This blog post started as a personal project. I was writing down ideas on how I can improve myself, when I thought – why not share some of these thoughts with you? I picked some that I think are relevant to everyone and I do hope I’ve inspired you to invest more time and effort into becoming who you want to become.

  1. Read Read Read

I’m a big fan of personal development books. I find them extremely motivating and that is, if you read something that resonates with you. To give you an example – last year I was suffering from depression and had no clue about it. I just had no idea that’s what I was experiencing. And then I heard of this book, started reading it and it all made sense. I was a completely different person the next day. Not because my depression disappeared, but because I finally understood myself better. Sometimes we need to make more sense of what’s happening to us and our thoughts and feelings. And a good book will always help. If you start reading a book and you don’t feel anything after a while, maybe it’s not the right one for you. But keep on looking and the right one will completely change your mindset!

  1. Find Your Tribe

When we’ve got jobs, and a great family and a lovely group of friends, we forget to socialise outside of our comfort zone. If you want to grow, try and make an effort to meet people from the same industry, people that are amazing at something you aspire to be. Knowing someone that’s already there, will inspire you so much you have no idea. And you don’t necessarily have to meet everyone for a drink, don’t be afraid to message people on social media. Speaking of which, now, with the help of Marketing Heaven, you can reach a huge number of people and garner enough following to keep you busy. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with some of your idols – you never know who will reply!

  1. Turn off your phone

I cannot stress this enough.. I don’t know about you, but all this constant noise is becoming extremely exhausting. Messages, Emails, Watsapp, Notifications.. it never stops! I personally have stopped all social media notifications. I also turn off my internet in the evening and only have it up the next day. I don’t want my life to be run by my mobile, I’d rather choose how and when I want to check my work emails, procrastinate online or anything in between. There’s no need for extra stress, we’ve already got enough on our mind.

  1. Talk more about Money

 I’ve always loved talking about money, I’ve always said I want to have a lot of money and I don’t understand those who despise talking about this matter. Having and understanding how money works gives you more freedom, more opportunities to spend your time and energy on things that you like rather than worrying on how you’re going to pay your bills. I personally meet so many people that suck at managing their finances. And instead of reading into it and improving their situation, they prefer to say money’s cursed and let it be. You can’t let money run your life. So if you wanna become better at budgeting, having savings, going on holidays, buying a house – then talk more about money and don’t be ashamed about it.

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

I’ve mentioned this a couple of years back, but this is such a life changer. I call it therapy, because that’s what it does long term. So what does this mean? It means writing down every day 5 things you’re grateful for (on that day). What this does is make you focus on the positive things, gives you hope and the right mindset to tackle your challenges. Nobody’s life is perfect, but focusing on the good things will always make you stronger. Good things come for those you wait, or those who can see the good things coming.

What are your thoughts on the above? What are some things you think are worth adding to this list?

In this blog post I’m wearing one of the prettiest dresses I have at the moment. You can buy it directly from here. I would advise going a size up if you have a bigger chest. Even if it comes a bit loose around the waist, you can tie it in the back and it’ll look perfect. The dress was a gift from NA-KD , I wanted to feature some of their pieces as it’s currently one of my favourite high street brands. They’re also running a 70% off promotion available here. 

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Book of the Month Series

h&m top christmas gifts presents book of the month

EN   So I thought I’ll give you a shout out about the new series I started to do on Youtube – The Book of the Month. I want to encourage more people to read, to learn more, to improve themsleves. So all these beautiful books that I am talking about are self-help, inspiring books. I’ll share with you the last video I did and now I’m going back to another book. Outside it’s snowing, made my hot tea already and I’m sat on the big sofa with the cat sleeping next to me – life’s good!


RO  M-am gandit sa va spun repede de noua serie pe care am inceput-o de cateva luni pe Youtube – Cartea Lunii. Videourile sunt in limba engleza pentru a fi accesibile cat mai multor personane. Insa daca aveti nevoie de mai multe detalii in limba romana, nu ezitati sa imi lasati un comentariu, iar eu va contactez cu cel mai mare drag!

Am ales sa fac aceste videouri pentru a incuraja publicul online sa citeasca mai mult, sa se axeze si pe carti de tipul dezvoltare personala, leadership, personalitate si business. Sunt o mare fana a acestor carti si cred ca cu totii avem ceva de invatat din ele. Iar acum va las cu ultimul filmulet facut, ma intorc la cartea mea. Afara ninge, am facut un ceai fierbinte si stau pe canapea uitandu-ma la geam, iar pisica doarme langa mine – mai bine de-atat nu se poate!



snow funny gloves


Top – H&M

Glvoes – Primark


♥ Andra

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Wedding inspiration – Part 2


EN   When I last shared with you some nice dress designs, I found that the post was quite popular. And maybe because it’s the weeding season. I mean, come on, summer screams weddings! And at mid September I am going to be a lucky Bridesmaid so yes, it is part of my duty to look for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses inspirations. Here it’s yet another selection of mine. And don’t worry if you’re not the bride or the bridesmaid, some of these dresses can be worn on any special occasion. I hope I gave you some good ideas, enjoy! All clothes are from Asile Style.


RO   In urma cu ceva vreme v-am impartasit cateva rochii de ocazie pe care le-am gasit online si am realizat ca e ceva ce va intereseaza. Si nu ma mira, fiind sezonul nuntilor. Iar cand vine vorba de nunta, vrem ceva mai special, mai original. Si pentru ca voi fi si eu domnisoara de onoare in Septembrie, sa spunem doar ca mi-am petrecut prea multe ore online in cautarea unei rochii pentru prietena mea, viitoarea mireasa. Si pentru ca am mai gasit un site special, am zis sa va arat cateva idei bune, poate va inspir! Toate rochiile le gasiti la Aisle Style, UK.





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Tip Thursday: My Daily Inspiration

dreamy morning I am a simple girl who likes to express her creativity by writing a blog about her personal style and inspiration.  I am packet with a semiprofessional camera and a very patient boyfriend who will always find time to take photos of what I wear. What I do here is a hobby. However, there are loads of professional bloggers out there who work together with a team to provide us great content. Sometimes so great that I think it’s better than a magazine or a book that I can find on a shelf. Because we all spend loads of time online, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite links related to different themes. Scroll down for the list and a bit of information about each. As I mentioned, they are all professional, full time bloggers. The quality of their content is just amazing. Enjoy 🙂


Nu demult vorbeam de ideea de a avea un blog pentru a ne exprima ideile, creativitatea, detaliile despre un proiect et cetera. Eu personal creez aceste postari cand am putin timp liber. Pozele sunt facute cu un aparat semiprofesional si de catre un fotograf neprofesional: iubitul meu mult prea rabdator. Spre deosebire de mine, insa, sunt persoane care asta fac pe post de full time job. Sunt bloguri care au in spate o intreaga echipa pentru a crea ceva extraordinar. Azi vreau sa vorbesc despre genul asta de bloguri. Cand sunt pe internet, incerc sa reduc timpul pierdut pe Facebook si sa citesc mai mult bloguri sau articole online care-mi aduc ceva in plus, dar care tot o metoda de relaxare sunt. Mai jos am facut o lista cu mai multe linkuri in functie de tema principala, pe care eu le consider extraordinare. Sper sa va placa! 🙂

Blog Andra Dorolti


This is the most interesting topic for me, so of course I’ll have to share more than one link!

The cherry blossom girl is my fantasy of style. Probably not a favourite for you, but definitely something that screams my name: pastel colors, light make up, flowers, dresses, romance..


Pentru ca e topicul meu preferat, va dau doua linkuri in loc de unul!

The cherry blossom girl este o reprezentare vizuala a imaginatiei mele. Suna ciudat, poate, dar e exact stilul meu, exact ceaa ce ma reprezinta: culori pastelate, machiaj natural, rochii, fuste, flori, romantism…

the cherry blossom girl

Kayture is just pure beauty. It’s the main reason I dream of having the opportunity to wear designer clothes. She styles them in such a beautiful way.


Kayture e pur si simplu un deliciu vizual. O fata frumoasa, fotogenica, cu un stil impecabil. Colaboreaza deseori cu branduri si designeri de renume. De fiecare data mi se pare ca scoate in evidenta calitatea, eleganta si unicitatea hainelor pe care le alege.



Hungry Healthy Happy is a great blog that has loads of useful information about eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle in general. However, my favourite thing is the recipes part: healthy ideas for deserts.


Hungry Healthy Happy va ofera o varietate de articole legate de stilul de viata sanatos, sport, diete. Partea mea preferata e meniul cu retete, in special ideile de desert sanatos.

healthy food inspiration hungry healthy happy


A Beautiful Mess teaches you how to DIY so many things! And their photos are absolutely amazing. What I like about them is that they talk about different things, so the variety of topics is big. You’ll definitely find something useful on their blog.


A Beautiful Mess cuprinde o sumedenie de proiecte pe care le putem face acasa, unele mai grele, altele mai usoare. Fetele fac niste poze atata de frumoase, incat totul pare sa fie foarte simplu si usor. Imi place ca au o varietate de proiecte cu diverse teme. Sigur gasesti ceva interesant pe pagina lor.

diy ideas a beautiful mess inspiration


Usually for this area I like to read books. I also followed some personal development programs. Maybe you’ve noticed already I am quite motivated when it comes to my future. But being consistent is what I find to be the hardest. So this helps me. One of my favourite personal growth leaders is John Maxwell. You can find his page here, which has many interesting articles. Another great source are the TED Talks which I’m pretty sure you’re already a fan of!


Recunosc ca din punctul asta de vedere prefer sa citesc carti sau sa ma inscriu la diverse programe. Deseori vorbesc pe blog despre planurile mele de viitor: sa cresc cat mai mult, sa ajung cat mai sus. Pentru a-mi pastra motivatia imi place sa ma inspir de la mari lideri precum John Maxwell. Puteti gasi mai multe informatii si articole utile dand click aici. O alta sursa de inspiratie foarte la indemana este TED Talks – care presupun ca deja e una din preferatele voastre.

john maxwell quotes


Usually I do cardio and HIIT (high intensity interval training) when I work out. However, this is intense and not for everyone. Sometimes when I am a bit tired I go to Cassey from Blogilates. Here’s her blog where she posts different articles about health and fitness. She also posts videos with short workouts. If you give her your email address, she’ll send you a month’s programme – basically she tells you what videos to watch each day, all available on youtube. I don’t follow her videos every day, but she’s great! And pilates is so good for everyone!


Amandoi parintii au fost slabi mereu si n-au avut probleme cu greutatea. Dar sigur ca eu a trebuit sa o mostenesc pe bunica. Refuz sa ma infometez, asa ca e musai sa fac sport intens sa-mi pastrez silueta greutatea. De aceea aleg cardio mult, in special de genul HIIT (high intensity interval training).  Doar ca asta nu-i pe placul tuturor si implica multe sarituri care pentru unii nu e recomandat. Pentru zilele in care sunt mai obosita o aleg pe Cassey de la Blogilates. Are o gramada de videouri pe youtube cu diverse exercitii. Iar daca iti faci cont pe blogul ei (efectiv ii dai adresa de email), iti trimite lunar un program personalizat cu exercitii pentru fiecare zi. Totul e gratuit. Ideea mi se pare foarte faina. 

blogilates inspiration healthy lifestyle


Leave me links with your daily inspirations! Let’s share links that are worth bookmarking!

♥ Andra

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Tip Thursday: How to make your waist stand out

how to make your waist smaller, stand out, high waisted skirtI have been thinking and I decided to start a new series for my blog: Tip Thursday. Every Thursday I plan to talk about something that can offer you guidance or ideas about how we dress. So no matter how much or less you know about fashion, these tips can help you get more inspirational ideas when choosing what you wear. The first thing I want to talk about is how to make our waist stand out. I am one of those girls who don’t have a small, beautiful waist. However, I am a lover of the hourglass shape, I feel it looks extremely feminine. That’s why I try to dress in a way that gives me the illusion that I have a waist. So here are the things I tried and I know that work. If you have other ideas, please share them with us!


M-am gandit recent la o idee: in fiecare joi sa vorbesc despre moda, despre stil, despre haine in general. Joia sa fie un articol in care sa vorbim despre ce e mai avantajos sa purtam in functie de corpul nostru, ce e mai comod, de unde e mai bine sa facem cumparaturi si orice alte lucruri care ne pot fi de folos. Pentru saptamana asta am vrut sa vorbesc despre idei de a ne pune talia in evidenta. E o problema cu care ma confrunt mereu, pentru ca nu prea am! O talie mica ne face mai feminine, mai suple, mai senzuale. Cel putin eu asa cred. Asa ca va arat mai jos ideile pe care eu le-am incercat si zic ca merg de minune. Daca mai aveti alte trucuri, astept ideile voastre! 



balmain SS 2014 wear a belt to create small waist

A belt can define your waist especially when you wear something that’s a bit large. However, it can look bulky if the outfit is already very colourful, or if the belt is way too wide and instead of making you look smaller, it attracts all the attention to the belly. When you choose to wear a belt, try to put it in the smaller area. We all have our waist a bit lower or upper, so just play with that. And also see how it looks without the belt, maybe you don’t even need it. To illustrate this, I chose some photos from the Balmain Spring/Summer Collection 2014 which I love. All these belts are full of details which really catches your eye. If you want to be more subtle, choose a simple belt, in a neutral colour.


Un truc simplu, insa complicat! ce vreau sa spun cu asta e ca des vad persoane care poarta o curea degeaba. Daca tinuta e deja incarcata, o curea poate sa fie prea mult si in loc sa faca bine, face rau. De aceea va sugerez sa probati cu si fara curea si sa vedeti cum e mai bine. Pentru a prezenta ideea, am ales sa va arat poze din colectia Balmain Primavara Vara 2014. Insa daca va uitati cu atentie, curele sunt pline de detalii. Sunt superbe, insa uneori zic ca e bine sa alegem ceva mai simplu: poate curele mai inguste, sau culori neutre. Cu o curea mai simpla e mai greu sa gresim. Dupa cum spuneam inainte, tinuta per total trebuie sa aiba un echilibru. 



peplum dreses tops how to have waist

It’s not news that peplum tops or dresses can give the illusion of a waist. I personally like this, I think it’s great especially for an office look. If you choose to wear a peplum top, I recommend you pare it with tight skirts/trousers. This way it will give you a great silhouette. If you choose to wear a flare skirt for example, you’ll look way bigger because of the peplum detail.


Cred ca asta e una din clasicele trucuri pe care le folosim sau le vedem. Stiu ca nu mai sunt chiar asa in trend, insa pentru mine tot reprezinta o tinuta clasica si eleganta. Iar daca alegeti un top, va recomand sa il combinati cu o fusta sau un pantalon mulat. Daca alegeti in schimb o fusta larga riscati sa aratati putin mai plinute decat sunteti. 



patterns how to create a smaller waist with dresses

Again, a great outfit for an office look. I often see dresses that use the color block trend to either create the illusion of a waist, or a fuller bust or smaller hips. Dresses like this are easy to find and usually are bodycon, which means they are tight. If you are not comfortable wearing something so tight, I recommend the skater dresses, like the one from Evans (black and blue).


Inca o idee de tinuta office: aceste rochite de tip bodycon, adica mai mulate, care cu ajutorul culorilor bine pozitioante pot sa creeze iluzia de o talie mai mica, un piept mai mare, solduri mai mici/mai mari.  Iar daca nu va simtiti confortabil in rochii mulate, alegeti ceva din material mai gros, sau cele de tipul skater dress ca rochia a patra de la Evans cu negru si albastru. 


Fit & Flare

fit and flare ideas asos, how to make your wais tlook smaller

Honestly, this is my favourite trick. I like to wear high waisted skirts or trousers because they focus around my smallest area: my waist. I personally prefer tight tops with flare skirts. But it all depends on the fabric and on the skirts that I wear. It all depends on you, what do you want to highlight? Your great bust and shoulders, or your nice hips? Choose something tight on the part you feel most comfortable in. In this category I also included the mom jeans, a new trend. They are basically high waisted jeans that are a bit loose, not skinny. I like to see them combined with tight crop tops. But I know not everyone feels comfortable wearing crop tops (including me!). That’s why I suggest wearing a turtle neck top instead.


Ideea e de a purta ceva mulat combinat cu ceva larg. Asta e ‘trucul’ meu preferat.Mi se pare ca da o forma feminina corpului, in stilul vintage. Acum depinde de voi in ce combinatie vreti sa alegeti. Eu personal cel mai des port un top mulat cu fusta larga. Insa am ajuns la concluzia ca tine foarte mult si de material. Va recomand sa probati mai multe combinatii, sa vedeti cum va place mai mult si cum e mai comod. Daca vreti sa scoateti in evidenta partea de sus, alegeti un top mai mulat. Daca vreti sa adaugati volum la bust, alegeti o camasa cu volanase, mai larguta. Depinde de ce vreti sa scoateti in evidenta si de cum va simtiti voi mai bine. La final am adaugat si noul trend: mom jeans. Care se traduce: blugii mamei. Pentru ca arata ca blugii pe care mamele noastre le purtau cand erau de varsta noastra (clasicii Levi’s): un material mai gros, cu talie inalta si nu prea mulati. De obicei cu o curea de piele. Imi plac mult, dar pot sa ne faca sa aratam mai plinute decat suntem. De-aceea recomand sa ii purtati cu un top mai mulat, sau chiar unul mai scurt in talie. 


Wrap tops/dresses

wrap dress and top hopw to make a smaller waist with fashion, clothes

I really like these because they are comfortable. Even though you’ll have something wrapped around your waist, it’s better than a belt because it’s softer. They also look really feminine and elegant.  The only thing is that I rarely find these clothes in the shops I often go (aimed at young fashion).


Cel mai mult imi plac hainele de tipul asta pentru ca sunt extrem de comode. Nu mai am rigiditatea unei curele, nu mai ai rochia stramta peste tot. Singurul dezavantaj e ca gasesc greu ceva in stilul asta in magazinele pe care le frecventez. 


Which one is your favourite?

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Wishlist – bags

love bags angelaroiI have recently discovered an interesting company called angelaroi.com, that designs and sells bags made of vegan leather. I like this concept because it is animal friendly and it still looks beautiful and can be durable. This is a US company, but they told me they ship in some Europe countries through Uncovet. Now, I would certainly like to buy one of these. But for now, I need to save some money so I’ve chosen three models for my wishlist. I have created three different looks with each. You know me – I like to make collages! Tell me which one is your favourite.


Am descoperit de curand o firma originara din state, pe nume Andelaroi.com, care creeaza si vinde genti. Ce mi-a placut la ei e ca fac gentile din piele artificiala care drept sa spun arata foarte bine (din poze). Apreciez asta deoarece principiul lor e animal friendly. Acuma, vestea proasta e ca firma e pe-un alt continent si nu trimit decat in SUA. Dar mi-au spus ca vand prin intermediul firmei Uncovet care trimit si in alte tari in Europa. Mie mi-au placut mult produsele lor si mi-am pus in gand sa fac un fel de wishlist. Poate pe viitor, cine stie? 🙂 Si pentru ca-mi place sa fac colaje, am facut trei look-uri diferite pentru fiecare geanta. Care e preferatul vostru?


romantic look

for every day / casual

chic look

I wanted to share with you this brand because there was something I really liked about them: they donate a portion of each handbag sale to chosen non-profit health organizations. And what is cool about this is that each colour represents a different problem or illness. I just believe they have a really great brand personality and I, as a marketer, was impressed. Visit the AngelaRoi shop here.


Si daca va intrebati de ce-am ales sa vorbesc despre firma asta, e pentru ca m-au impresionat din punct de vedere al conceptului de branding. Pentru fiecare geanta pe care o vand, doneaza o suma de bani unei organizatii non profit (domeniul medical). Si o chestie interesanta: fiecare culoare reprezinta o alta boala sau problema. Mie mi-a placut cum au pus problema si-am zis sa le impartasesc ideea. Puteti vizita site-ul lor aici


 ❤ Andra

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Colourful shoes

colourful shoesI have always thought that a colourful shoe can catch an eye and can definitely make an outfit stand out. I’m not always that playful, but during summer I’ll definitely embrace the colours. I’ve got ballerinas in many shades and I will mix them with anything. My new resolution is to bring this to my autumn-winter collection. I have already seen in shops some burgundy, dark-blue, purple and dark green shades that would look too good in my wardrobe! But let’s stay focused on the summer for now! And for those who don’t like to be too colorful I say: try and wear the shoes with a neutral colour. Try some cute sandals with just a few stripes, so that they won’t stand out too much. I have opted for ballerinas, because I can match them with whatever: trousers, skirts, dresses, you name it!


Mereu mi-au placut pantofii colorati, chiar daca nu de fiecare data am indraznit sa investesc intr-o pereche. Asta si din motivul ca: o culoare neutra e mai practica, am sa-i port mai des deci.. hai sa fie (iar) negri! Insa am multi balerini in diverse culori. As putea spune ca pe timpul verii sunt mai colorata. Am in gand, totusi, sa investesc in pantofi colorati si pe perioada toamnei-iernii. Nu de alta, dar ziceti si voi ce frumoasa-i culoarea verde inchis, sau visiniu cu o rochita asa mai grosuta si cu-n ruj visiniu pe buze! 

Dar sa revenim la vara, ca doar suntem in luna Iulie.. vreau sa va intreb ce pantofi colorati aveti? si cum ii asortati? eu sunt de parere ca vara e usor sa-i purtam, insa pentru cele care cred ca e prea mult, le sugerez sa aleaga culori mai neutre, pantofiori mai lejeri si un zambet pe buze! Eu inca visez la perechea rosie de Louboutin….da-de,da-de! 

red shoes red shoes red bag shoesfun nightFind me on Facebook 🙂

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Details matter

16I have recently discovered a website with handmade jewelry: Evocateur. I love it because it’s original, with designs inspired by nature. The majority of pieces can be made of gold or silver and can contain Swarovski elements. All this sounds so good that I had to look at their collection. That’s how I made the following selections! I really enjoy doing collages, as you have probably have seen here, here or here 🙂

Am descoperit de curand un magazin online: Evocateur. Prima data mi-au atras atentia faptul ca obiectele sunt facute manual. Apoi am descoperit ca multe sunt din aur, argint sau contin elemente Swarovski. Mi s-a parut interesant, deoarece eu sunt alergica la alte metale.. asa ca m-am uitat mai mult pe-acolo si am facut o selectie si pentru voi. Daca vreti sa vedeti mai multe, intrati pe site-ul lor. Eu recomand sa va uitati in functie de colectii. 🙂Evocateur Andra Dorolti

Evocateur Andra Dorolti Evocateur Andra Dorolti Evocateur Andra Dorolti*The pictures of the jewelry are from the official website Evocateur

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The Great Gatsby Style

the great gatsbyIt’s funny how a movie can have such a strong impact on fashion. I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK you can already see the Gatsby inspiration in the fashion magazines, retailers and even fashion books. I finally saw the movie yesterday and I liked it. It was..interesting and sad, but yes, I liked it. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor. What do you think about this style?

Cred ca ati auzit sau ati vazut noul film, The Great Gatsby – un film interesant, zic eu. Ce ma surprinde e cat de popular a ajuns acest stil vestimentar prin diverse reviste si magazine. Prima data mi-au sarit in ochi articolele din revistele de moda, interviurile cu Leonardo DiCaprio. Iar cand am observat ca cei de la Tiffany au creat o intreaga colectie, am zis sa ma uit si la imbracaminte. Si da, sunt multe, foarte multe piese vestimentare inspirate din acea perioada. Voua cum vi se pare stilul? 

Gatsby style inspirationGatsby style inspiration*My first online post for Suits & Skiprats Magazine is up, here. 🙂

❤ Andra


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