I’m Ready for the New Chapter

Tomorrow is the 1st of March, a day that’s pretty big on my calendar. It’s our one year anniversary since we got the keys to our first home, it’s also the month I’ll be turning 29, which means my last year under 30’s (no pressure, Andra, no pressure..)
And it’s also the beginning of Spring!
I love that it’s light outside when I wake up, I love driving to work with my sunglasses on, singing out loud. I love that our neighbourhood is full of flowers, neighbours outside with their dogs and my kittens laying in the sun like two mini lions. I just love this feeling, of all sunny and bright, kind of like a new chapter. And I love that I’m almost 30 and I’m totally rocking these cat shoes!
I’m suddenly feeling very refreshed, happy and positive. I know I usually am like that to begin with, but now it’s like the next level! Having 3 coffees a day might have to do something with this too. I have a lot to achieve in these 12 months.. after all, like Monica says in FriendsCompetition with myself is my favourite kind of competition! 
So yes, bring it on Year of 29, I’m ready for ya! Cheers to a (hopefully) very proud 30 year old Andra. 
Top – Ralph Lauren (old, similar here)  | Skirt – & Other Stories (old, similar here or here ) | Shoes – Charlotte Olympia (all colours here )  | Scarf/Bandana – H&M (old, similar here )
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Sicily – 5 Things You Need To Know

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like to plan my holidays too much, I like to go with the flow and often make random decisions. It always turns out to be amazing, so why change my strategy? That’s kind of what happened to our trip to Sicily – it all started with finding very cheap flights via Ryanair. Once we booked the flights, we started doing some research and decided on an itinerary. So if you’re like me, here are 5 quick and easy tips you need to remember when travelling to Sicily:


Make sure to travel around the island as it’s so different and has so much to offer. Our itinerary was: Palermo – Cefalu – Taormina – Etna – Palermo. I have to say that every location has its own beauty and you don’t need more than a day to spend in any of these places. You can if you want to, but you can see enough in a day.

Food & Drinks

If you’re on a diet you might as well not go. The food is de-li-cious! Plenty of fresh seafood, prepared in different ways, accompanied by the best wines. If you don’t fancy the sea food, well, let me state the obvious: pizza & pasta! The only regret I have about our trip was that we didn’t eat more, and I’m not even joking.They also have the best ice-creams, fresh fruits and Cannoli, which is a traditional Sicilian desert best described as heaven. I realised I haven’t got any pictures of my Cannoli’s (which I think were 10 over the course of 2 days) and that’s because they were too delicious, I couldn’t take 2 minutes to snap a picture.


Prices in Sicily vary depending on the places. Except Taormina, everything is pretty much affordable and quite on the cheap side. Taormina however is a bit pricier, being the most touristy place. It is very good for buying souvenirs though, but I’ll cover this subject more in the Shopping section. Make sure you have cash available, there’s not many ATMs available and it feels like it’s safer to pay cash rather than card in most of these places (if you know what I mean). One big spent will be the accommodation, don’t be afraid to check out B&Bs – people are very friendly and prices tend to be much lower.


Best option is to rent a car – it gives you the freedom to move around the island and it’s quite affordable. However, be aware of the driving there! Around the East coast was brilliant, lovely sceneries and lovely roads. It was all great until we arrived in Palermo and we were just shocked – as my friends put it: like driving in India but maybe not as hectic. Or as the guide book put it: Driving in Palermo requires nerves of steel. I may add: and a car of steel, so you don’t get crushed by everyone else around you.


Sicily is a great place to buy some souvenirs: olive oil, pistachio cream and liquor, herbs, Cannoli, wine and kitchen accessories. They have the prettiest handmade ceramics, all with lemon and fruit patterns, very Sicilian like. I would also emphasise on the pistachio cream – is like Nutella but with pistachios – heaven in a jar! Make sure to keep some cash for these souvenirs – I spent about £100 with presents included. I bought all the kitchen bits and lemon soaps from Taormina. I had to buy all the food from the airport as I only had a hand luggage, but next time I’m getting a big luggage and get my food from local shops – cheaper and tastier!

Last advice I can give you – make sure to make the most out of the trip, walk around the small streets with beautiful architecture, enjoy a drink in one of those fancy hotels overlooking the water, swim in the most clear and blue water I have ever seen so far, don’t worry about the calories and make sure to indulge in their cuisine.

Sicily, you were amazing!

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The best facial in Manchester

flint plus flint harvey nichols facial review

Not long ago I was moaning about being constantly sick. Because of this, I was very dehydrated and my skin wasn’t having it. I’m still not where I wanna be, but I have been focusing a lot on this: invested in some crazy expensive serums and had one or two facials, as you do.

Today I want to talk more about the last facial I had at Flint+Flint in Harvey Nichols Manchester. My Transderm facial left my skin so soft and hydrated, I had to give you a shout about it. I basically had 45 minutes of bliss when the lovely lady deep cleaned my face and then started using this tiny electric tool with micro-currents to massage my skin. The purpose of this facial is to offer a firming and tightening treatment for any skin type: it will get rid of fine lines, it will deep clean your skin and get rid of annoying blemishes. Long story short – after this treatment you look rested, fresh and glowing. I think the perfect time to do the Transderm facial is just before a special event. Although the best thai massage bangkok along with the face massage, would not be a bad idea.

flintplusflint facial review

The whole experience was lovely and I can’t wait to go back. The girls recommended to do this on a regular basis for a better skin. They also recommend using the Flint+Flint products at home for the best results. Because having a facial is still a bit of a luxury thing for me, I can’t stick to it. But I honestly think it does wonders to my skin and I will probably go for it before a special occasion.

My treatment costs £75, but feel free to see the whole price list here. They also do discounts for multibuys and encourage everyone to give them a call for the best price offers.

flit plus flint harvery nichols manchester facial review blogger

I am more and more interested in skin care nowadays, so please let me know if you have any quick tips in a comment below. What is your beauty regime? Share your wisdom! 🙂

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Preloved Vintage Fair Manchester

preloved event blogger event vinateg retroYesterday I went to the Preloved Vintage Fair that took place in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. I was part of the bloggers who enjoyed an early entry, together with a glass of champagne and a goodie bag. There were many vintage clothes sold by Oxfam, vintage jewelry, local jam, books and old discs. The atmosphere was nice and friendly and everyone was looking for some bargains whilst enjoying some nice music. And of course I had to buy something as well, I couldn’t help it. I chose a very warm and chunky sweater. It’s wool, made in Scotland and it’s the type of sweater I imagine wearing at a cottage, while outside it’s snowing. And I am staying inside near the fire place. It’s probably about two sizes bigger than what I would need, but that’s the beauty of it I guess, big and warm and cozy. And just before I wanted to go home, a new friend that I just met there asked me if I’d like to go and have a look at the hair and make up section. There it was, a beautiful young lady who was making vintage looks for those who wanted. And that turned out to be a lot of fun. I loved the final look! And she only needed about 5-10 minutes to do everything.

Overall, this event was fun, there were lots of beautiful vintage things and everyone was nice and welcoming.

If you want to see what Preloved is, have a look here. It’s an online platform where people can sell and/or buy vintage items – hence the title pre-loved (love it!).


Ca blogger in Manchester ai ocazia sa mergi la o sumedenie de evenimente. Tin minte ca in timpul facultatii mergeam mai des, insa decand am inceput sa lucrez parca nu mai am timp. Si-un alt motiv e ca prietenele mele nu mai au timp… asa ca ideea de-a merge de una singura nu-mi surade. Insa evenimentul de ieri parea prea interesant asa ca am hotarat sa ma duc eu singurica si fie ce-o fi! Evenimentul a fost legat de tema Vintage, cu o sumedenie de haine, bijuterii, carti si discuri. Fiind invitata ca blogger am avut ocazia de-a incepe shoppingul cu o jumatate de ora inainte de deschidere. Asta a insemnat sampanie si shopping linistit inaintea furtunii. Si chiar asa a si fost. Desi a fost luni seara, localul asta s-a umplut instant de oameni de toate varstele, iubitori de stilul vintage si retro. Am fost eu singura, dar imediat m-am imprietenit cu alte iubitoare de shopping. M-am simtit foarte bine si mi-am si achizitionat ceva – un pulover. E mare, gros, din lana. Ma imaginez purtandu-l la o cabana undeva in mijlocul naturii, o cabana cu semineu inauntru si afara zapada de 2 metri. 

In afara de shopping a mai fost ceva foarte interesant: intr-un colt era amenajat un mini salon, unde o frumoasa fata iti putea crea un look vintage. Si pentru ca niciodata n-am incercat sa vad cum e, am zis ca e timpul. Mi-a placut la nebunie look-ul. Si i-au trebuit doar 5-10 minute pentru tot. Mai jos am pus cateva poze cu ce-am primit, ce-am cumparat si look-ul creat. 

preloved blogger event vintage retro manchester preloved blogger event vintage retro manchester

preloved blogger event vintage retro manchester preloved blogger event vintage retro manchester

retro look preloved vintage event manchester preloved blogger event vintage retro manchester retro look preloved vintage event manchester retro look preloved vintage event manchester


❤ Andra

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Concert on top of Manchester city

Sofar in ManchesterFirst, let me tell you about the Sofar events. These are secret, intimate gigs organised inside someone’s home, in order to enjoy a good quality concert performed by emerging artists. Yesterday I went to one organised in Manchester, on the 39th floor in the Hilton Hotel. I was lucky enough to enjoy both great artists and an incredible view! There were 5 artists in total: Josephine(watch her here), Joe Banfi (watch him here), Gymnast (hear them here), Famous Villains (hear them here) and High House (hear them here). It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go to the next one! What do you think of this idea?

In primul rand, vreau sa va spun cate ceva despre evenimentele Sofar. Se organizeaza intalniri ‘secrete’ la cineva acasa, unde vin si canta diversi artisti la inceput de cariera. Ideea e sa te bucuri de concert in liniste, pentru ca deseori ei canta prin baruri unde-i galagie si e cam greu sa te bucuri de muzica lor. Ieri am fost invitata la un eveniment de genul acesta, organizat de data asta in hotelul Hilton din Manchester – o cladire imensa din sticla, de unde poti sa vezi orasul. Am avut norocul sa ne bucuram de concert in timp ce priveam casele noastre, scoala, centrul – orasul Manchester. A fost o experienta unica! Voi ce parere aveti de ideea asta? 

Josephine Sofar ManchesterJoe Banfi Sofar ManchesterGymnast Sofar ManchesterFamous Villains Sofar ManchesterHigh House Sofar Manchester Hilton View Hilton View Andra

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Pink H&M

I woke up with a beautiful, sunny day today. So Dan and I had to take a walk to enjoy the weather. And, of course, after 10 minutes, it started to rain!  But it didn’t matter, we had a blast 🙂

M-am trezit cu soare azi. O zi asa frumoasa, c-a trebuit sa ies la o plimbare cu Dan, sa profitam de vremea buna. Si dupa 10 minute a-nceput sa ploua! Dar n-a contat, noi ne-am simtit grozav 🙂

H&M Skirt, Mango Coat, Primark Boots

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