flowersWhen I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time at my grandma’s, in a small village. Now I rarely go and visit her, especially since I’ve moved in the UK. However, I spent my weekend there and lots of memories came to my mind. My brother and I used to go and search for mushrooms. My grand-grandmother would check to see if they’re OK and then she would cook them. She would also make soup from a plant called nettle. Yes, she would cook everything from anything. And spending a lot of time there made me fall in love with animals, with the nature and healthy food. That’s why I already planned to have a house, with a big garden, two cats and two dogs.

Eram mica si petreceam mult timp la tara. Mergeam des cu ai mei si vara, Alex si cu mine ramaneam o perioada mai lunga. Ba chiar imi amintesc c-am facut un trimestru la gradinita acolo. Eram 3 copii in clasa si eram fericiti ca nu trebuia sa-mpartim prea mult jucariile. Apoi mi-aduc aminte cand mergeam cu Alex prin expeditii, pe dealuri si la cules de ciuperci prin padure. Strabunica le lua apoi sa le verifice si facea din ele o tocanita. Noi ii spuneam ‘topala’. Tot strabunica facea si supa de urzici, un deliciu! Si bunica facea placinta, cu silvoita. Si de mica am fost obisnuita cu animalele si cu natura. Si astept momentul sa am si eu, la casa mea, o gradina mare si animalute.

Spring Primavara Spring dress AndraDress & Shoes – Primark / Watch – Casiopink dressAlex si Andragirl with animals

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