuie sa ma intorc la munca urmatoarea zi, ma simteam asa libera si relaxata, ca si cum nici nu eram in Manchester, ca si cum eram undeva intr-o tara straina, intr-o vancanta, departe. Inca de mica bunica m-a invatat sa ma imbrac bine primavara, ca soarele-i inselator. Si chiar asa e, ba ti-e prea frig, ba prea cald. Asa ca imi place sa am cat mai multe straturi de haine pe mine, sa fiu pregatita. Ca sa nu ma incarc prea tare, aleg haine din materiale subtiri, fine. Iar esarfa port mereu in anotimpul asta. marni top topshop skirt spring outfit marni top topshop skirt spring outfit marni top topshop skirt spring outfit marni top topshop skirt spring outfit marni top topshop skirt spring outfit

Top – Marni

Skirt – Topshop

Necklace – New Look

Shoes – Deichman

Scarf – received as gift

Sunglasses – Primark

Watch – Casio


❤ Andra

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International Women’s Day

20150301_150834EN    In many countries around the world we celebrate the women today. And I personally love this day. So to surprise me, Dan booked a nice table for lunch at a very nice stake house. I didn’t know beforehand, the only thing I knew was that I had to dress nice. So the easiest way was to wear a red dress and Dan wore a suit. Now of course when we got there we realised we were both way overdressed for the place, but hey, it’s a celebration today so it was just fine. The place where we went to is called Hawksmoor and if you’re from England you should check it out! It’s definitely worth trying.


RO    La Multi Ani, dragi femei! Va doresc o primavara calda si senina! Sper ca ati avut parte de-o duminica aparte. Eu am fost invitata intr-o locatie secreta de catre Dan. Singurul lucru pe care l-am stiut dinainte e ca trebuie sa ma imbrac mai elegant. Asa ca am ales sa port o rochie mai mulata, rosie – am zis ca sigur nu pot da gres asa. 

Englezii nu sarbatoresc aceasta zi, asa ca noi romancele suntem mai norocoase. Dupa cum spuneam, luna martie e plina de flori si sarbatori – 1 Martie Martisor, 8 Martie ziua femeii, iar spre final – ziua mea! (someone’s excited)

women's day red dress women's day red dress20150308_155244women's day red dresswomen's day red dress

Coat – French Connection

Dress – Mango

Boots – zara

Bag – Vintage

Necklace – New Look



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Hello, Spring!

spring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookEN     I love spring. It used to be my favourite season. But I’ve decided I don’t have a favourite season anymore, because each of them has its own beauty. But winter might be the last on my list… or at least this winter. It was way too long, and way too rainy. So to express my excitement towards the warmer season (hopefully), I chose to wear a really bright outfit. Yes, it is too bold for the weather, it’s still cold outside. But I couldn’t help it. So I hope it gives you some inspiration for the (many) upcoming sunny days!


RO    Ador primavara. Era intr-o vreme anotimpul meu preferat dar am hotarat ca nu mai am unul. Gata. Am impresia ca fiecare anotimp are farmecul lui. Si totusi iarna poate se afla pe ultimul loc. Sau cel putin iarna asta care (in sfarsit) a trecut. A fost mult prea rece, prea ploioasa, prea lunga. Asa ca, (prea) entuziasmata am hotarat sa ma imbrac in ceva cat mai fresh de 1 Martie. Ma duce cu gandul la florile de cires, la campiile lungi si dese de la bunica. Nu stiu voi, dar eu tare-am asteptat primavara! Asa ca sper sa va placa si sa va inspire tinuta de azi.

spring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookspring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookspring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookspring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office look

Top – French Connection

Jacket – H&M

Skirt – H&M

Shoes – zara

Clutch – Michael Kors


❤ Andra

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H&M – the conscious collection

Since the first time I saw the conscious collection that H&M came up with I instantly felt in love. Every year they create something special, something different. However, I only got something last week. Many times I couldn’t afford to buy them, or they would just be sold out immediately – no wonder why! So here it is: a red shirt that I think I can wear it for various occasions, I really like the detail at the front. Do you like their new collection? I also added my favourite pieces at the end of the post. That romantic lace top is simply beautiful. I couldn’t find it anywhere though..


Inca de la prima colectie H&M conscious m-am indragostit. In fiecare an vin cu idei extraordinare, cu un design deosebit. Insa abia saptamana trecuta mi-am cumparat primul produs din colectie. De ce? Pentru ca deseori produsele se vindeau in primele 5 minute.. atat online cat si in magazine. Iar de multe ori pretul era cam mare pentru buzunarul meu. Insa pretul mi se pare bun avand in vedere detaliile si materialul hainelor. 

Uite ca de data asta am gasit ceva dragut: o camasa rosie pe care o port purta la diferite ocazii. Pe langa asta mai am cateva piese preferate pe care le-am pus la finalul postului. Cel mai mult imi place topul din dantela cu umerii goi pe care deocamdata nu l-am putut gasi nicaieri. Voi ce parere aveti de colectia H&M conscious? 

h7M conscious collection red top spring 2014red flowers H&M conscious collection spring 2014 blonde hair red flowers spring 2014 fashion blogH&M conscious collection red top


My favorites:

H&M conscious collection spring 2014 favorite items

❤ Andra

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