Retro Vibes

polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro styleAfter a very long wait I decided to invest in a new pair of glasses. After constantly wearing contact lenses I felt that my eyes needed a bit of rest. If you have this problem yourself, you know what I mean! I have waited so long to change my glasses because I simply couldn’t find anything that I liked. But recently I tried on a pair of black frames that seemed just right. Because they are a bit vintage style, I had to make their debut on the blog in a retro inspired look. I purchased the dress in a small boutique at the Romanian seaside. However, I’ve noticed afterwards that the dress is actually ASOS. I love how comfortable the dress is, unlike the Zara shoes!


De mult timp aveam in plan sa-mi schimb ochelarii. Am ajuns sa port lentilele de contact mult prea des si deja simteam ca am nevoie de o pauza. Dar sa gasesti o pereche de ochelari care sa-ti placa nu e usor. Dar in loc sa-mi plang de mila ca-s mioapa am intors totul in favoarea mea si-am inceput sa-mi caut ceva mai deosebit, mai aparte. Asa am dat de o pereche de ochelari mai mari, eleganti, cu rama neagra. Iar ca sa le fac intrarea pe blog am ales sa-i port cu o rochie mai vintage. Rochita am gasit-o cand eram la plaja in Mamaia. Era tarziu, dupa o zi de plaja, cand ne-am plimbat pe langa micile magazine de pe malul marii. Asa am dat de un magazin micut cu multe rochii mai deosebite. Toate rochitele aveau eticheta taiata, dar nu si cea de intretinere (de pe lateral). Asa am stiut ca-mi iau o rochita creata de fapt pentru ASOS. In Romania se cos mii de haine pentru foarte multe magazine: H&M, Topsop, Asos, Zara, River Island etc. Asa ca nu ma mir ca cineva a mai strecurat cateva in magazinele locale. Acelasi lucru se intampla si cu site-urile online din China. Tot haine create de fapt pentru marile companii am gasit la diverse targuri de haine, la pret redus la jumatate (desigur). Asa ca data viitoare fiti cu ochii-n patru, poate gasiti ceva deosebit!

versace eyewear reading glasses

polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style zara heels versace glasses polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style zara heels versace glasses

Dress – Asos

Heels – Zara

Bag – Vintage

Glasses – Versace

Watch – Casio


❤  Andra

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Experimenting with style

high waisted trousers wide leg spring black look

You know me, I like to dress comfortable, maybe with a bit of pink and usually a dress or a skirt. Even though I have less and less time to dress the way I want to, I have the need of trying new things. Probably exactly because of this: because most days I need to wear a uniform (at work). So when I am not working I want to try something really different. And that’s why I bought these trousers which are unexpectedly comfortable. Yes, I do look way slimmer when I look in the mirror. I look long and slim and elegant. That’s why I think these trousers are a special piece of clothing. However, in the photos I look different. But it doesn’t bother me too much. I already know I am not photogenic. But I hope you get the idea of the look. I personally love it: simple, extremely comfortable, yet unique.


Pantalonii de genul asta nu sunt ceva ce as purta de obicei. Insa in ultima vreme am simtit nevoia de a experimenta. Probabil si din cauza faptului ca la munca trebuie sa port un fel de uniforma (totul negru). Asta inseamna ca imi ramane mult mai putin timp sa ma imbrac cum vreau eu (da, e dureros uneori!). Asa ca astept cu nerabdare vacanta in Franta unde voi putea purta noile achizitii ce ma asteapta in dulap. Iar acum, sa revenim la pantaloni: talie inalta, croi larg si putin trapez pe picior. Cand i-am luat pe mine prima data mi-a placut silueta ce mi-o dadeau. Brusc paream mai slaba, mai suava si mai feminina. Nu si in poze, din pacate! Dar asta e, stiu ca nu-s eu prea fotogenica. Oricum, sper ca am putut surprinde ideea. Si un lucru fain e ca sunt extrem de comozi! Asa ca va recomand sa incercati si voi o pereche, doua. Eu personal ma simt foarte bine in ei! Un croi mai deosebit, foarte comozi, why not? 

high waisted trousers wide leg spring black lookhigh waist wide leg trousers spring black and white look

high waisted trousers wide leg spring black look high waisted trousers wide leg spring black look high waisted trousers wide leg spring black look

♥ Andra

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The leopard print

I was shopping with (and for) Dan when we decided to go to FCUK just to see what they have. That’s when I saw this coat and I fell in love with it. I didn’t want to buy it though. I came up with reasons not to buy it, as I thought I need to save some money now. So we left. But then I kept on thinking about it and after a couple of days, went back to the shop. I tried it on and again: trying to convince myself not to buy it. I left the shop without it. After 20 minutes I was back. I bought it. I had to have it. I’m looking at the photos and I have to say that none of them shoes how beautiful this coat is and how well it fits me. You see, it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we want things. And crazy enough, if we buy them we’re the happiest. Sometimes we need to spoil ourselves and this is what I did. Like one girl in the shop told me: I might be  broke, but I’m happy. What about you? Do you spoil yourself sometimes? How often? And not necessarily with clothes, it can be anything that makes you happy.


Mereu mi-a displacut ideea de a purta leopard print. Nu stiu de ce.. dar mi se parea a fi ceva ce n-as purta niciodata. Anul asta insa am vazut multe idei de tinute care puneau in valoare printul si a inceput sa mi se para ceva interesant. Iar cand am vazut paltonasul de mai jos, pe loc m-am indragostit. Mi-a placut ideea ca e format din negru si gri.. si nu tipicul print. Mi se pare ca ii ofera o alura mai eleganta. Si sincera sa fiu, mi-a picat cu tronc paltonul. Ma uit la poze si sincer constat ca nu pun in valoare destul cat de frumos e. L-am vrut foarte mult dar am hotarat sa nu-l cumpar, pentru a mai economisi. Dupa a treia vizita la magazin (si doua online) am zis ca trebuie sa-l cumpar. E un rasfat pe care am considerat ca-l merit. Uneori avem nevoie si de asta, nu? Voi cum va rasfatati de obicei? Black and white leopard printBlack and white leopard print coat black white leopard print leopard print black watch red shoes pumps street style leopard print red black and white leopard print

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