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EN   7 days ago I started a special diet: the Meal Replacement Forza ShakeItSlim Shakes. This starter pack comes with: one cool bottle, 14 protein shake bags. It’s supposed to help with weight loss, by replacing 2 meals per day. The same week I had my Birthday and the Easter Sunday. So of course I did not lose any weight, but they did help me eat less and not gain any weight with all the eating out and cakes and drinks I had. Here is my feedback:

The package is so practical, I love it. The fact that each portion comes in a separate bag is awesome. You can enjoy your shake anywhere, shove it in your handbag and you’re done! Also the bottle is really cool – it has a ball which makes the shake easier to dissolve, so you don’t get those bumps when you drink.

The flavours – is cool that they send you 3 different flavours. Trust me, you need it! If you drink that many shakes you want a bit of variety. My favourite one was the Vanilla one.

The taste was too sweet for me. I love sweet things but imagine having this twice a day- it can get a bit too sweet. That’s why sometimes I only had one shake. But I love that it instantly takes away the sweet cravings. And it has no sugar in it. So for me it was rather: replacing a desert with a shake than a whole meal.

Overall I found it difficult to replace 2 meals with the shakes, not because of the shakes but because of me – I prefer more food. But I did have less cravings and, like I said, after a heavy eating week I have to say I didn’t gain any weight. On the opposite, I feel lighter and fresh. I will continue to have FORZA shakes as a replacement for deserts, as they have only 204 calories/portion.

Forza ShakeItSlim Supplements review

RO  Acum 7 zile am inceput programul de shake-uri de la Forza ShakeItSlim Supplements. Pachetul contine: o sticla, 14 pungulite cu praf proteic in trei arome: ciocolata, vanilie, capsuni. Ei promit ca vei slabi daca inlocuiesti doua mese cu cate doua shake-uri pe zi. Eu n-am facut tocmai asa, insa trebuie sa recunosc ca m-au ajutat intr-o saptamana plina de rasfaturi: ziua mea si pastele catolic. Mai jos parerea mea:

Pachetul in sine e foarte practic. Pentru prima data vad shake-uri proteice in pungulite separate. E perfect, pui cate-un plic in geanta si il consumi cand ti-e foame fara sa cari prea multe cu tine. Sticla e super, merge si la sala sau excursii, iar biluta din interior ajuta la amestecarea shake-ului, asa ca nu ai gogoloasele alea enervante. 

Diferitele arome fac shake-ul mai interesant si mai usor de consumat. Imagineaza-ti sa bei de doua ori pe zi acelasi lucru – eu cel putin m-as satura imediat! Aroma mea preferata a fost cea de vanilie.

Gustul prea dulce pentru gustul meu. Am consumat si alte shake-uri si trebuie sa recunosc ca nu au fost asa dulci. De aceea cateodata am consumat mai putin decat mi-am propus. Insa m-au ajutat ca mi-au redus din poftele pentru dulce. 

Per total pot sa spun ca nu m-am tinut de treaba: Doua shake-uri in loc de masa. Ci mai degraba am facut cate-un shake in loc de desert, sau seara cand mi-era foame si nu voiam sa mananc ceva mai consistent. Pentru asta cred ca sunt foarte bune. Dupa cum spuneam: am avut ziua de nastere, am sarbatorit pastele, am consumat mult prea multe calorii in plus insa nu m-am ingrasat deloc. Dimpotriva, ma simt fresh si deloc balonata. Shake-urile m-au facut sa ma simt mai plina mai repede si mi-au redus din pofta de dulce. Pentru asta le voi mai consuma pe viitor – ca o alternativa la dulce. Mai ales ca nu contin zahar deloc.

♥ Andra

Thank you Forza ShakeItSlim for sending me the supplements.

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