It’s All Relative

Today I want to talk about family. Here I am, wearing my mother’s 30 year old dress,and the boots my husband gave me as a Christmas present, photos taken by my father, featuring the new family member: my parent”s dog Bruno. Today I want to talk about how much I resemble my family and how much I don’t. I am the girl that has her mother’s features but her dad’s colours. A perfect blend of personalities of both of her parents. And yet, a very different personality from her brother. I’m also the girl with a set of values my family embedded in me both by example and education.

But I’m also the girl who left home 11 years ago and shortly after built her own life in a different country, that has a set of friends that couldn’t be more culturally diverse. A girl that speaks English with her Romanian husband. A tourist that when people ask me where I’m coming from I don’t know whether to say UK or Romania. A Romanian that when I go back to my home country I can’t find my place and I’m not sure how the system works.

I am not the only one, there’s more and more people like me. People who choose to build a life far from their traditional family. Far from that feeling you get when you know someone is always there for you, far from your mother’s cooking and the feeling of belonging. It wasn’t easy but now I can finally say I’ve found my peace, a type of peace that comes with guilt. The more comfortable I become in a different country, the less chances I’ll be there for my parents’ birthdays, doctor appointments, Christmas and so on. I’ve got the perfect family, too bad it’s split between two countries.

P.S. If you are a Friends fan, you know where the title comes from. It’s Dan’s favourite episode, when Chandler & Joe compete with Rachel & Monica on the apartment. It’s All Relative are the set questions about family.

Dress & Belt – Vintage | Boots – Louis Vuitton

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I wish I could turn back time

thrifted outfit vintage time ootd

Today I feel like I wanna go back in time a bit, so why not synchronise my thoughts with wearing a thrifted outfit? What can I say, that’s how I roll! But seriously now. I wish I could turn back time to those lazy mornings and instead of snoozing my alarm, to actually get my arse in the gym. I’ve been feeling really unfit in the last couple of months. Kind of like, you know when you run out of breath by chasing the last tram? Or by stretching a muscle after running for 10 mins. I started feeling like this and thought to myself this is getting way out of hand so I need to start working out properly. Well, I’ve been postponing it ever since this bright idea came to mind and now I really regret it. And I’ma tell you why: I am sick. I have been sick. And I am getting sick of being sick. It’s literally my autoimmune system shouting: “Andra, come on now, do something!”

And I get it.. but you see, I start feeling bad, then I get better, I go to the gym, then I get sick. And it’s a vicious circle. The fact that it’s still cold and rainy doesn’t help either. But I got it now, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll start being more active once this flu goes away. I’ll let you now how I get on in a month! Until then, learn from my mistakes and remember to stay active, go have some walks/runs or anything that keeps you moving – it’s the best medicine for your body.

striped vintage jumpsuit outfit

I found this striped jumpsuit in a kilo sale, very fancy I know. I love sales like these, but I have to say it’s been quite disappointing lately. The prices seem to go higher, but the items are less interesting, more and more damaged..and it’s just harder to find a bargain. I liked this one though, I even re-negotiated the price. Got home very proud of myself and realised it has a whole in the leg. You see what happens when you’re out of shape? Even my fashion skills seem to fail me nowadays. But it’s all cool, I was able to fix the problem and I’m quite happy with the result.

What thrift stores do you guys go to around Manchester? Let me know, I’d love to try out new places!

striped jumpsuit

kilosale find

c&a thrifted outfit

Jumpsuit – C&A thrifted | Boots – All Shoes Romania

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My Love for Vintage

botanical garden and a vintage outfit

EN  Since I was a little girl, I was extremely interested in what clothes I could find in my grandma and mum’s closet. The older, the better! I always loved the idea of having a piece of clothing that has a bit of history. I also love the idea of having something unique. And most importantly, I love how the vintage clothes are more feminine, which is totally my style.

I used to go to thrift shops all the time back home in Romania. But here in Manchester it seems that more girls share my passion, so it’s quite hard to find a proper thrift store. They’re all quite commercial and too expensive for my liking. And that’s why I usually go to fairs 🙂 Today you see me in one of my favourite and most comfortable outfits for this summer: top from a kilo sale, skirt and bag from a thrift store in Romania, belt from my mum since she was my age, the scarf and sandals from Primark. I feel excellent in this outfit and I hope to inspire you to go and dig out your closet, wear some old clothes for the sake of great memories and to be more environmentally friendly!


RO   De mica mi-a placut sa cotrobai prin dulapurile bunicilor. Era o distractie maxima cand mergeam la tara si mai gaseam ceva prin pod. Cu cat erau hainele mai vechi, cu atat ma fascinau mai mult. Iar mama de obicei imi povestea cum a ajuns sa cumpere materialul si cum i-a venit ideea, cateodata avea si poze si era absolut minunat! Cu timpul mi-am format obiceiul sa ma duc prin magazine second-hand si aveam cateva locatii cheie. 

Insa ajunsa la Manchester mi-am dat seama ca aici treaba e mai populara si majoritatea magazinelor sunt cu haine mai alese si (muult) mai scumpe. Asa ca mi-e mai greu sa gasesc comori ascunse, dar pasiunea a ramas. In zile ploioase pot sa ma pierd cu orele printre magazine. Imi plac enorm hainele vintage, sa stiu ca au povestea lor, sa stiu ca sunt unice si, cel mai important, imi place ca majoritatea sunt foarte feminine – un stil vestimentar care ma caracterizeaza si ma avantajeaza. 

Tinuta de astazi e in principal compusa din haine vintage, sau mai direct spus, second-hand! Bluza e de la un eveniment kilo sale din Manchester, fusta si geanta sunt din Baia Mare, cureaua a fost a mamei de cand era de varsta mea, iar fularul si sandalele sunt noi, de la Primark. E una din tinutele in care ma simt excelent si sper sa va inspir si pe voi sa cotrobaiti prin dulapuri si sa mai purtati din hainele vechi, de dragul amintirilor si de dragul de-a fi mai eco friendly! 🙂

vintage outfit in the botanical garden

botanical garden and a vintage look

botanical garden

botanical garden

vintage look in the botanical garden

vintage outfit in the botanical garden

Photos taken at the Botanical Garden in Montreal, Canada


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Oldie but Goldie

ted baker santorini summer love story EN    I bought this dress a while ago and I wore it a couple of times already. However, I just can’t get enough of it. I keep finding the perfect moment to wear it – or maybe the dress is perfect for any moment…I don’t know. Last time I wore it when watching the sunset with Dan, in Santorini. On our way we found a local church, with the gates open – so we decided to pop in and take some photos. I already know that I’ll be keeping this dress in my closet for my daughter to wear one day. And yes, I’ve got some more items on the list starting with a top that my grand grandmother made. Now I just need to have a daughter and I’m all sorted! Do you girls do the same, or is it just me?


RO    Am cumparat rochia asta acu’ mult timp pentru o ocazie speciala. Insa in final am ajuns sa o port foarte des. Am avut parte de multe evenimente perfecte pentru rochia asta – sau poate rochia e perfecta pentru orice eveniment. Ultima data am purtat rochia in Santorini, la o plimbare pentru a vedea apusul. Pe drum am dat de o biserica ce intamplator avea portile deschise, asa ca am hotarat sa facem cateva poze. Si am hotarat deja ca rochia asta merge la colectie – colectia de haine pe care le pastrez pentru viitoarea fiica. Am inceput colectia cand am gasit o bluza facuta de strabunica mea. Atunci am realizat ce valoare pot avea unele haine si am hotarat sa pastrez si eu cateva. Oare sunt singura, voi ati pastrat ceva de ani de zile?

santorini ted baker dress couple summersantorini ted baker dress couple summerted baker santorini summer love story ted baker santorini summer love story ted baker santorini summer love story

Dress – Ted Baker

Dan wore: Shirt – Tommy Hilfiger; Trousers – zara; Shoes – Primark; Hat – Local shop in Ibiza

♥ Andra

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Retro Vibes

polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro styleAfter a very long wait I decided to invest in a new pair of glasses. After constantly wearing contact lenses I felt that my eyes needed a bit of rest. If you have this problem yourself, you know what I mean! I have waited so long to change my glasses because I simply couldn’t find anything that I liked. But recently I tried on a pair of black frames that seemed just right. Because they are a bit vintage style, I had to make their debut on the blog in a retro inspired look. I purchased the dress in a small boutique at the Romanian seaside. However, I’ve noticed afterwards that the dress is actually ASOS. I love how comfortable the dress is, unlike the Zara shoes!


De mult timp aveam in plan sa-mi schimb ochelarii. Am ajuns sa port lentilele de contact mult prea des si deja simteam ca am nevoie de o pauza. Dar sa gasesti o pereche de ochelari care sa-ti placa nu e usor. Dar in loc sa-mi plang de mila ca-s mioapa am intors totul in favoarea mea si-am inceput sa-mi caut ceva mai deosebit, mai aparte. Asa am dat de o pereche de ochelari mai mari, eleganti, cu rama neagra. Iar ca sa le fac intrarea pe blog am ales sa-i port cu o rochie mai vintage. Rochita am gasit-o cand eram la plaja in Mamaia. Era tarziu, dupa o zi de plaja, cand ne-am plimbat pe langa micile magazine de pe malul marii. Asa am dat de un magazin micut cu multe rochii mai deosebite. Toate rochitele aveau eticheta taiata, dar nu si cea de intretinere (de pe lateral). Asa am stiut ca-mi iau o rochita creata de fapt pentru ASOS. In Romania se cos mii de haine pentru foarte multe magazine: H&M, Topsop, Asos, Zara, River Island etc. Asa ca nu ma mir ca cineva a mai strecurat cateva in magazinele locale. Acelasi lucru se intampla si cu site-urile online din China. Tot haine create de fapt pentru marile companii am gasit la diverse targuri de haine, la pret redus la jumatate (desigur). Asa ca data viitoare fiti cu ochii-n patru, poate gasiti ceva deosebit!

versace eyewear reading glasses

polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style zara heels versace glasses polka dot black and white asos dress vintage retro style zara heels versace glasses

Dress – Asos

Heels – Zara

Bag – Vintage

Glasses – Versace

Watch – Casio


❤  Andra

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Rose blouse

NatureI was so inspired today to go out for a walk and a coffee with Dan! I say this because I’m looking outside now and it’s raining and it’s ugly. This weather is so unpredictable, like me when going shopping! Yep, every time I search for something, I never find it. Every time I just look around (and, obviously, I’m broke), I see the prettiest things. But I guess it’s a girl’s thing. My friends tell me I’m not the only one! But I think the e-commerce is quite helpful in this case 🙂

Tare inspirati am fost (Dan si cu mine) sa mergem azi dimineata la o plimbare si o cafeluta buna pe-afara, la soare. Nu de alta, dar ma uit acum afara si ploua, e urat, e frig, brr! Vremea asta-i asa ca mine cand merg la shopping! Si-i haios ca de fiecare daca cand caut ceva anume, nu gasesc. Si cand ma plimb hai-hui (si fara bani, normal), vad cele mai dragute lucruri! Cred ca valabil la multe dintre voi, cel putin asa-mi spun prietenele mele. O solutie buna pentru asta e online shopping-ul 🙂 

Pink topPink rose Andra DoroltiI got this vintage Valentino bag in a tiny shop in Romania (my hometown). It looks quite old though, but I like it. 🙂

Am luat geanta asta Valentino dintr-un magazin SH din Baia Mare. Se vede pe ea ca-i uzata, dar mie-mi place, e mai…autentica asa 🙂

Valentino Vintage


EBay Top / H&M Trousers / Primark Boots  /  Bulova Watch  /  Claire’s Earrings  / Random Sunglasses  /  Valentino – vintage BagPink Andra DoroltiBlog Andra Dorolti on Facebook

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Vintage midi skirt

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been wearing brown a lot. And all these Vintage Fairs that are quite popular in the UK just make me wanna wear more brown. This time, I’m actually wearing a vintage skirt from Romania. I bought it, but I’ll find similar skirts in my mom’s closet. Which gives me another idea – to show you some of my mom’s clothes, that I now wear. I love them, she was a true fashionista, I may say! But for now, I’ll show you this beautiful brown skirt, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Nu stiu de ce, dar in ultima vreme am purtat haine maro foarte des. Si mergand mereu la targuri vintage (cam renumite pe-aici), vad multe haine maro care-mi fac cu ochiul. De data asta, am purtat o fusta vintage din Romania cumparata; un model pe care-l gasesc in diferite culori la mama-n dulap. Ceea ce ma duce la o noua idee: sa va arat si voua ce port, decand mama avea varsta mea. Sunt absolut minunate.. Dar deocamdata va arat fusta asta care mie-mi place mult, sper sa va placa si voua! 

vintage brown skirt

vintage skirt graffiti

Vinatge midi skirt Grafitti midi skirt

 Vintage skirt / H&M top / Mango belt / Primark boots

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