We’re all in this together

It’s funny how things work.. Last month I had a flicker of creativity, wrote an article quickly and before I knew it, I pressed publish. And there it was. Out for the world to see my weakness. Me, a typical Aries – stubborn, ambitious and with too much personality. So for me to say I couldn’t handle it, was not easy at all.

I was overwhelmed with the messages and the amount of people that contacted me afterwards. First, everyone wanted to know if I’m ok, how I feel and if they could help. It made me feel incredible to see that many people that care.

Secondly, I felt like I started my version of a #metoo campaign. So many of you told me how you’ve been struggling, how you couldn’t do it anymore. And that, basically, we all deal with issues and it’s not as easy breezy – and that it’s harder and harder to find the best opportunity to talk about these things. How do you start a conversation about “I can’t do this anymore?”. In my case, this is how I started the conversation and I ended up talking with many beautiful friends that all had challenges much bigger than mine.

It gave me peace to share this with others and it gave you peace to share your problems with me.

We’re all in this together.

I’m wearing: dress from Shein and the bag belongs to Dan’s grandma. She used it when she was my age, to take food to workers on the fields. It’s older than me and yet, the trendiest accessory for this summer.

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Travel look: the chic playsuit

playsuit Miss Selfridge Holiday ParisI have started to make a list of what I’m going to wear in Paris. It’s still incomplete, but the concept is simple: comfortable and chic at the same time. Because we had a great Sunday today, I wanted to wear the playsuit I recently bought from Miss Selfridge. And yes, I’ll take it with me on holiday, it’s so comfortable! But the main thing that I wanted to have with me was the backpack. I was looking for one for a while. When I travel I have to have in my bag a bottle of water, napkins, a snack, my camera, my passport, a map.. too many things for a bag! This way, I don’t care how heavy it is, at least it’s easier to carry (and pretty too!). I wanted something simple and white so it goes with anything. And I found the perfect one at New Look. Now I just need to start packing and get ready. I can’t wait!


Incet, incet am inceput sa-mi fac lista pentru Paris. Mi-e greu sa ma hotarasc dar stiu sigur ca vreau ceva cat mai comod dar chic in acelasi timp. Azi am avut o duminica insorita, asa ca am putut sa ma imbrac mai subtire si-am ales noul playsuit cumparat de la Miss Selfridge. E o firma din UK foarte faina, din punctul meu de vedere. Am ales sa iau cu mine playsuitul si in vacanta; eu zic ca e la fix! Si tot pentru vacanta am cautat de mult timp un rucsac. Nu stiu voi, dar eu cand vizitez un oras trebuie sa am la mine o sticla de apa, aparatul foto, o harta, niste servetele umede, ceva ciocolata sau un sandwich … si toate astea sunt prea multe de carat intr-o geanta. Asa ca am vrut un rucsacel mai elegant, cat mai simplu, alb, care sa mearga la fix cu toate tinutele pe care le voi purta. Am gasit unul perfect la New Look. Acum ramane doar sa-mi fac lista de bagaje si sa incep sa impachetez… abia asteeept! playsuit Miss Selfridge Holiday Paris

playsuit Miss Selfridge Holiday Paris playsuit Miss Selfridge Holiday Parisplaysuit Miss Selfridge Holiday Parisplaysuit Miss Selfridge Holiday Parisplaysuit Miss Selfridge Holiday Paris

Playsuit – Miss Selfridge

Backpack – New Look

Cardigan – Made by grandmother (or grand grandmother)

Shoes, Sunglasses – Primark

Necklace – Persunmall


♥ Andra

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