Vintage shopping and Lana del Rey concert

vintage shopping lana del reyI guess you wonder, why the two of them together? Well, because they match perfectly! I love Lana’s style. She made me fall in love with flowers on the head, big volume hair, vintage dresses, and vintage shoes. Of course, besides her music! I like her because she’s vibrant, always romantic and feminine.

Recent am fost la un mare targ vintage, ca presa, pentru a reprezenta revista Suits&Skiprats. Intre timp am fost si la concert Lana Del Rey (care a fost de vis!) si m-am gandit eu asa…ce bine merg cele doua stiluri impreuna! Ma inspir de la artista, imi place mult stilul ei vestimentar, make-up-ul si modul de a-si aranja parul. Si cred ca targurile vintage ne pot ajuta sa gasim multe tinute asemanatoare. 

And with all this in mind, I went together with my friend Liz to write an article about the Manchester Vintage Kilo Event. We went there to represent the Suits&Skiprats Magazine, but we had to do some shopping as well, just for the sake of research! And I have to say I was surprised. I found so many beautiful items, in very good condition. I can’t wait for the next event in Manchester. If you’re from the UK, check out their website here to see when they are coming to your city!


I was happy to meet Georgie, who’s also a blogger 🙂  (her blog here).

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Charlotte’s Wardrobe – Part1

As I mentioned on Facebook , I started a new project: The Wardrobe. I always get inspiration from other people, so why not see what they have in their wardrobe? I find it very interesting to learn more about each style and I hope you’ll like it too. The first photo shoot was with my friend Charlotte, from the Netherlands. It’s divided into 3 parts, so stay in touch! 🙂

Dupa cum am spus si pe Facebook, am inceput un nou proiect: The Wardrobe, adica Dulapul. Mereu ma inspir uitandu-ma la cei din jur, asa c-am ce sa nu aflu mai multe? Mi se pare o idee interesanta si sper sa va placa si voua. Prima sesiune foto am facut-o cu prietena mea, Charlotte, din Olanda. Am impartit pozele in 3 parti, asa ca .. mai urmeaza! 🙂

Hi, I am Charlotte and I am studying Fashion Buying in Manchester. 
really have a passion for fashion! I have 1000 different styles and I always try to mix some cheaper garments with some expensive garments. 
This makes the styling fun and challenging.
Primark, H&M, Zara and Vintage things
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