Life Update: A lot has happened and it’s been too much

– life update –

A lot has happened since I last wrote on this blog. I have been going through so many emotions that at the end of it I was just too exhausted to do the thing that relaxes me most: create blog content. But I have to force myself back into this routine. It’s like going to the gym – takes a bit of effort, but once you’ve been you feel proud, like you’ve just accomplished something. That’s how this blog makes me feel. And I’ve missed it.


We got married

First of all, the most obvious thing was that Dan & I got married last year.  Planning a wedding abroad was not the easiest thing, but I wasn’t too stressed. You see, I never dreamt of a specific wedding, wasn’t sure what I wanted or anything. I wanted to feel good and have fun. And boy, I did!

We lost a house

To make it all more interesting, we were in the process of buying a house. Right after the wedding we were meant to finalise everything and we were already inviting everyone over. It all fell apart shortly, when the bank said the house is not worth the money we were paying and they won’t give us the requested loan. We had to let that house go. It wasn’t easy to find a house in the first place and now we were back to square one. Just imagine how hard it is to find a dress for a special occasion. Now imagine how hard it is to find the house. And then be told you can’t have it anymore. Heartbreaking.

We bought another house

Honestly, from then on all we wanted was to find a new place and that became our obsession. All mornings, afternoons and weekends. This meant I had to give something up: my blog, my creative part time pleasure.

I am happy to tell you guys that early this year Dan & I have received the keys to our first house. From the moment we saw the house and put an offer on it, it took 5 months to get the keys. My patience has never been tested like this before..

We started a project

The house we bought is more like a project, it’s an old house in need for renovations. We’re talking walls taken down, replacing the wiring and heating systems and so on. All very big jobs. So no matter how fun it all sounded at the beginning, getting the right people for the job, getting the right details and documentation and then.. well.. spending all the money – all this was a bit hectic and nerve wrecking. We moved now in a house with no kitchen and only one room where we sleep, eat, change, everything. It is not the most comfortable thing but I’m happy to finally have taken this step.

I re-started my blogging/vlogging

I got myself new lighting, a new camera and decided to re-launch my blogging. This time I was going to do Youtube, which meant I can organise it all myself and decide my own schedule without any additional help. I made a calendar, made a plan so I could find enough time to create videos on a regular basis.

I crushed

Now just imagine this: I was working full time with no holidays left, Dan was working 60 hour weeks on a new project he just started, we were in the middle of changing houses and moving into our new home (aka construction site), packing all our things/unpacking everything, still trying to cook with no kitchen so we eat healthy(ish) and also trying to film interesting Youtube material at least once a week. I just couldn’t do this anymore. It’s funny, you’ve got all these things going on and think to yourself – why am I complaining? It’s just that it all happened at once and we just couldn’t take it anymore.

I prioritised

So instead of giving up the things I like, I decided to come to a compromise. The big news is that I’m working part time now. This way I have more time to do other things that matter to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But I also love creating content. I also always dreamt of having my house with my garden and my style. So yes, I wanted to take over the house project too. And lastly, I wanted to lift some pressure from my husband’s shoulders. One of us needed to take over some of the new responsibilities.

I can sleep now

I haven’t slept so well in months, I am so excited and so happy. There’s still a long way to go and I’m not even half way there. My blog is nowhere close to a winning website, money maker machine. My house is a mess. My career is under pressure with me spending only half the time on it now. But it’s ok. You can’t always have it all and you can’t put all that pressure on you. I’m here to enjoy my life and that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m still not sure why I told you all this. I usually don’t share this much with the world. But the morale of the story is: sometimes it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, even though apparently it all looks good and exciting. Sometimes it’s just too much and sometimes you need to let some things go.

I’ve only got one life and I’m gonna bloody enjoy it. I’ve missed this.

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How to improve your life in 5 minutes


EN   I’ve got a pretty good life, I can’t complain. But however good your life is, it’s so easy these days to get stressed, annoyed and just focus on the bad stuff. And life’s too short to be unhappy. One evening I was watching Oprah and she talked about the famous Gratitude Journal: spending 5 minutes before going to bed to write down what you are grateful for, for that day. I got really excited, I went to town and spent a good time looking for the perfect Gratitude Journal. I thought to give it a try and I’m so happy I did. What these 5 minutes do to you is make you remember all the good stuff that happened to you that day, they make you relax before you go to sleep, they make you forget about the stress you’ve got going on and they just make your life much better. In the end, it’s all about perspective – if you focus on the good stuff, bad things won’t affect you so much and you’ll enjoy your days more. Another thing that I found it does – it motivates me. It motivates me in the morning to make the most of my day so I can have something to write in my journal. So I challenge you to try it – it’s so good you can’t deny it!


RO  Am o viata frumoasa, nu pot sa ma plang. Insa oricat de bine o ducem, e usor sa cadem prada stresului, sa ne lasam afectati de negativismul din jur, e usor sa ne pierdem timpul gandindu-ne prea mult la ce nu merge bine. Insa viata-i prea scurta sa fim nefericiti. Pur si simplu nu se merita. Si cred ca am gasit o solutie buna sa ne ajute sa eliminam negativismul.

Uitandu-ma intr-o seara la un interviu cu Oprah, am descoperit un nou concept: un jurnal al recunostintei. E vorba de 5 minute inainte de culcare in care ne gandim la 5 lucruri pentru care suntem recunoscatori si le scriem intr-un jurnal. Mi s-a parut tare faina ideea asa ca repede am fugit la cumparaturi in cautarea a ceea ce urma sa fie Jurnalul meu. Am inceput sa scriu in el cam acu’ doua saptamani si am observat ceva extraordinar: jurnalul asta ma obliga sa ma gandesc la toate lucrurile faine care mi s-au intamplat in ziua respectiva. Chiar daca a fost o zi nasoala, ma trezesc seara zambind, cu gandul la lucruile pozitive, pur si simplu imi schimb perspectiva si asta e tot ce conteaza. Ba mai mult, jurnalul asta ma motiveaza dimineata sa am o zi cat mai productiva, cat mai reusita  – ca sa am ce scrie la final de zi. E o idee atat de simpla, cu un impact atat de mare. Va recomand sa incercati!


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♥ Andra

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