It’s All Relative

Today I want to talk about family. Here I am, wearing my mother’s 30 year old dress,and the boots my husband gave me as a Christmas present, photos taken by my father, featuring the new family member: my parent”s dog Bruno. Today I want to talk about how much I resemble my family and how much I don’t. I am the girl that has her mother’s features but her dad’s colours. A perfect blend of personalities of both of her parents. And yet, a very different personality from her brother. I’m also the girl with a set of values my family embedded in me both by example and education.

But I’m also the girl who left home 11 years ago and shortly after built her own life in a different country, that has a set of friends that couldn’t be more culturally diverse. A girl that speaks English with her Romanian husband. A tourist that when people ask me where I’m coming from I don’t know whether to say UK or Romania. A Romanian that when I go back to my home country I can’t find my place and I’m not sure how the system works.

I am not the only one, there’s more and more people like me. People who choose to build a life far from their traditional family. Far from that feeling you get when you know someone is always there for you, far from your mother’s cooking and the feeling of belonging. It wasn’t easy but now I can finally say I’ve found my peace, a type of peace that comes with guilt. The more comfortable I become in a different country, the less chances I’ll be there for my parents’ birthdays, doctor appointments, Christmas and so on. I’ve got the perfect family, too bad it’s split between two countries.

P.S. If you are a Friends fan, you know where the title comes from. It’s Dan’s favourite episode, when Chandler & Joe compete with Rachel & Monica on the apartment. It’s All Relative are the set questions about family.

Dress & Belt – Vintage | Boots – Louis Vuitton

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Birthday Girl

flower dress spring country side

I was born on the 22nd of March 1990. So this weekend we celebrated my birthday. I woke up Saturday morning feeling fresh and ready to take advantage of every single minute of my special day. I like to think that every day is special. However, on my birthday I’m just happier because I get to talk with old friends, my family and Dan spoil me (of course) and I get to have unlimited cake. Which I do. I am actually eating some right now, while writing. The photos were taken on Saturday morning, while on a small trip.

I usually get a bit melancholic during this time. I like to think of important people in my life, of important decisions I need to make and of what has changed since my last birthday. There are many things that crossed my mind, but one thing I wanted to mention: the progress of my blog. Thanks to you, my blog has grown a lot in the last year. I don’t like to emphasise on this, as my purpose is to express myself and not have tons of followers. However, I am happy each time I see that more people are reading, commenting or just writing to me. This is my personal project, my online diary and I am happy to see that I can inspire someone else, no matter how little. I want to thank you for reading me and I hope to surprise you with better posts and better photos in the future.




M-am nascut pe data de 22 Martie 1990. Asa ca weekendul trecut am sarbatorit minunata varsta de 24 ani. M-am trezit sambata plina de energie si dornica sa profit de fiecare minutel din ziua asta speciala. Sunt pe principiul ca fiecare zi e speciala, insa ziua de nastere e deosebita. E o ocazie perfecta pentru a vorbi cu vechi prieteni, familia si Dan ma rasfata si am un motiv serios sa mananc tort. Cat incape. Chiar si-acum in timp ce scriu savurez o bucata. Nu de alta, da’ sa nu se strice! Pozele sunt facute chiar sambata, pe un ger si-un vant puternic. Insa dupa cum puteti vedea, eu m-am distrat! 

In perioada asta ma apuca usor melancolia pentru ca incep sa ma gandesc la oamenii importanti din viata mea, la deciziile importante pe care trebuie sa le iau si la ce s-a schimbat de la ultima aniversare. Printre lucrurile la care ma gandesc se afla si blogul. Pentru mine blogul e in primul rand un jurnal, o metoda de-a ma exprima. Insa faptul ca tot mai multe persoane imi citesc blogul ma bucura enorm. Nu am mai vorbit deschis despre asta, insa de anul trecut tot mai multi ma cititi, imi scrieti aici sau pe mail si ma bucura enorm! E o satisfactie sa vad ca facand ceea ce-mi place poate fi de folos altora. Asa ca vreau sa va multumesc tuturor si promit sa va surprind in continuare. 

Cu drag,



flower dress spring country side flower dress spring country side flower dress spring country side flower dress spring country side flower dress spring country side flower dress spring country side cake shop old tea roomscones cream teacake flower dress spring country side

❤ Andra

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Birthday Girl!

Birthday GirlOne day, so many memories and beautiful feelings! Dan planned everything, and boy was he inspired! From the minute I woke up I was spoiled with a huge breakfast feast. Then, the customized chocolate from my friends and sweet messages from everyone on Facebook got me in a really good mood. My family, oh, my dear family! Thank you all for doing this day special and all you wish for me, I wish for you as well!

O zi, o multime de amintiri si sentimente! Dan a planuit totul si tre’ sa recunosc ca i-a iesit foarte bine! Din momentul in care m-am trezit am fost rasfatata, cu un mic dejun copios! Apoi, ciocolata personalizata de la prietenele mele si mesajele dragute din partea celor de pe Facebook m-au binedispus. Iar apoi, familia mea frumoasa, de care mi-e dor! Multumesc tuturor pentru ca mi-ati facut ziua mai speciala si va doresc si eu, tot ce mi-ati urat voi mie! 

breakfast in bed

customized chocolate

chocolate cake

Facebook friends

Happy Birthday from Google


“La ora 13:30 în urmă cu 23 de ani a venit barza şi a adus pe lume …într-un mic spital din Gherla..cea mai minunată fetiţă din lume, cea mai frumuşică, cea mai cuminte  fetiţă…şi am vrut să-i pun numele Iulia….dar …e Andra. O mică sărmăluţă sînul găsit tăticul şi frăţiorul cînd au apărut, în sfărşit, la patul unei mămici obosite, dar  fericite…” – mail de la mama, 22 Martie 2013

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