New year, new approach

bold black jumpsuit asos

EN    It’s my first blog post of 2015. It seems that it took me a while to come back to blogging. Not because I didn’t have anything to share with you, but because I still haven’t decided yet the right approach for the blog for 2015. I spent quite a lot of time analysing the last year and I am now in the process of building the best ‘strategy’ for a better me (if that makes any sense). Despite the majority, I left 2014 a bit disappointed and sad. I felt I didn’t tick everything off my list and it just didn’t feel right. I mean, I did get a better job, I did triple my blog readership, I did graduate, I did get engaged with the most amazing guy ever, but I felt I could have done more. Much more. I feel I stayed too much in my comfort zone and, hence, I missed some good stuff. And it’s the same with the blog. I know now that I want to experiment more with looks, that if I want to dye my hair pink, I shall do it. I mean, if not now, when? So I am ready to play more with looks, even if sometimes I might fail at it.

It’s been so long since I bought this black jumpsuit. I saw it online and I knew I have to have it. I knew it’s a bit revealing but I thought it’s such a statement piece. I hesitated wearing it just because I thought people would say it’s too much (and by people I mean mum). But here I am, embracing my new theory not only on the blog, but every day and hopefully it will get me far by 2016.

I wish you all a great year!



RO   E prima mea postare din anul 2015. Dupa cum se vede, mi-a trebuit ceva timp sa revin. Si nu din lipsa de inspiratie, mai degraba dimpotriva. Am incheiat anul 2014 melancolica, usor dezamagita. Am realizat multe anul trecut – am o slujba mai buna, am terminat facultatea, m-am logodit, mi-am triplat audienta la blog si totusi am avut impresia ca am esuat. Poate am pus prea multe pe lista, poate am avut asteptari prea mari. Insa un lucru e sigur – am ales prea des sa fiu intr-o situatie confortabila, iar uneori am ales sa renunt doar pentru ca parea dificil. Asa ca anul asta vreau sa fie mai mult eu si mai putin ce cred altii (sau ce spun altii). Vreau sa am mai mult curaj, vreau sa invat mai mult, chiar daca asta-nseamna sa si gresesc mai mult.

Si asa am ales sa incep anul cu o postare mai indrazneata, purtand ceva ce mi-am dorit de mult sa port dar m-am gandit ca e cam mult. Si poate e, dar in acelasi timp e si o tinuta foarte eleganta. Mi se pare perfecta pentru o cina romantica cu iubitul. Poate o aniversare, sau poate chiar Valentine’s Day, ori Dragobete.


Va urez tuturor un an nou cat mai bun!

bold black jumpsuit asos

bold black jumpsuit asos

bold black jumpsuit asos Jumpsuit –

Blazer – H&M

Shoes – New Look

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