I’m Ready for the New Chapter

Tomorrow is the 1st of March, a day that’s pretty big on my calendar. It’s our one year anniversary since we got the keys to our first home, it’s also the month I’ll be turning 29, which means my last year under 30’s (no pressure, Andra, no pressure..)
And it’s also the beginning of Spring!
I love that it’s light outside when I wake up, I love driving to work with my sunglasses on, singing out loud. I love that our neighbourhood is full of flowers, neighbours outside with their dogs and my kittens laying in the sun like two mini lions. I just love this feeling, of all sunny and bright, kind of like a new chapter. And I love that I’m almost 30 and I’m totally rocking these cat shoes!
I’m suddenly feeling very refreshed, happy and positive. I know I usually am like that to begin with, but now it’s like the next level! Having 3 coffees a day might have to do something with this too. I have a lot to achieve in these 12 months.. after all, like Monica says in FriendsCompetition with myself is my favourite kind of competition! 
So yes, bring it on Year of 29, I’m ready for ya! Cheers to a (hopefully) very proud 30 year old Andra. 
Top – Ralph Lauren (old, similar here)  | Skirt – & Other Stories (old, similar here or here ) | Shoes – Charlotte Olympia (all colours here )  | Scarf/Bandana – H&M (old, similar here )
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It’s All Relative

Today I want to talk about family. Here I am, wearing my mother’s 30 year old dress,and the boots my husband gave me as a Christmas present, photos taken by my father, featuring the new family member: my parent”s dog Bruno. Today I want to talk about how much I resemble my family and how much I don’t. I am the girl that has her mother’s features but her dad’s colours. A perfect blend of personalities of both of her parents. And yet, a very different personality from her brother. I’m also the girl with a set of values my family embedded in me both by example and education.

But I’m also the girl who left home 11 years ago and shortly after built her own life in a different country, that has a set of friends that couldn’t be more culturally diverse. A girl that speaks English with her Romanian husband. A tourist that when people ask me where I’m coming from I don’t know whether to say UK or Romania. A Romanian that when I go back to my home country I can’t find my place and I’m not sure how the system works.

I am not the only one, there’s more and more people like me. People who choose to build a life far from their traditional family. Far from that feeling you get when you know someone is always there for you, far from your mother’s cooking and the feeling of belonging. It wasn’t easy but now I can finally say I’ve found my peace, a type of peace that comes with guilt. The more comfortable I become in a different country, the less chances I’ll be there for my parents’ birthdays, doctor appointments, Christmas and so on. I’ve got the perfect family, too bad it’s split between two countries.

P.S. If you are a Friends fan, you know where the title comes from. It’s Dan’s favourite episode, when Chandler & Joe compete with Rachel & Monica on the apartment. It’s All Relative are the set questions about family.

Dress & Belt – Vintage | Boots – Louis Vuitton

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