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I’m sorry to admit this, but lately I have been very lazy. No more gym, but defo more food… which turned into a very boring fashion sense in the last couple of months. I would find myself picking every morning basically the same outfit: jeans and a very much oversized jumper. But it’s a new year now, my lazy days are gone and I wanna spice it up a little bit. I wanna start putting more effort into what I’m wearing to work. Because when we look good, we feel good, right? 🙂

Looking for some inspo, I found this website called StyleWe, which is absolutely amazing for picking up unique pieces. They say they offer a wide range of items from various designers, hence the variety and uniqueness of items. After spending too much time on their website, I realised I need to share this with you. So I made a selection with my favourite pieces, but check out their website, as they do have loads more!

January Style Ideas StyleWe

Imagine these trousers for the Spring time.. oh yess! It’s just a different approach to the classic black trousers (which I am not a fan of). I also see these matching with everything really.. they’re just too cool and I need a pair in my life wardrobe.Must have office look Stylewe

As I know that many of you are planning your holiday at the moment, I wanted to give you a shout! This website has it all, go and check out their swimwear and high waisted bikini bottoms for great outfit ideas for your hols! And since we’re going on about this vintage inspired vibe, they even have a section with 2017 fashion Hairstyles at StyleWe blog. I said it once, I’ma say it twice – they’ve got it all! affordable designer outfits january 2017

For details on the outfits, prices and more fashion beauties, feel free to check out their website here – StyleWe

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