Weekends were made for…

ChesterI’m showing today what I wore in the weekend, while visiting Chester – a city quite close to Manchester. We have been there before, but we wanted to go back, as we really enjoyed it the last time. So at 9 in the morning, Dan and I were running to the train station. Yes, we were literally running, as we were late! We jumped right in at the last minute, chose some comfortable seats and enjoyed our lattes we bought from Starbucks on our way. We tried to make a plan for our day: ‘What should we visit? What should we do first?’ The answer was perfect: ‘Whatever we want to do. This day is ours!’. And this was our recipe for a perfect day: no stress, no plans, sunny weather, some velvet cake at one time and the lovely surroundings.


E duminica, ora 9 – o dimineata insorita si linistita, ca de obicei. Manchesterul prinde viata abia pe la 11-12. Duminica dimineata de obicei e liniste, cativa oameni au iesit pe strazi si-si savureaza cafeaua pe o terasa. Altii s-au pus pe-o banca si citesc un ziar. E liniste si nici trafic nu e. Si dup-un colt apar doi indragostiti grabiti, cu-o cafea in mana si cu apartul foto la gat. Fug printre oameni, se tin de cafea sa nu o verse si se tot uita la ceas din cand in cand. Andra: ‘Intarziem!’ Dan : ‘Avem tiiimp!’ (pe un ton mult prea relaxat!). Si continuam sa fugim pana ajungem in tren, ne-alegem locurile cele mai bune si ne-asezam usurati: ‘Gata! Mergem in exucrise!’ Chester, the old city Windy dress I chose to wear an extremely comfortable dress from Asos and combined it with a regular pair of shoes – good for walking. We walked for hours so I wanted to be sure I’ll be fine. On top I wore a cardigan made by my grandmother, to keep me warm. And to feel more special, I wore a beautiful statement necklace bought from New Look.


Si pentru ca stiam ca va fi o zi frumoasa, am hotarat sa port o rochie de la Asos. Incaltamintea – nu prea eleganta, insa extrem de comoda pentru ca stiam ca urmeaza sa ne plimbam mult. Iar jerseul e de pe vremea cand mama era de varsta mea, facut in casa. Piesa de rezistenta a fost colierul de la New Look. Red Dress in ChesterStatement Necklace Red dress in Chester Beautiful Chester Chester Animals Chester Holiday ❤ Andra

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  1. Îmi place aerul relaxat al combinaţiei pe care o porţi. Toate piesele îmi plac la nebunie, iar gentuţa e adorabilă.
    Fotografiile sunt foarte frumoase!

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