Autumn at home

I am one of the few people that don’t actually have a favourite season. I think they all are very unique in their own way. I was brought up in a country with four proper seasons so I get why many people in England don’t really understand where I’m coming from. I always say this: go for a trip to a country that has the actual season and you’ll see what I mean. Switzerland in winter is just too dreamy. And Austria in the country side during Autumn is still one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. I won’t give you examples for summer, summer is pretty good everywhere really. Oh, except England 😂 The thing is, sometimes weather lets us down, so here are some ways to make you feel more cozy and relaxed and really bring the autumn season to your home.

a good movie and an even better book

There’s something so romantic about getting cozy under a blanket while it’s pouring with rain outside. And you’re there, fully emerged into the story of the book, no mobile phones or social media to distract you. I have recently managed to organise our office room and unpacked our book collection that was hiding in boxes for a while now. I remembered again how amazing it is to just sit down and read a book, with nothing else on your mind. I realised this hasn’t happened in months, I was always rushing around and forgot to just take a break. I have preordered 3 new books that will launch in November and I am very excited to give them a go. One of them is by Michelle Obama, called Becoming – I cannot wait to read it. I love Michelle so much, she’s the ultimate female goal – she’s beautiful, she’s very intelligent, hilarious and extremely hard working. Her character is so strong and unique, I wish she was my BFF. You never know, maybe one day!

fall inspired hot drinks

You’ll have to admit that pumpkin hot drinks are a must for autumn and autumn only. It’s the best season and only season when you can really indulge in pumpkin flavoured hot chocolates and teas. I for one like to avoid sugar at any costs so instead opt for flavoured natural teas – my favourite one at the moment is the Nut&Spice package shown above. The best thing about these teas is that they’re all plant based, all natural, they smell like autumn in a cup and they’re actually good for you. I buy mine from Adagio, they have the best variety and it’s all proper loose tea. If you’re a tee fanatic like me, then you should give these a go.

beauty rituals

I find myself having more baths than usual, and remember me mentioning reading? Well reading while having a bath is just maximum relaxation level achieved. It can not get any better than this, I’m telling you. When it comes to Autumn, the biggest change in my beauty regime is the face cream. My skin gets more dry than usual so I like to give it a boost with the Estee Lauder – Advanced Repair Ampoules. It’s extremely concentrated, you only need one tiny ampoule per day for a full face of hydrated skin. It doesn’t have oils in it so it’s good for those with mixed/oily skin like me. It’s the most expensive beauty product I’ve ever purchased, but I for one swear by it.

candles and home decor

The other day I ended up picking a bunch of dried leaves to put around the house. It’s the best way to bring some autumn into your home: they’re free, they don’t get dirty and it’s very easy to throw them once you’re ready to move on (onto the Christmas decor!). I also stack on smelly candles and I always get mine from Homesense or TK Maxx. They have the best brands when it comes to natural and strong smells. Most of these are created with natural oils which makes them a bit more pricey, but you’re really paying for the quality. My favourite brand at the moment is DW Candles, they last a long time and smell incredible. My whole house smells like I’ve been baking all day and that’s thanks to the Vanilla Pumpkin Latte candle I’ve got going on.

I have also been playing around with autumn inspired outfits which I show mainly on my Instagram account, so make sure to follow me there. I’d also like to keep my promise and keep up with the Youtube videos, it’s a bit tricky at the moment with this thing called life, but I like to keep my promises so there are some videos in the making! 😊

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How to Bring Autumn (Fall) in your Home

autumn fall home decor

EN  I probably said this before, but I don’t have a favourite season. I love all seasons, I grew up lucky enough to live in a country with four proper seasons. So my favourite time of the year is the beginning of every season. I love change, it gives me the opportunity to change my home decor, to come up with creative ideas for cooking, to change my wardrobe, to get excited over everything basically. So I thought I’ll share with you some easy ideas to make your home more cozy and in line with the autumn season.


RO  Mereu mi-a fost prea greu sa aleg un anotimp preferat, insa recent am ajuns la o concluzie: nu am unul. Pentru mine perioada preferata e inceputul fiecarui anotimp. Fiecare anotimp are ceva aparte si cred ca asta-mi lipeste cel mai mult in Anglia – varietatea. Imi place in special aceasta perioada pentru ca e o schimbare – o ocazie sa-ti schimbi garderoba, sa vii cu noi idei de gatit, sa-ti redecorezi prin casa… e o ocazie sa experimentezi, iar asta ma tenteaza cel mai mult. Asa ca pentru ziua de astazi am vrut sa va impartasesc cateva idei simple de a va redecora casa in ton cu toamna.


1. Take out your pillows and blankets – the more, the better!

1. Scoate afara paturile si pernele – cu cat mai multe, cu-atat mai bine!

autumn fall home decor2. Put some books on your bedside table – autumn is about spending time indoors, reading more. And if you see the books more often, it will inspire you more to grab one and read it.

2. Ia cateva carti din biblioteca si pune-le pe noptiera, pe post de decor. Toamna ne petrecem mai mult timp in casa la caldura, iar daca ai cartile in preajma ta, te inspira sa iei una s-o citesti.  
autumn fall home decor book paris eiffel 3. Candles, of course. I like to use smelly ones as well, I always go with the AirWick ones, with a vanilla scent. If you want to see how I did the white bottles, click here, it’s an old DIY project of mine. 

3. Lumanari, desigur. Imi place sa le combin si cu lumanari parfumate, de obicei le cumpar pe cele de la AirWick, cu aroma de vanilie. Daca vreti sa vedeti cu am facut sticlele albe, click aici , e un proiect mai vechi de-al meu. autumn fall decor candles diy

4. Store your leaf tea in jars, just use old jars and paper tissue for a minimal cost.

4. Pastreaza ceaiul in borcane. Ai nevoie de cateva borcane vechi si niste servetele si nu te costa mai nimic. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Bake more using apples and cinnamon, your whole house will smell amazing! I also like to open oranges and use walnuts for decor. 

5. Alege sa coci deserturi cu mere si scortisoara, iar casa ta va mirosi de vis! Poti sa folosesti ca decor la servirea mesei un pumn de nuci, sau intr-un borcan pus in geam. autumn fall baking apples healthy porridgeautumn fall food

Happy Autumn! 

♥ Andra

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