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When I was a little girl, I never wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor, or a lawyer. No, I wanted to sale dresses. And people would be: But don’t you want to do something bigger? In other words, something that society thinks is a good career? I always loved clothes, I would spend hours trying on my mum’s dresses, playing with fabrics and creating outfits. I never wanted to be a designer, I was told I’m not that talented so I decided to give up on that dream. But I did like playing with clothes and I decided I’ll create a career in the fashion industry somehow. I went on to study Marketing. I thought I needed to learn how to sell the clothes, I needed to know what people want and I needed to find a way to use my creative mind. I don’t even remember the amount of times people made sure to tell me how easy is to study Marketing. And my answer would always be – it’s not easy to be the best, no matter what the hell you study or do, so shush.

I was over the moon when I found a masters degree in Fashion Marketing. I thought I finally found a way of building a career exactly how I wanted. In the meantime I started writing this tiny blog of mine. Not because I am confident, not because I am photogenic, but because I like to do creative shit and this was the best way. In the meantime a lot of girls decided to become fashion bloggers, I guess there’s no point to tell you how many eye rolls I get when I say I’m one of them. And then comments like “oh, you’re actually smart, you actually have something in your head, not just <check out what I wore today>”. Since when working in fashion is not good enough? Since when having a passion about clothing, cuts and designers is a silly thing to do? I choose my path, you do your thing and give all us fashionistas a break! I’ve seen too many awful doctors, shitty lawyers, corrupt presidents and bad teachers to think that just because you have a society favourite job, you’re fab. The job does not define you, you define you.

P.S. I hope you like my outfit! Got it in the sale, of course.

Dress – French Connection | Shoes – Zara | Watch – Daniel Wellington


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Topshop in May

floppy hat, monochrome dress

After searching and searching for the perfect monochrome dress, I found it at Topshop! It was on my list for a long time now, and when I saw it I felt in love. I like it, it’s 100% my style and I had to make a post about it! I know it’s not the traditional black&white, but that makes it more special for me.

‘Dupa lupte seculare care au durat aproape 30 de ani’ zice Caragiale.. eu zic..aproape! Dupa multe multe cautari, am gasit rochia tip monocrom perfecta! Nu e alb-negru, dar pentru mine e mai speciala asa. Ma caracterizeaza 100%, e feminina, colorata si comoda. Perfecta pentru vremea frumoasa de Mai.

Sper ca ati avut parte de sarbatori linistite si frumoase alaturi de cei dragi! Si nu uitati, inca mai puteti sa va inscrieti la Giveaway aici.  

monochrome topshop

dress floppy hat dress floppy hat

Floppy Hat – Accessorize / Dress – Topshop / Sandals – Zara floppy hat

❤ Andra

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Monochrome striped trousers

Monochrome striped trousers – we’ve seen them everywhere! I personally think they’re quite a good idea, but I don’t like that the majority of shops offer quite the same design. I’d like to buy a pair, but I want something more original. So I’ve started googling a little to see which brands offer something different, but still the same theme. Here’s a list I made! My favourite ones are Number 6. What do you think?

Vedem peste tot pantaloni in dungi verticale alb si negru. Voua cum vi se par? Mie-mi place ideea, insa am observat ca majoritatea magazinelor au cam acelasi model. Mi-as lua si eu o pereche, dar caut ceva mai original. Asa ca, impartasesc cu voi ce-am gasit pe net. Dintre toate modelele, perechea 6 ramane preferata mea. Voi ce spuneti?

Monochrome striped trousers Monochrome striped trousersmonochrome striped trousers

Find them: 1 here  /  2 here  /  3 here  /  4 here  /  5 here  /  6 here


* I wanted to tell you that for some time I’ve been collaborating with an upcoming Fashion Magazine (Suits&Skiprats). I’ll soon be able to share with you our work, can’t wait! 🙂

*Voiam sa va mai spun ca de ceva timp colaborez cu o revista de moda, axata pe Manchester, pe nume Suits&Skiprats. Suntem abia la inceput, insa in curand voi putea impartasi cu voi ce facem. De-abia astept! 🙂

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