When All Black is enough

high knee boots black outfitI always loved high knee boots, even when they weren’t ‘on trend’. However, my – let’s call them – not to tall legs, and not skinny either, don’t look that flattering in any high knee boot. And I could never pair up a pair of these boots with a pair of trousers. I would look too strange and probably too small (and chubby). So my way of wearing them is with a dress short enough to show a bit of skin, to give the illusion of a longer leg. And if the boots have a bit of heel, mission accomplished! I felt that wearing the boots is brave enough, so I chose to wear all black. I did try on a white dress before but it just looked like I was trying too much. and oh, how I hate looking like that. I’d rather look more casual than too put together. It’s just not my style. Sometimes less is more and in this case it seemed enough for me. Please tell me how you like to wear your boots in the comments below!


Mereu am fost fana cizmelor peste genunchi, inainte de-a fi la moda, inainte de-a fi populare, inainte de dinainte. Mi se par extrem de comode si le-as purta mereu. Insa nu e un model usor de purtat si uneori putem arata caraghios. In cazul meu, daca ar fi sa port cizme de genul cu o pereche de pantaloni as arata scunda si rotunda (rimeaza!). Idem cu o pereche de cizme prea botocanoase pentru noi, fetele de 1,60 si ceva. Daca aveti picioare foarte subtiri atunci aveti mare noroc! Insa cele mai multe dintre noi n-avem norocul asta. 

Asa ca, pentru a parea mai supla, aleg mereu o rochie suficient de scurta incat sa mi se vada putin din picior. Un alt truc e purtarea unor colanti de culoare inchisa. dar atunci care mai e farmecul cizmelor inalte? 

Si ca sa revenim la tinuta, am ales totul pe culoarea negru. Am zis ca rochia mini si cizmele peste genunchi e destul. Astept sa-mi spuneti voi cum purtati genul asta de cizme, sunt curioasa! 

high knee boots black outfithigh knee boots black outfit high knee boots black outfit high knee boots black outfit high knee boots black outfitBoots – local store Manchester – Ego

Coat – French Connection

Bag – London

Black Dress – Oasis

Black Poncho – Local store

Glasses – Versace

❤ Andra

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