Keep your goals high

2018.. what a year!

A career change, a new house, made some new very good friends, visited Asia for the first time, followed by many other trips, gained my first 1000 followers on Instagram and also was part of a blogger campaign that I couldn’t be more proud of. You guessed it, it’s the time to sit down and reflect on our previous twelve months!

I love beginnings, and I always get excited over a new year. If 2018 was great, well 2019 is going to be even better. If 2018 was bad, now is the time to click refresh and make a change. It’s always a win-win situation.
You see, I am a very goal oriented person, always have been and I’m writing this to encourage you to embrace this habit of goal making. There’s still many out there that like to eye roll every time someone mentions new year, new me. I know it’s cliche and I know that sometimes we forget about what we want and we get comfortable and lazy. But you know what else we get? Frustration. and wasted time. So how do you want to feel this time next year?

I find that there’s two types of people out there: those who have goals, like to revise their past actions and like to plan their future. And those who just go with the flow and think you’re too stiff if you plan everything. And I get it, planning everything can be extremely boring. But you don’t have to have a million goals, start with one. I’m sure there’s at least one thing you really want to change or improve but you keep postponing it.


I for one am very happy with this year’s achievements and very grateful for all the opportunities I had. You know the saying, the harder you work, the luckier you get. This is the biggest lesson 2018 has given me: consistent hard work pays off. Because you see, everything I’ve put in the first paragraph of this article has been written in my diary a year ago. And that’s why I think this yeas has been  good one for me. Because I’ve achieved what I wanted.

Now I’m sat here in our office, making a plan for the next year to come, thinking of my recent trip back home. My dad put up all my old paintings and I was looking through them. There’s this one with an ant, climbing on a tree. And there’s a text attached to it that says something like: I’m just an ant, I can’t see the sun when I’m on the ground, all the flowers and grass are covering everything. So I need to climb higher than ever to see the sun, to see the hills, to see the bigger picture and to enjoy all of it. That was back in highschool and I think what I was trying to say was Keep Your Goals High.

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