DIY: Jewelry Boxes

Now I know that we all can have a lot of jewelry and perhaps have already invested in a nice jewelry box to store everything. But I remember when I moved to the Netherlands for five months, or when I went to Uni, I didn’t have enough room for everything and I had to be creative. So this post is mostly for those who want to organise a little their jewelry without investing in a jewelry box, thinking that in a couple of months they will move again and probably change their room design.


Pentru cele care au multe bijuterii, presupun ca ati investit deja in ceva sistem pentru a va organiza lucrurile. Cand voi avea casa mea, visez la un dressing room in care sa am loc sa-mi aranjez fiecare lucru. Consider ca daca nu am bijuteriile la vedere, deseori uit ce am si nu le port cat ar trebui. Proiectul asta e mai mult pentru cele care nu vor sa investeasca intr-o cutie mare, sau o balerina-suport pentru lantisoare, sau un dulapior sau orice. De exemplu, cand am mers la facultate m-am mutat in fiecare an. Am avut spatiu putin si nu am vrut sa investesc in nimic. Stiam ca urmeaza sa ma mut, iar si am considerat ca nu merita sa dau banii pe ceva ce poate la anul nu va mai merge la noua locatie. Asa ca mereu am incercat sa-mi afisez bijuteriile folosind hartie colorata, bureti, panouri de carton si chiar umerase pentru haine! De data asta va arat cum am transformat o cutie si un capac de la cutia folosita in celalalt DIY cu oglinzi (click aici).

DIY jewelry boxI have gathered many types of coloured paper, which I usually buy from craft shops. I’ve seen cheap ones at the Works shop.


Am adunat multe hartii colorate in timp. De fiecare data cand gasesc ceva ieftin si dragut imi cumpar. Va sfatuiesc sa incercati la librarii, la magazinele cu rechizite pentru copii. Coloured paper I choose a paper and cut it to fit the box. I applied it with a bit of glue. I then stung the earrings in the paper and they won’t fall also because of the sponge underneath.


Am ales o bucatica de hartie pe care-am taiat-o sa intre la fix si-am aplicat putin lipici inainte de a o pune pe burete. Apoi am ‘intepat’ hartia cu fiecare cercel in parte. 
DIY jewelry hanger/box DIY jewelry boxDIY jewelry box

The idea is to keep it simple, when you do not have the budget or space. Just look for what you have already and try and create something out of it. What do you think? 🙂

❤ Andra

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