When Your Priorities Change

Andra Dorolti Going Out Retro outfit

Hello world! It’s been a while since I haven’t been writing on my blog. And that’s because I’ve been reading a lot instead. You see, it all stared with the previous article, about how overwhelmed we feel sometimes. So I decided to take it slow and make a plan. I’ve started reading the book called The One Thing (by Kerry Geller) which is basically all about focusing on one thing only. And let me tell you something – boy that’s so much better! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still have more than one things on my mind, but not as a main priority. And that has lifted a lot of pressure off my shoulders and has actually given me the chance to really make a difference in the things that matter most to me.

Now I feel more energized, excited and eager to get more creative and more efficient! And when it comes to blogging, it still is a soft spot of mine but it will never be priority number one – hence my long absence. But no worries, I’ll always come back to blogging when I’ve got something worth sharing. Today is this really cute outfit and a humble advice: if you feel lost, read. If you don’t know here to start, read. If you’re bored, read. If you wanna grow, read. Just read 🙂

zara retro outfit embroidery zara retro outfit embroidery zara retro outfit embroidery

zara retro outfit embroidery

Top, Trousers and Shoes – Zara | Earrings – Primark


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Tip Thursday: Express YOUrself

Okay, so this is a bit different. I was thinking of doing something like this for a long time now: to tell you all why I write a blog and to encourage more of you to find a way of documenting the things you want to remember, or the things you want to leave behind. Instead of writing a long and probably boring post, I decided to make a short movie. I hope it inspires you and I hope you understand my writing! Have fun watching and leave me a comment saying how you document your life! 🙂


A venit momentul sa impartasesc un sfat pentru Tip Thursday. Pentru ziua de azi am ales ceva mai diferit. Am ales sa fac un mic filmulet in care sa va spun de ce scriu pe blog in fiecare saptamana. Ideea pe care o transmit e ca toti ar trebui sa cautam o cale prin care sa ne scriem ideile, amintirile, lucrurile importante pe care vrem sa le pastram ca amintire, sau vrem sa le lasam strastranepotilor nostri. 

Filmuletul e in engleza pentru a fi accesibil majoritatii cititorilor mei de aceea imi cer scuze daca pentru unii dintre voi va fi putin mai dificil de inteles. Insa m-am axat pe vizual si cred ca daca va uitati, veti prinde ideea. Sper sa va placa si astept sa-mi lasati comentarii in care sa-mi spuneti voi cum preferati sa va arhivati ideile, amintirle, experientele. 

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