This blog post started as a personal project. I was writing down ideas on how I can improve myself, when I thought – why not share some of these thoughts with you? I picked some that I think are relevant to everyone and I do hope I’ve inspired you to invest more time and effort into becoming who you want to become.

  1. Read Read Read

I’m a big fan of personal development books. I find them extremely motivating and that is, if you read something that resonates with you. To give you an example – last year I was suffering from depression and had no clue about it. I just had no idea that’s what I was experiencing. And then I heard of this book, started reading it and it all made sense. I was a completely different person the next day. Not because my depression disappeared, but because I finally understood myself better. Sometimes we need to make more sense of what’s happening to us and our thoughts and feelings. And a good book will always help. If you start reading a book and you don’t feel anything after a while, maybe it’s not the right one for you. But keep on looking and the right one will completely change your mindset!

  1. Find Your Tribe

When we’ve got jobs, and a great family and a lovely group of friends, we forget to socialise outside of our comfort zone. If you want to grow, try and make an effort to meet people from the same industry, people that are amazing at something you aspire to be. Knowing someone that’s already there, will inspire you so much you have no idea. And you don’t necessarily have to meet everyone for a drink, don’t be afraid to message people on social media. Speaking of which, now, with the help of Marketing Heaven, you can reach a huge number of people and garner enough following to keep you busy. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with some of your idols – you never know who will reply!

  1. Turn off your phone

I cannot stress this enough.. I don’t know about you, but all this constant noise is becoming extremely exhausting. Messages, Emails, Watsapp, Notifications.. it never stops! I personally have stopped all social media notifications. I also turn off my internet in the evening and only have it up the next day. I don’t want my life to be run by my mobile, I’d rather choose how and when I want to check my work emails, procrastinate online or anything in between. There’s no need for extra stress, we’ve already got enough on our mind.

  1. Talk more about Money

 I’ve always loved talking about money, I’ve always said I want to have a lot of money and I don’t understand those who despise talking about this matter. Having and understanding how money works gives you more freedom, more opportunities to spend your time and energy on things that you like rather than worrying on how you’re going to pay your bills. I personally meet so many people that suck at managing their finances. And instead of reading into it and improving their situation, they prefer to say money’s cursed and let it be. You can’t let money run your life. So if you wanna become better at budgeting, having savings, going on holidays, buying a house – then talk more about money and don’t be ashamed about it.

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

I’ve mentioned this a couple of years back, but this is such a life changer. I call it therapy, because that’s what it does long term. So what does this mean? It means writing down every day 5 things you’re grateful for (on that day). What this does is make you focus on the positive things, gives you hope and the right mindset to tackle your challenges. Nobody’s life is perfect, but focusing on the good things will always make you stronger. Good things come for those you wait, or those who can see the good things coming.

What are your thoughts on the above? What are some things you think are worth adding to this list?

In this blog post I’m wearing one of the prettiest dresses I have at the moment. You can buy it directly from here. I would advise going a size up if you have a bigger chest. Even if it comes a bit loose around the waist, you can tie it in the back and it’ll look perfect. The dress was a gift from NA-KD , I wanted to feature some of their pieces as it’s currently one of my favourite high street brands. They’re also running a 70% off promotion available here. 

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Coffee Tastes Better on Cold Days

hotel chocolat pink champagne trufflesEN   I am a true fan of coffee, I enjoy it anytime, with or without milk and if it has some chocolate on the side, I’m in! And the funny thing is that I associate coffee with productivity. No matter how tired I am, or totally not in the mood for work, I will make myself a coffee if I need to do something. And I instantly feel energized and more excited about the job. Another trick is to grab my laptop and go to a nice cozy place and work there while enjoying, you guessed, a coffee. I always look for a place with huge windows, with a nice view and internet. What do you do to get more work done? Any ideas are more than welcome!


RO   Sunt o mare amatoare de cafea, la orice ora, cu sau fara lapte, iar de e si o ciocolatica pe langa m-ati convins! Si faza tare e ca atunci cand beau cafea ma pun mai serios pe treaba. Am asociat cafeaua cu productivitatea si atunci cand nu prea am chef, imi fac una. Iar daca-i tarziu, fac una decofeinizata si are acelasi efect. N-o beau pentru energie, mai degraba pentru sentimentul ala de “acuma ma apuc de munca” pe care-l am dimineata la prima cafea. O alta metoda de-a ma ambitiona e sa imi iau laptopul si sa fug la o cafenea in oras. Imi plac localurile cu geamuri mari, cu priveliste frumoasa si musai pentru munca mea – cu internet. Voi ce faceti sa fiti mai productivi? Orice idee ajuta, astept sfaturile voastre! 

vintage pastel colours mom's skirt vintage blue pastel shades mom's skirt vintage blue pastel shades starbucks

Skirt – From my mum’s wardrobe, vintage

Top – Primark

Boots – Zara

Coat – Mango


♥ Andra

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Good things come for those who wait.. or work?

On my way to work I pass a gym that’s opened 24/7. The thing is that I can pass that place at 5 am in the morning, or late at 11pm. This is because my shifts vary a lot. The point is that no matter how early or late it is, someone’s going to the gym or home, from the gym. And I find this really inspiring – seeing people at 6 am on Saturdays going to work out. I wanted to share with you this because I think it’s a strong message: if we want to accomplish something, we need to start doing something, we need to find time and energy. And this makes me wonder, how many of you are still working to accomplish that list you made for 2014? It is said that many forget about that by the end of February. If you too forgot about that list, maybe this inspires you to get motivated. If not, share with us some of your tips, how do you stay motivated? How do remain consistent?


In drum spre servici trec pe langa o sala de fitness care e deschisa non stop. Pentru ca lucrez in retail, pot sa trec pe-acolo dimineata la 5 sau seara tarziu pe la 11. Ce ma surprinde e ca indiferent de ora sau zi, cineva merge sau pleaca de la sala. Cu alte cuvinte, in timp ce eu ma indrept somnoroasa spre servici sambata la ora 6, cineva deja si-a terminat antrenamentul. Mie asta mi se pare extraordinar si am zis sa impartasesc si cu voi pentru ca oamenii astia transmit un mesaj important: daca vrem sa facem ceva, trebuie sa gasim timp. Pentru ca aud des in jurul meu: ‘Oh, as vrea sa fac X,Y dar n-am timp’ Sunt convinsa ca oamenii astia sunt ocupati, altfel nu s-ar trezi in weekend la 5 ca sa mearga la sport. Daca ei pot, noi de ce nu putem? Pe mine personal m-a motivat foarte mult sa-i vad si sper ca va inspira si pe voi povestea mea sa va dedicati mai mult viselor personale. 

rock style, black and blue dark lips, black dress, leather jacket

black dress H&M, simple outfit rock, black dress, blue glasses black outfit, rock, blue shadesDress  – H&M

Sunnies – Primark

Jacket – Local shop

Shoes – Deichman


Good things come for those who wait work.

❤ Andra

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Wednesday Morning

motivational morningI woke up this morning different. I woke up motivated and eager to work harder today. It always happens when the day before I feel I wasn’t that productive. So I try to make it up the next day. I love this feeling, I like being motivated and determined. I’m more efficient and I feel much better by the end of the day. If you remember, I told you I like to listen to inspiration talks or read different books/quotes (article posted here). Today I share with you some that I stumbled upon the famous Google. Internet – limitless opportunities!


Azi m-am trezit altfel. M-am trezit cu o dorinta puternica de-a munci, cu energie si entuziasm. Patesc asta de-obicei dupa o zi in care simt ca n-am fost prea productiva. Si ma roade sentimentul de vinovatie si simt ca trebuie sa recuperez. Si-mi plac mult momentele astea, momente in care ma trezesc determinata si ambitioasa. Iar cand nu reusesc, incerc sa ascult discursuri ale unor oameni deosebiti, citesc diverse articole motivationale, sau, cel mai simplu si rapid, caut cateva citate care ma motiveaza, ma fac sa ma simt mai bine. Vorbeam despre asta si intr-un articol mai vechi, aici. Acum sunt intr-o cafenea, cu 400ml de cafea cu lapte (sau mai bine zis, lapte cu cafea) si cu laptopul in fata. M-am descaltat, m-am cocotat pe fotoliu si scriu. Sper sa aveti si voi o zi productiva si va impartasesc cateva citate care mie-mi plac si pe care le-am gasit in 3 minute pe Google (da, asa rapid!). V-am pupat!motivational morning black pumpsquotecity hall Manchester

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Dream big

dreamy morningI’ve always been a dreamer. I really believe it’s important to dream, to hope for better. Because if we want something, we’ll work for it and then, we’ll probably get it. However, I had some dreams I knew I’ll never accomplish, they’re funny though. They are:

-to become a professional dancer

-to become an actress

-to be able to eat chocolate and cakes, without damaging my body

And here’s some dreams I know they’ll come true:

-to travel the world

-to have my own shop

-to create a social business

What are YOUR dreams? 🙂


Mereu am fost o romantica si-o visatoare. Si chiar cred ca e important sa visam, sa aspiram la lucruri care poate pe moment par marete si cam greu de realizat. Dar daca exista o posibilitate de a le realiza, de ce nu? Si totusi, am avut cateva visuri care stiu ca nu au cum sa se materializeze, dar sunt haioase, zic eu:

-sa fiu dansatoare

-sa fiu actrita

-sa pot manca ciocolata si prajituri fara efecte secundare.. 

Dar am si visuri care stiu sigur ca se vor indeplini:

-sa calatoresc prin intreaga lume

-sa am propriul meu magazin

-sa creez un business social

Care e visul TAU? 🙂

dream bigsleepwearIn order to keep motivated, I do several things I listed below. The ideas were captured along the way, while reading and listening to inspirational articles and people.

Pentru mine e extrem de important sa fii motivat atunci cand faci ceva. Incerc sa imi imbunatatesc acest aspect de ceva vreme si incet,incet mi-am format un obicei, precum cel de mai jos.Tips for staying motivated

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