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About two weeks ago I was given the chance to try out a new brand of contact lenses called Crystal 1 Day. I want to mention that I was already pretty happy with my regular ones, but trying something new is always tempting! So this is my full review on contact lenses – but let me give you the full picture first.

About me

I need to say that I’ve been wearing contacts for many years now. And in spite of all this time, my eyes are still as sensitive as ever before. I get dry eyes easily, I can only wear daily contacts and I wear eye makeup daily. I think it’s important to know all this in order to understand better my review.

About contact lenses in general

You need to know that there are two types of contact lenses: dailies and monthlies. This means that the former ones can be used one day only, while the others can be used for a month, they are kept in those popular tiny boxes while you’re not wearing them.

contact lenses crystal day 1 best daily contact lenses

Why dailies

As they’re built to last one day only, the daily contact lenses are much thinner than the monthly ones. This means they are automatically more comfortable, you can barely feel them! But nothing’s perfect and their biggest disadvantage is mainly the price. I usually buy the Ciba Vision brand and pay £30/month for mine. And that I think it’s quite expensive! But let me tell you something, the Crystal 1 Day are half price! And if you would do a blind test on me (the irony), I would say that the Crystal 1 Day contacts are the most expensive ones I have ever tried. So that’s why I find my discovery revolutionary, and here are some more reasons:

Why Crystal 1 Day contact lenses

Now this is the time when I get to convince you to try them out. I was honestly way too impressed. So impressed with how comfortable I felt that I will only buy this brand from now on. In the evenings I would often look close up in the mirror to make sure I got them out. Or I would look really far away to check if I can see. And that’s because I literally felt like I had nothing on.

My eyes did get dry on two occasions – one was when I spent all day out in the sun without any sunglasses, the other one was when I stayed up for almost 20 hours. Any other day I was alright, with an average wear of 9 hours per day.

I want to mention I usually use drops for dry eyes, but didn’t need any this time.

thin contact lenses

How easy is it to use them

I am not gonna lie – you need a bit of dexterity in order to put contacts on in general. You need to feel comfortable being so close to your eyes, you need to always make sure you have clean hands and nothing in your eyes (dust, mascara etc) when you put them on.

It will be easier to put on the monthly contact lenses because they are thicker. With the dailies you’ll find it a bit more difficult. But don’t worry, it’s way easier than applying false lashes! Now that’s a challenge….


This is for all those people who didn’t read the rest of the article – here is the main idea: the Crystal 1 Day contacts are amazing! They are the most comfortable daily contact lenses I have ever tried. And I have tried many. And daily contacts are in general way more comfortable than the monthly ones. So, by deduction we can say that Crystal 1 Day are the most comfortable contacts I have ever tried. And the cheapest too! I was truly impressed, and I recommend them. You can buy them here.

crystal day 1 review


*The contacts were offered to me by, however I asked to try them out.

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My favourite care products

Like many other girls, I buy lots of cosmetics and care products..but I always end up by using just a couple – the favourites! So if you either have flat hair, acne/mixed face skin, the need of wearing contact lenses, dry lips,  or sensitive nails..then I have some recommendations for you! If not, damn you’re lucky!

Ca multe alte fete, mereu ma atrag diverse produse cosmetice, de-aceea cumpar una-alta mai tot timpul. Dar pana la urma, doar cateva raman mereu aproape – cele preferate! Asa ca, daca aveti par fara volum, ten cu tendinte acneice sau mixt, lentile de contact, buze uscate, sau unghii sensibile…atunci am cateva recomandari! Daca nu, sunteti niste norocoase!

care products

I have tried so many things.. my favourite remains Vichy. BUT, I know people that didn’t like it. At all. So, if you want to try it, I recommend you buy the smallest bottle you can find and just see how it goes.

Am incercat foarte multe solutii pentru ten acneic.. dar preferata ramane Vichy. Insa cunosc persoane care au fost nemultumite de acest produs. Daca va tenteaza, va recomand sa luati o sticluta mai mica la inceput, pana va faceti o idee.  

Vichy acne

To hydrate, I chose Yves Rocher.

Pentru hidratare, folosesc produse Yves Rocher.hydration hydration I know foundation is make-up, but its special texture helps my skin, especially when I go out in a club. It’s hydrating and very light. I think it’s very good for a mixed skin type.

Stiu ca, teoretic, fondul de ten tine de machiaj, insa fiind in contact cu toata fata, eu zic ca e important sa fie bun. Iar acesta chiar imi place – hidrateaza si e foarte fin. Chiar il recomand pentru cele cu ten mixt.Foundation sensitive skin

If you have thin hair, I recommend this Wella product. It protects the hair from any source of heat, but it also acts like a conditioner, without making the hair become flat.

Daca aveti parul fin, va recomand acest spray de la Wella. Principalul scop e sa protejeze parul de orice sursa de caldura, insa are si efect de balsam, fara sa ia din volum.

thin hair protection

For lips, I do this mask once a week: Honey & Sugar. I just put a little on my finger and just rub it on my lips – exfoliates and hydrates!

Pentru buze, imi fac saptamanal o masca: in varful degetului pun miere si zahar si frec buzele usor – exfoliere si hidratare!

lips nails

My favourite contact lenses+solution are from Bauch&Lomb. My eyes a little dry and I can feel the difference when I need to wear my contact lenses for a whole day; it’s very comfortable.

In ceea ce proveste lentilele de contact, marca preferata e Bauch&Lomb. Am ochii putin uscati, iar solutia isi doveste calitatea atunci cand trebuie sa port lentilele o zi intreaga; e mult mai confortabil. 

contact lens Bausch&Lomb

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe I helped! If you have any questions or advice just write a comment below! Thank you for your visit! 🙂

Cam astea sunt recomandarile mele, sper ca v-am putut ajuta! Daca aveti intrebari sau sfaturi legate de acest subiect, nu ezitati sa lasati un comentariu! Multumesc de vizita! 🙂

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