The best facial in Manchester

flint plus flint harvey nichols facial review

Not long ago I was moaning about being constantly sick. Because of this, I was very dehydrated and my skin wasn’t having it. I’m still not where I wanna be, but I have been focusing a lot on this: invested in some crazy expensive serums and had one or two facials, as you do.

Today I want to talk more about the last facial I had at Flint+Flint in Harvey Nichols Manchester. My Transderm facial left my skin so soft and hydrated, I had to give you a shout about it. I basically had 45 minutes of bliss when the lovely lady deep cleaned my face and then started using this tiny electric tool with micro-currents to massage my skin. The purpose of this facial is to offer a firming and tightening treatment for any skin type: it will get rid of fine lines, it will deep clean your skin and get rid of annoying blemishes. Long story short – after this treatment you look rested, fresh and glowing. I think the perfect time to do the Transderm facial is just before a special event. Although the best thai massage bangkok along with the face massage, would not be a bad idea.

flintplusflint facial review

The whole experience was lovely and I can’t wait to go back. The girls recommended to do this on a regular basis for a better skin. They also recommend using the Flint+Flint products at home for the best results. Because having a facial is still a bit of a luxury thing for me, I can’t stick to it. But I honestly think it does wonders to my skin and I will probably go for it before a special occasion.

My treatment costs £75, but feel free to see the whole price list here. They also do discounts for multibuys and encourage everyone to give them a call for the best price offers.

flit plus flint harvery nichols manchester facial review blogger

I am more and more interested in skin care nowadays, so please let me know if you have any quick tips in a comment below. What is your beauty regime? Share your wisdom! 🙂

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Thin Hair Treatment with Nanogen

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen review

EN I consider myself a lucky girl. I’ve got amazing friends and a beautiful family, I’ve got a cool job , I’ve got a hottie that wants to marry me, I’m happy and healthy. But oh boy, I DO NOT have nice hair! And when you’re born with thin hair, it’s not easy to find the right hair care products.

I have to admit that my hair care is on and off, really. That’s why I am usually after a quick and easy treatment, at a reasonable price. And this is why I decided to try out the  Nanogen Thickener Treatment. I went all in and four of their products and this is my verdict (drum rolls!) :

Thickening Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner – Find the shampoo here and the conditioner here

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen

I’ve always used these two together and my hair was always more shiny than usual, it looked healthier and glowy. However I felt I didn’t get as much volume as I wanted. So a big thumbs up for how my hair felt, but definitely needed some styling to make it more voluminous. Also an extra star for the conditioner which didn’t leave my hair too flat, like most conditioners do – you can see it’s designed for thin hair.

Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray – Find it here

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen review volume and more

This spray does it’s job -it boosts your hair and you immediately have more volume. I like the smell as well and the size is right, so you can put it in your bag and freshen up during the day.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that if you overdo it, it will be too heavy on your hair.  I also don’t feel the need to use my regular hair spray that much when I use this. Which is perfect as the hair spray dries my hair like crazy. And what’s worse than thin hair? Thin damaged hair! I also love to use the Thickening Spray to create beach waves – amazing!

Hair Growth Factor Serum – Find it here

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen review

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen best treatment

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen how to

Now this is the Creme a la Creme – it says it’s got the highest level of growth factors available without consultation. So because of its description, I had high expectations. And baby, they were met! I’ve recently cut 6 inches off my hair and I can definitely see a major difference already.

Overall I liked the products, I felt my hair got a bit healthier and shinier and I feel better just by knowing I am taking care of it properly 🙂 If you want to try out Nanogen, you can find the products at Boots or click on the direct links attached in the post.

Have you tried Nanogen before? Let me know in a comment below !




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Crystal One Day Contact Lenses – Review

best contact lenses for sensitive eyes

About two weeks ago I was given the chance to try out a new brand of contact lenses called Crystal 1 Day. I want to mention that I was already pretty happy with my regular ones, but trying something new is always tempting! So this is my full review on contact lenses – but let me give you the full picture first.

About me

I need to say that I’ve been wearing contacts for many years now. And in spite of all this time, my eyes are still as sensitive as ever before. I get dry eyes easily, I can only wear daily contacts and I wear eye makeup daily. I think it’s important to know all this in order to understand better my review.

About contact lenses in general

You need to know that there are two types of contact lenses: dailies and monthlies. This means that the former ones can be used one day only, while the others can be used for a month, they are kept in those popular tiny boxes while you’re not wearing them.

contact lenses crystal day 1 best daily contact lenses

Why dailies

As they’re built to last one day only, the daily contact lenses are much thinner than the monthly ones. This means they are automatically more comfortable, you can barely feel them! But nothing’s perfect and their biggest disadvantage is mainly the price. I usually buy the Ciba Vision brand and pay £30/month for mine. And that I think it’s quite expensive! But let me tell you something, the Crystal 1 Day are half price! And if you would do a blind test on me (the irony), I would say that the Crystal 1 Day contacts are the most expensive ones I have ever tried. So that’s why I find my discovery revolutionary, and here are some more reasons:

Why Crystal 1 Day contact lenses

Now this is the time when I get to convince you to try them out. I was honestly way too impressed. So impressed with how comfortable I felt that I will only buy this brand from now on. In the evenings I would often look close up in the mirror to make sure I got them out. Or I would look really far away to check if I can see. And that’s because I literally felt like I had nothing on.

My eyes did get dry on two occasions – one was when I spent all day out in the sun without any sunglasses, the other one was when I stayed up for almost 20 hours. Any other day I was alright, with an average wear of 9 hours per day.

I want to mention I usually use drops for dry eyes, but didn’t need any this time.

thin contact lenses

How easy is it to use them

I am not gonna lie – you need a bit of dexterity in order to put contacts on in general. You need to feel comfortable being so close to your eyes, you need to always make sure you have clean hands and nothing in your eyes (dust, mascara etc) when you put them on.

It will be easier to put on the monthly contact lenses because they are thicker. With the dailies you’ll find it a bit more difficult. But don’t worry, it’s way easier than applying false lashes! Now that’s a challenge….


This is for all those people who didn’t read the rest of the article – here is the main idea: the Crystal 1 Day contacts are amazing! They are the most comfortable daily contact lenses I have ever tried. And I have tried many. And daily contacts are in general way more comfortable than the monthly ones. So, by deduction we can say that Crystal 1 Day are the most comfortable contacts I have ever tried. And the cheapest too! I was truly impressed, and I recommend them. You can buy them here.

crystal day 1 review


*The contacts were offered to me by, however I asked to try them out.

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British Rose – The Body Shop Launch Event

british rose palete review and makeup

EN   Last week I was lucky enough to go to the launch of the British Rose collection, by The Body Shop. I had a proper pamper day: using different Body Shop products to cleanse and deep moisturize my face and then having my make up done with the new British Rose palette, by the Body Shop makeup artist. The new collection is designed to make you look fresh and natural this summer. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty, with a bit of rose cheeks and pink lips. Take a look at to see more skincare products that are sure to bring vitality to your skin. The eye makeup was also very light, a bit shimmery – like a cool summer evening. My favourite product from the new collection is probably the palette, but I also loved the hand cream – very moisturizing but light at the same time, if that makes sense. I love the smell too, very fresh and summery like. So go ahead and have a play with the new collection in the stores, you’ll love it!


RO  Saptamana trecuta am participat la lansarea unei noi colectii din gama The Body Shop: British Rose. E o colectie pe baza de trandafir, cu diverse produse pentru ingrijirea pielii, o paleta makeup si rujuri tip stain ce pot fi folosite atat pe buze cat si pe fata, pentru a crea bujori. Imi place tare mult noua colectie pentru ca prezinta ideea de fresh, natural. Produsele de ingrijire promit o curatare si o hidratare pentru un ten mai lucios. Iar cele de makeup vin in culori foarte naturale, ce imit ideea de no make up. Am fost norocoasa sa incerc o sumedenie de produse, mi-au curatat fetele fata, m-au masat, iar apoi makeup artistul mi-a facut un machiaj usor, de vara, asa cum imi place mie. Colectia British Rose a fost creata sa iti accentueze caracteristicile personale, sa iti lumineze usor fata si sa iti ofere protectie tenului – iar eu zic ca au nimerit-o la fix! body shop launch event british rose manchester city centre


british rose body care and makeup

body shop event launch

british rose the body shop palette review and makeup

Photos and Makeup with the help of The Body Shop Team.

♥ Andra

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Spring Beauty Essentials – Farfetch Wishlist

spring beauty essentials farfetch wishlistEN  We all know that spring calls for a whole revamp of our closets. But what we need to know is that our makeup bag needs some updating too. Our skin needs more protection, our makeup can go brighter and our hair needs more care. At the moment my make up bag is full of natural colours, pink shades and the fresh smell of daisy. But my birthday is coming, which means I can splurge on some high quality products that I think are necessary to have this spring. And good news, Farfetch just launched their luxury beauty section with some of my favourites. Let’s check out my top 4 must beauty products for Spring 2016!


RO  Odata cu venirea primaverii, soseste si reorganizarea completa a dulapului. Insa mie-mi place sa-mi reorganizez si produsele pentru ingrijirea personala si makeup. Deocamdata am in gentuta produsele de baza: culori neutre, cu tente de roz, o crema hidratanta si un parfum fresh. Insa imediat se apropie ziua mea asa ca sper sa-mi reimprospatez colectia cu cateva produse de calitate. Am creat o lista cu produse de lux, cu ajutorul website-ului Farfetch. Mai jos gasiti cele mai dorite produse pentru primavara anului 2016. 

Farfetch Beauty Blogger Competition

  1. Hair care: Oribe is one of those brands that I always wanted to try out. The Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume promises to give a body-building boost to fine, flat and flyaway hair.
  2. Foundation update: Our skin will get darker during spring, which makes our old foundation too light. Custom Cover Drops can make our foundation darker and can be mixed with anything liquid: moisturisers, serums, oils, primers, foundations and tinted moisturisers.
  3. Skin care: The Sunday Riley is the holy grail of skin care. I don’t think I’ve read a Vogue magazine without it being mentioned. This retinoid oil promises to reduce pore size, improve appearance of damaged skin and help fight wrinkles.
  4. Self tan: I think this one is self explanatory. We’ll all start showing off our skin more, so a bit of glow will just be the cherry on top. I chose the Terry Tea to Tan because it’s non-transferable which is a must for self tanning products.

spring beauty essentials farfetch wishlist

  1. Ingrijirea parului: Oribe este o firma pentru produse de par pe care am dorit mereu sa o incerc. Samponul acesta promite volum pentru parul fin, tocmai de ce am eu nevoie.
  2. Fondul de ten: Am auzit demult de Cover Drops si am auzit numai lucruri bune despre el: cu doar cateva picaturi iti poti inchide sau deschide la culoare fondul de ten, in functie de cat de tare te-ai bronzat. O idee faina, asa-i?
  3. Ingrijirea pielii: In fiecare luna cand imi cumpar Vogue vad uleiul de la Sunday Riley si de fiecare data mi-l doresc din ce in ce mai mult. Desi e scump, feedbackul e ca se merita!
  4. Autobronzant: De cand stau in Anglia am ajuns palida si cu deficienta in vitamina D. Nu-i de mirare, asa-i? Ma gandesc serios la autobronzantul de la Terry Tea to Tan tocmai pentru ca promite sa nu pateze. Nimeni nu vrea haine semi-maro!

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Yves Rocher Riche Creme Eye – REVIEW

best eye affordable cream review yves rocherEN   Hello and welcome to my most uncomfortable post ever! Let me tell you something, taking close up pictures of yourself without make up on is not the sexiest thing at all. I did add a bit of mascara though. And a tiny bit of eyebrow pencil. But it’s still not enough to boost my confidence. However, I had to do this in order to show you properly how my eyes look because of this cream. 

First of all I want to say that from an early age I was shortsighted. But because it wasn’t severe, I could manage without my glasses. And because I hated wearing glasses, I often didn’t. The result? I started to tighten my eyes every time I had to look far – kind of what you do when the sun is in your eyes. Well, do that every day for a couple of hours and you end up having wrinkles in your twenties. That’s what happened to me. Not nice. At all.

My mum was using Yves Rocher Riche Creme and I instantly noticed a difference. So I wanted to buy one for myself too and let me tell you something – it works! I love it! So that’s why this is not a usual review of mine with pros and cons, just because I can’t find any cons for this product. It is affordable, it works wonders and it lasts forever. I don’t use it on a daily basis and I like to wear it at night just because it has quite a rich consistency. They have just changed their packaging, but you can find the product here. Unfortunately I have no before and after photos, but these ones are extremely close up so you can have an idea of how it does its magic.

yves rocher eye cream pareri

RO   Salut si bine ati venit la cea mai intima sedinta foto de pe blog. Doar oglinda si voi m-ati vazut asa de aproape, insa astazi vreau sa va vorbesc despre crema antirid. De aceea a fost necesar sa ma pozez asa de aproape. In primul rand sa va prezint situatia mea: mioapa inca din liceu, mereu refuzam sa port ochelari. Asta m-a facut sa ma stramb mereu cand ma uitam in departare, cam ca si atunci cand iti intra soarele direct in ochi. Facand miscarea asta constant, m-am trezit cu riduri in jurul ochilor de pe la 20 de ani. Nu am inca tenul perfect, insa vreau sa spun ca dupa ce am incercat crema Riche Creme de la Yves Rocher, ridurile mele au mai trecut. In special in lateralul ochilor, liniile ce se formeaza si atunci cand razi. Din pacate nu am poze inainte – dupa, insa am incercat sa fac cateva poze extrem de clare, tocmai pentru a putea vedea in detaliu cum imi arata pielea in jurul ochilor. Nu am machiaj pe piele, decat rimel si putin fard pe sprancene. 

Nu folosesc crema zi de zi si de obicei o pun inainte de culcare, deoarece are o consistenta mai groasa. Rezultatele au aparut inainte de a termina o cutiuta. Si vreau sa spun ca nu sunt cea mai constiintoasa femeie cand vine vorba de ingriirea tenului. Chiar si-asa, pare sa functioneze. 

Am descoperit o schimbare si la mama, care a inceput sa foloseasca crema asta inaintea mea. Tocmai de aceea am hotarat sa-mi iau si eu. Si cum comenzile mele Yves Rocher sunt la ordinea zilei, ce mai conteaza daca adaug un produs extra? Personal, recomand cu caldura aceasta crema. De fapt, toate cremele din gama asta. De fapt, marca Yves Rocher! Si colaborez cu ei, dar daca ar vrea nu m-as supara. Voi ce produse folositi de la Yves Rocher? Deschidem un fan club? 

Riche Creme Yves Rocher best eye cream ever review


♥ Andra

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L’Oreal – Oily Roots, Dry Ends REVIEW

L'Oreal Clay Review Oily roots dry ends

EN  Today I want to review for your a new shampoo that I discovered: L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary CLAY. I was very interested in trying this one out because it solves kind of a big issue: oily roots and dry ends. It comes with 3 main products: a mask that you put on first on your roots in order to ‘dry them out’. Then you wash your hair with the shampoo. Then you apply the conditioner. I personally bought the mask and shampoo only and decided to go with my own conditioner. Got mine from Boots. And this was my result:

LOreal shampoo review

Overall, I was impressed . I noticed the difference immediately. My hair looks so much better when I wash it with this combo. The only downside is that I still have to wash it as often as I usually do. I hoped my hair will stay fresh for more days, but I still love the concept. So yes, I totally recommend it!

LOreal elvive clay review feedback

RO   Astazi vreau sa va vorbesc despre un nou concept de sampon pe care l-am descoperit recent: L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary CLAY. Ei vin cu ideea abordarii parului cu radacina grasa si varfuri uscate. Am impresia ca tot mai multe femei se lupta cu asta, asa ca am fost foarte curioasa sa-l incerc. Setul de produse contine: o masca, pe care o aplici inainte la radacini pentru 5 minute; un sampon, un balsam. Eu am achizitionat doar masca si samponul, am folosit balsamul meu personal. Iar rezultatul? Il puteti gasi mai jos:

LOreal sampon feedback review pareri opinii

Per total am fost impresionata de noul concept. Parul chiar a aratat mult mai bine dupa ce am folosit cele doua produse. Pacat ca tot trebuie sa-l spal la fel de des, insa tot e mai bun decat orice altceva am incercat. Recomand setul de produse fetelor care au aceeasi problema ca mine: par fin, usor gras, uscat la varfuri. 


♥ Andra

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The Christmas Dinner

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are too many reasons why I love Christmas. And now, while I’m writing this, I look around my room: Dan and I just received an immense package from home full of great home made food, some presents and a nice bottle of wine. Yes, this year it’s just Dan and I for Christmas. That’s why we decided to go to the Christmas dinner organised by his company, to get to enjoy more this time of the year. And because I had some extra time, I decided to make a short movie with my favourite Christmas song on the background. It’s not the most specific movie so if you need some information about what I used or wore, don’t hesitate to ask me! I wish you a great Christmas and write to you soon!


Dupa cum spuneam intr-un articol anterior, sunt prea multe motive pentru care ador Craciunul. Iar acum, in timp ce scriu asta, ma uit prin camera: tocmai am primit un pachet imens de-acasa: prajituri, cozonac, un vin bun, niste carnat (normal!), branzeturi, o sticla de vin rosu!. Diseara vreau sa fac sarmale (pentru prima data), asa ca vom avea un Craciun copios! Pentru ca suntem amandoi aici in Anglia, Dan si cu mine am hotarat sa mergem la cina de Craciun organizata de compania la care el lucreaza. In sfarsit am putut sa port o rochie rosie cu paiete. Voiam o rochie de genul asta de vreo doi ani insa a trebuit sa astept sa fie ceva mai popular, sa-mi pot cumpara una la un pret accesibil. 

Am avut mai mult timp la dispozitie sa ma pregatesc pentru cina, asa ca am filmat. Nu e foarte clar ce produse folosesc, e facut mai mult de dragul de-a crea ceva. Insa daca aveti intrebari, va rog sa-mi scrieti – sunt bucuroasa sa va ajut! Pe fundal e piesa mea preferata de Craciun. Va pup si va doresc un Craciun minunat! 

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imPress Nails

ImPress Review

Hello hello! Today is all about nails: a review about the fake nails ImPress. I got the package as gift when I was at the Berlin Fashion Week (see here my post about that). We got a full bag of goodies, actually, which made me really happy and excited! I am not a fan of fake nails, mainly because when I used them, I ruined my own ones. But now there are so many designs that can be applied easily and they say they do no harm. So I finally decided to try them. It took me 2 minutes, it was extremely easy and fun! And Dan didn’t even notice they were fake! – mission accomplished. Now let me show you how I did it, step by step (through photos).


Azi vreau sa va vorbesc despre niste unghiute false, care se aplica direct pe unghie, cu un lipici pe care-l au ele deja pe interior. Sunt marca ImPress si le-am primit cand am mers la Berlin Fashion Week (click aici pentru postul despre eveniment). De fapt, am primit o sumedenie de lucruri: creme, sapunuri, balsam de buze, reviste de moda – ne-au cam rasfatat! 

Sincer, nu ma dau in vant dupa unghii false. Am incercat de doua ori (cu gel) iar apoi am regretat amarnic, deoarece mi s-au distrus unghiile si le-au trebuit mult timp sa-si revina. Insa m-am gandit ca astea n-or fi asa daunatoare si m-am hotarat sa le incerc. A fost foarte simplu sa le aplic si in total mi-au luat cam doua minute. Pozele arata pasii mei, rand pe rand. 

ImPress review ImPress Review Impress reviewImPress review ImPress review ImPress Review ImPress review

ImPress NailsAs you can see, my nails were nice and healthy afterwards. I honestly am very impressed by these ImPress Nails! So next time I’m going to a party or event and I need a quick and cool manicure, I’ll opt for these! They lasted me about a week and I was the one who took them off, because I got bored. But I believe they could have lasted more. And this, while cleaning the house and washing the dishes on a daily basis.


Dupa o saptamana m-am plictisit de model si-am hotarat sa-mi dau jos unghiile. Spre surprinderea mea, unghiile mele au aratat foarte bine, ca si cum n-as fi avut nimic lipit pe ele timp de 7 zile. ImPress nails m-au impresionat! Mi se par o idee foarte buna atunci cand suntem pe fuga si vrem sa ne aranjam pentru un anumit eveniment. Am incercat sa vad unde ar putea fi cumparate in Romania, insa online nu am gasit. Va sugerez sa cautati in Sephora, Douglas sau pe Ebay/Amazon eventual. 

Autumn Nail Polishnails polishesWhat colours do you choose to wear this Autumn?

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