Sicily – 5 Things You Need To Know

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like to plan my holidays too much, I like to go with the flow and often make random decisions. It always turns out to be amazing, so why change my strategy? That’s kind of what happened to our trip to Sicily – it all started with finding very cheap flights via Ryanair. Once we booked the flights, we started doing some research and decided on an itinerary. So if you’re like me, here are 5 quick and easy tips you need to remember when travelling to Sicily:


Make sure to travel around the island as it’s so different and has so much to offer. Our itinerary was: Palermo – Cefalu – Taormina – Etna – Palermo. I have to say that every location has its own beauty and you don’t need more than a day to spend in any of these places. You can if you want to, but you can see enough in a day.

Food & Drinks

If you’re on a diet you might as well not go. The food is de-li-cious! Plenty of fresh seafood, prepared in different ways, accompanied by the best wines. If you don’t fancy the sea food, well, let me state the obvious: pizza & pasta! The only regret I have about our trip was that we didn’t eat more, and I’m not even joking.They also have the best ice-creams, fresh fruits and Cannoli, which is a traditional Sicilian desert best described as heaven. I realised I haven’t got any pictures of my Cannoli’s (which I think were 10 over the course of 2 days) and that’s because they were too delicious, I couldn’t take 2 minutes to snap a picture.


Prices in Sicily vary depending on the places. Except Taormina, everything is pretty much affordable and quite on the cheap side. Taormina however is a bit pricier, being the most touristy place. It is very good for buying souvenirs though, but I’ll cover this subject more in the Shopping section. Make sure you have cash available, there’s not many ATMs available and it feels like it’s safer to pay cash rather than card in most of these places (if you know what I mean). One big spent will be the accommodation, don’t be afraid to check out B&Bs – people are very friendly and prices tend to be much lower.


Best option is to rent a car – it gives you the freedom to move around the island and it’s quite affordable. However, be aware of the driving there! Around the East coast was brilliant, lovely sceneries and lovely roads. It was all great until we arrived in Palermo and we were just shocked – as my friends put it: like driving in India but maybe not as hectic. Or as the guide book put it: Driving in Palermo requires nerves of steel. I may add: and a car of steel, so you don’t get crushed by everyone else around you.


Sicily is a great place to buy some souvenirs: olive oil, pistachio cream and liquor, herbs, Cannoli, wine and kitchen accessories. They have the prettiest handmade ceramics, all with lemon and fruit patterns, very Sicilian like. I would also emphasise on the pistachio cream – is like Nutella but with pistachios – heaven in a jar! Make sure to keep some cash for these souvenirs – I spent about £100 with presents included. I bought all the kitchen bits and lemon soaps from Taormina. I had to buy all the food from the airport as I only had a hand luggage, but next time I’m getting a big luggage and get my food from local shops – cheaper and tastier!

Last advice I can give you – make sure to make the most out of the trip, walk around the small streets with beautiful architecture, enjoy a drink in one of those fancy hotels overlooking the water, swim in the most clear and blue water I have ever seen so far, don’t worry about the calories and make sure to indulge in their cuisine.

Sicily, you were amazing!

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Ski Holiday in Austria – Budget Planner

ski holiday austria

EN  Hello again, dear friends! I have just come back from a perfect ski holiday in Austria and thought to myself – why not give you a small guide on how to replicate my perfect holiday, in case you’re a ski fan. So here it goes, some tips and some information about how much money you need to spend:

I always rented an apartment with family and friends. We believe it’s easier to have an apartment and cook your own food. Being on the ski slopes all day, you usually have 2 main meals and you never know what time you’ll be back. This way you don’t depend on anyone and you make your own schedule. Renting an apartment varies, but you can find good places with €150-€200 per couple, per week. Best place to book a place is Interchalet.

ski holiday austria

RO  Saluut! Am lipsit putin ce-i drept, insa am avut motive serioase: am petrecut un concediu tare placut in Austria la ski. Si cum imi place mie de obicei, am ales sa va fac un mic rezumat cu ce trebuie sa stiti daca va organizati si voi sa mergeti si cam cat va costa un astfel de concediu. 

In primul rand, cazarea: noi mereu am mers pe principiul de a inchiria un apartament pe familie/prieteni. Asa nu ne constrange nimic, ne gatim noi singuri si e mai usor. Fiind toata ziua la ski, organizam de obicei doua mese mari si la ore total diferite. Uneori suntem mai obositi, alteori mai matinali…asa ca e mai bine sa nu depinzi de vreun program la hotel. E si cel mai avantajos din punct de vedere financiar: in medie e undeva pe la €150 – €200 de cuplu pe o saptamana. Cel mai bun site de cazare, din punctul nostru de vedere, e Interchalet.

ski holiday austria

EN  Food there is similar with UK prices so you can buy there all your stuff. If you decide to eat on top of the mountains, you’ll pay around €15-€20 per person. They serve good quality food in those cottages with superb views, they also have great beer and mulled wine at very good prices.

The ski passes can be a bit pricey, but the more days you buy them for, the cheaper they get. It’s around €200 per person for a 5 day season. But you can pay slightly less or more, depending on the area you’re going to. All ski areas are beautiful and worth visiting, in my opinion. However, because it’s quite warm these days, choose something at a higher altitude just to make sure the snow is plenty. Details about prices, ski slopes and everything around Kitzbuhel – are all here.

ski holiday austria

RO  Mancarea e significant mai scumpa decat in Romania. Din Romania e usor, te urci in masina si incarci bagajele cu cateva cumparaturi. Asa e cel mai bine, macar alimente de baza pentru primele mese. Daca alegi sa mananci in oras, e plin de cabane in varful muntilor cu peisaje deosebite. O masa e in jur de €15-€20 de persoana, iar calitatea mancarii e foarte buna. Berea si vinul fiert se gasesc la orice loc la preturi okay. 

Cel mai mare cost e accesul la partii. Un bilet pe un sezon de 5 zile e undeva la €200, depinde de zona pe care o alegeti, adica numarul de partii. Toate partiile pe care le-am vazut m-au impresionat. Insa pentru ca e tot mai cald iernile, va sugerez undeva la altitudini mai mari. Asa va asigurati ca partia e okay, altfel skiati mai mult pe zapada artificiala sau moale. De data asta noi am fost in zona Kitzbuhel, o zona foarte intinsa. Detalii cu partii, preturi, altitudini etc – le aflati aici

ski holiday austria

EN  You’ll find loads of buses that offer free transportation to different ski areas. So look for this when booking your accommodation, if you don’t have a car. You’ll need some sort of transportation, unless you live just next to a base.

Bring some FastumGel or any other type of pain killer remover for your muscles. If you are not in the greatest shape, you can pull your muscles easily – depending on how much you ski. Don’t overdo it from the first day! It’s a holiday, but it is an intense work out.

ski holiday austriaRO  Transportul la partii e foarte important. De cele mai multe ori aveti de mers si cel mai comod e sa aveti o masina. Insa daca nu aveti, e plin de autobuze care va transporta gratuit doar cu ski pass-ul pe care oricum l-ati luat. La casa de bilete va pot oferi informatii cu statii, orar, tot ce trebuie.

Desi e un concediu, poate fi obositor mai ales daca nu sunteti in cea mai buna conditie fizica. Nu exagerati din prima zi si va recomand sa luati cu voi creme de tip Fastum Gel pentru musculatura. Pentru mine cel putin a fost destul de obositor, dar poate si pentru ca am incercat sa ma tin dupa Dan – n-am cazut decat zilnic. 

ski holiday austria

EN   And last but not least, go at least one day to a spa! You need it, and there are some beautiful ones. You can go to local ones for about €15/person. You’ll get some warm water and saunas. But if you’re after those fancy places with hot jacuzzis outside, you’ll have to pay €30 or more. Overall, a ski trip can cost you minimum €500 per person, with all reduced to the bone. If you want to relax a bit, €700 is more of a real number.

RO   Si cel mai important, nu uitati de spa! Mergeti cel putin o zi (sau o dupa masa) la un spa, sa va relaxati si sa va bucurati de un tratament. Sunt multe bazine in diverse localitati la preturi in jur de €15 de persoana cu sauna inclusa. Iar daca vreti ceva in stilul pozelor faimoase cu jacuzzi in aer liber, printre munti va costa aproximativ dublu. Iar per total o vacanta la ski in Austria va poate costa minim €500 de persoana, cu economii la sange. Insa vreo €700 e un numar mai real zic eu. 

ski holiday austria

♥ Andra

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Why you need to visit Wales

visit wales england country sideEN   We finally decided to visit Wales not because it’s a popular location, but because it is relatively close to Manchester and we wanted a break. We decided to go camping for 5 days, which was the best experience ever. When we got there it was pouring with rain. It was raining so heavily that after about 3 minutes outside we were soaking wet. We managed to find a great location for our tent but couldn’t do anything else. We went back in the car and we started eating while looking at the landscape. I was already thinking of how I am going to sleep in the car. After a couple of hours the weather started to get better and in the end we had days with 20 degrees and sunshine – which was perfect. We had no internet for five days, almost no phone reception – so no interruptions. We camped close to Snowdonia, where we spent most of our days. We wanted to make the most out of the trip so we spent money on different experiences: train to the top of Snowdon, Helicopter, Kayak and loads of Castles. I fell in love with Wales and I really recommend you go there, it’s too good to miss it!


RO  Pentru prima data am ales sa vizitam Tara Galilor – o regiune in Marea Britanie total diferita. O limba ciudata, asemanatoare cu olandeza, oameni calmi si zambitori, natura muuulta si castele si mai multe. Dan a ales un loc de camping in mijlocul pustietatii, la poalele unui munte. Am ajuns miercuri dupa masa si in timp ce ne cautam locul perfect pentru cort, a inceput o ploaie torentiala. Asa torentiala, incat pe cand ne-am intors la masina am fost leoarca. Eu deja ma gandeam ca dorm in masina.. si poate mergem si la o pensiune. Insa inceputul asta de vacanta s-a transformat in cateva ore – zile senine, calde, fara pic de ploaie. Tara Galilor e plina de castele, asa ca am vizitat diverse, iar in restul timpului am facut plimbari pe dealuri si am investit in cateva experiente: am mers cu trenul pe varful muntelui Snowdon (1084 m altitudine), am zburat cu elicopterul deasupra marii Irlandei si a castelului Caernarfon, am luat un kayak si ne-am plimbat pe un lac aproape de cazare, in care Dan a facut pe urma o baie rece rece. Eu personal am ramas extrem de impresionata de Tara Galilor. Daca sunteti prin Marea Britanie, va recomand cu caldura – e o excursie extraordinara si nu prea costisitoare. Intr-o zona relativ mica, numita Snowdonia, gasesti munti, lacuri si mare. Si pe ici pe colo cate un castel din secolul XII. De vis! 

visit wales england country side visit wales england country side visit wales england country side visit wales england country sidewales helicopter experiencekayak 1kayak 2snowdon top of wales 1084 m highcastle visiting wales uk country sidewales camping siteview from tent wales camping siteView from our tent.    Privelistea din cort. 

♥ Andra

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Comfortable won’t take you anywhere

H&M conscious shirt santorini holiday boyfriend hatEN     If you wonder whether I finished showing you all the Holiday outfits, the answer is no. You see, when you’re on holiday you’ve got plenty of time to dress nice and take photos. At least that’s what I think. But then, if you’re on a holiday and it’s extremely hot outside, then your options are limited. The photos that you see today were from a day trip that was truly amazing. However, it was so hot outside that I started having a headache. And because the sun was burning like hell I had to wear a long sleeve top (I am a bit allergic to sun). I even took the hat from Dan because I thought I can’t handle it anymore. This is the most comfortable outfit I wore in Santorini. For the rest of the days I chose to wear dresses, I chose to pack with me a nicer dress just for the dinner, I chose to put more effort even though the easier way would have been shorts and a loose top all day long. I chose to do this because every holiday that we take is a chance for us to rediscover ourselves. It’s when we both have a lot of free time to talk about our lives, to talk about our dreams and about our relationship. And for this I had to look good, I had to remind Dan why he proposed and I had to remind myself that I always need to take care of how I look. It’s just something that we both believe in – looks. I’m not saying that’s all that matters, I’m just saying that a little extra effort into looking better is important in a relationship, especially in one that’s supposed to last forever. And I know how easy it can be to get comfortable. I used to fall for that a couple of times. However, comfortable won’t take you anywhere, never.


RO    Daca va-ntrebati daca mai sunt multe poze cu tinute din Santorini, raspunsul e da. Stiti si voi cum e… cand esti in concediu ai timp mai mult sa-ti alegi tinutele si sa faci poze. Doar ca eu am simtit exact opusul in Santorini. Cu 20 de grade mai cald decat eram noi obisnuiti, am avut momente in care simteam ca nu mai pot. Ba era pielea care nu rezista soarelui puternic, ba era capul care simteam ca ma anunta ca se apropie o insolatie, ba era gatul uscat desi beam apa non stop. Asa ca am stiut ca trebuie sa port ceva cat mai comod in ziua in care am ales sa facem o excursie de o zi, departe de cazare. A trebuit sa iau o camasa cu maneca lunga pentru ca deja ma ardeau mainile si pieptul. Dar cred ca n-are rost sa va spun cum m-au ars picioarele dupa… (haha).

In bagaj nu prea am pus haine lejere de plimbari, ci mai degraba am incarcat o sumedenie de rochii si sandale. Stiam ca in Santorini nu avem nevoie de exchipament nu stiu cat de sportiv. Iar apoi am vrut sa ma asigur ca arat cat mai feminina in excursie. De ce depunem noi atata efort cand mergem intr-o excursie? De ce ne alegem atent tinutele, aproape de fiecare data trebuie sa ne cumparam ceva nou, pentru excursia respectiva.. fetele merg la manichiura si pedichiura.. si multe alte pregatiri. Nu stiu voi, dar eu simt nevoia sa fac asta pentru ca eu vad o excursie ca o sansa de a ma redescoperi. Am mai spus asta pe blog, insa intr-o excursie avem destul timp sa vorbim despre noi, sa ne gandim la planurile de viitor, sa visam si sa nu fim prea influentati sau intrerupti de nimeni. Si pentru ca a fost o excursie cu Dan, am vazut-o si ca pe o sansa de a ne redescoperi ca si cuplu, de a ne face planuri impreuna. Iar asta inseamna ca a trebuit sa depun mai mult efort cand vine vorba de tinute. Nu de alta, dar sa-i reamintesc de ce m-a cerut acum un an. Pentru ca eu chiar cred in importanta aspectului fizic si in efortul de a arata mai aranjat, mai bine. Mai ales cand alegi sa-ti petreci viata cu cineva. Vrei sa te asiguri ca ramai ‘frumoasa’ pentru perechea ta pana la adanci batraneti. Si am cazut cam tare in capcana comoditatii, insa e pacat. Sa fii comod nu te duce nicaieri, niciodata.

H&M conscious shirt santorini holiday boyfriend hat

santorini sunset

H&M conscious shirt santorini holiday boyfriend hat

H&M conscious shirt santorini holiday boyfriend hat

santorini oia sunset

H&M conscious shirt santorini holiday boyfriend hat

Top – H&M

Shorts – Topshop

Sandals – Kurt Keiger

Hat – Ibiza

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

♥ Andra

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Santorini: Budget Planner

Santorini on a budgetEN    Budget is very important when planning a holiday. That’s why we don’t always choose to go to Australia or New York, because our budget is often limited. It’s easy when choosing an all inclusive package – this way you know how much it will cost you so you can decide straight away. However, I am a fan of the bed and breakfast. If I go somewhere I want to see as much as possible. This means I want to travel around, so I will miss all those all inclusive drinks (and meals). And Santorini is definitely a place where you do not want to go on a all inclusive package. It’s a place with small islands, various beaches hidden in the cliffs, with something different to do and see every single day. To make it easier for you, I made a table with average prices for basic things. We bought our own flight tickets and found the accommodation on based on the feedback and the view. I also want to say that we went there in June. If you want to go there in July or August it might cost you slightly more. Another thing that we heard is that by August it gets very busy, a bit too annoying busy, so we recommend to avoid that period. Overall Santorini was to die for and I totally recommend it to you!

budget planner santorini en


RO   Bugetul e foarte important atunci cand ne planificam o vacanta. Poate am alege mereu locuri gen Australia si New York, insa din pacate bugetul ne e limitat. Cel mai usor e atunci cand alegem un pachet all inclusive. Stim de la inceput cat ne costa si putem hotari imediat. Insa eu personal prefer excursiile cu doar mic dejun. Imi place sa calatoresc prin zona pe care o vizitez si asta inseamna ca as rata toate mesele si bauturile platite la hotel. Si mai ales Santorini e o locatie care nu prea merge pe principiul all inclusive. Plajele sunt departe, localitatile sunt multe si e pacat sa tot fugi la cazare la masa. Si e plin de restaurante faine, cu mese la pret avantajos si cu privelisti de vis. Asa ca, sa va fie mai usor, am facut un mic tabel cu preturile de baza. Noi am luat biletele de avion individual si am ales cazarea de pe in functie de feedback si priveliste. Vreau sa mai mentionez faptul ca noi am fost in Iunie. In lunile Iulie-August preturile mai cresc usor. Am aflat ca in August e cel mai aglomerat, insa prea aglomerat si nu se recomanda sa mergeti atunci. Per total, insula Santorini a fost fenomenala si va recomand cu caldura sa mergeti!

santorini budget planner

Santorini budget planner

Santorini budget planner

Santorini on a Budget

santorini budget planner

santorini budget planner

Santorini Budget Planner

santorini budget planner

Santorini Budget planner

santorini budget planner

♥  Andra

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We Ride

CLICK PLAY to enjoy this post! 🙂

EN    It’s finally time to show you one of my favourite outfits lately – the motorbike outfit. It’s something that Dan always wanted to have and we thought that now is a good time to buy a motorbike. I personally wasn’t very excited about it until I was shopping in the Northern Quarter in Manchester in a vintage store. Dan called me to tell me he bought one. I was like – okay, nice.. And then there they were – THE trousers. The perfect pair of motorbike trousers. And that’s when I started to get excited. So excited that I actually had the entire outfit before Dan did. And no, I can’t drive a motorbike. I already thought of the Lana del Rey clip of  Ride (maybe a bit less weird), already imagining myself with the wind in my hair. And the reality is a bit different from the expectations. I never thought it can be this cool! And to prove it to you, I’m going to share a couple of photos from our recent trip, I hope you’ll enjoy!


RO    In sfarsit va arat una din tinutele mele preferate din ultima vreme – costumul de motociclist. E ceva ce Dan si-a dorit de foarte mult timp si ne-am gandit ca acum ar fi ocazia perfecta sa isi cumpere o motocicleta. Eu sincer n-am fost prea entuziasmata de idee. Pana cand, intr-o zi, eram la shopping intr-o zona celebra din Manchester, plina de haine autentice noi si second, cand Dan ma suna sa imi spuna ca gata, a luat o motocicleta. Nici nu inchisesem bine telefonul ca deja i-am vazut, parca ma asteptau sa-i iau – pantalonii perfecti de motociclist, sau mai bine zis motociclista. Si de-atunci am inceput sa ma entuziasmez mai tare, atat de tare incat eu am avut mai repede echipamentul complet decat Dan. Iar eu nici macar nu conduc motocicleta, ca nu am carnet de tip A. Deja ma imaginam in videoclipul lui Lana del Rey (o varianta mai putin ciudata), cu pletele-n vant, afara soare si cald. Si sincer in realitate e putin mai diferit, e mult mai interesant decat mi-am imaginat! Si ca sa va conving asa putin, am pus cateva poze din excursia cea mai recenta, sper sa va placa!

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

motorcycle leather outfit yamaha virago 535

Both of our jackets – Cow, Manchester | My trousers – Cow, Manchester | Dan’s trousers – Afflecks, Manchester   Both of our helmets – Arai | Our shoes – All Shoes, Baia Mare, Romania | Motorbike – Yamaha Virago 535


♥ Andra

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At the Cottage

Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape

While my previous post was me just telling you about how pretty my last weekend was, today I want to share with you some of my favourite photos from our trip to the Lake District. I usually avoid taking too many landscape pictures just because I find them a tiny bit boring. So this post is a summary of my favourite photos from the trip, a mix of everything.

And for the first time, Dan messed around my blog and wrote some words of wisdom. He probably didn’t see it coming, but I thought I’d leave them on. Wine not?


‘Sooo, let me tell you about Dan. He has been so great lately – it is difficult to express it in words. First and foremost, he is sooo sexy and with a charming smile. Even I, which some might argue – am used to his smile, cannot resist it.’

Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape


Daca in postarea anterioara am vorbit despre cat de frumos a fost la cabana, acum am zis sa va si arat cum a fost in cateva poze. Lake District e o zona cu lacuri aproape de Manchester, o zona turistica plina de trasee, dieverse activitati in aer liber si multe multe cabane. Daca alegeti sa veniti prin zona, va recomand cu drag Lake District doar pentru ca e ceva mai diferit. Iar eu una m-am indragostit de zona rurala a Angliei si nu de marele orase precum Londra. Zona rurala mi se pare mult mai romantica si mai autentica. 

Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape

Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape

Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape

Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape

Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape Lake District holiday autumn fall landscape

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Autumn Coziness

wool sweater jumper cumbria lake district cottage trip

Friday night we arrived at the cottage that we were planning to go to for a while now. After a two hour drive we find ourselves on a very narrow road in the middle of the forest and I’m thinking to myself that this is just perfect, a hidden cottage, somewhere in the middle of the nature, no internet, no phone signal, just nature. And that’s exactly how it was. We spent our evening chatting in front of the fire place, happy to finally just relax.

The next morning I instantly opened the window and realised where we were. As we arrived pretty late, I had no clue what’s around the house. And it turned out to be even better than expected. So I took my hiking boots and shot some photos in the garden. I just love these photos because of what they suggest – coziness, warmth, a bit of laziness (the one you have on a Sunday morning) and nature.


Vineri seara am ajuns intr-un final la cabana pe care am inchiriat-o de ceva vreme. Dupa cam doua ore de mers cu masina am ajuns pe un drum ingust, prin padure. Deja ma si gandeam ca drumul asta ne duce undeva la  o casa in mijlocul naturii, fara internet, fara telefoane, doar natura. Si asa a si fost. Baietii au sarit sa faca focul in semineu iar noi fetele am adus vinul. A urmat o seara luunga, dar frumoasa. 

Urmatarea dimineata m-am trezit super entuziasmata si imediat am deschis geamul sa vad si eu totusi unde am ajuns. Pentru ca am ajuns la cabana tarziu, era bezna afara, nu stiam ce e in jur. In fata mea un peisaj perfect de toamna tarzie. Doar camp, oi si-o padure in departare. Asa ca mi-am luat bocancii si-am facut cateva poze in gradina. Si-mi plac tare mult pozele astea pentru ceea ce exprima: confort, usoara lene (ca cea de duminica dimineata), relaxare si natura. Si cam la asta s-a rezumat weekendul meu. 

wool sweater jumper cumbria lake district cottage trip wool sweater jumper cumbria lake district cottage trip wool sweater jumper cumbria lake district cottage trip wool sweater jumper cumbria lake district cottage trip

Wool jumper – Vintage

Boots – Decathlon

Photos taken in the Lake District, UK


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Paris Day Four: Disney Land

Disney land Paris trip

Disneyland was not something we planned to visit while in Paris. but based on everyone’s recommendations we had to go and see it. If you’ve never been there, you should know that there are two main parks: Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park. We bought a ticket for both of them and we started with the Studios. The first impression? I felt like it wasn’t worth the money… and after a while we decided to go to Disneyland Park. Now that’s when the magic happened! Compared to the Studios, this was more beautiful, more impressive and definitely more ‘wow’. We instantly felt like we’re in a different world. We tried to test all the rides, that was our goal. And yes, we had to wait in line for most of the times. And it wasn’t even that busy.. But that’s something that all theme parks have: long queues. And my favourite part was the ending show. At 11 pm a show started that lasted around half an hour.. it was simply beautiful. Check out the short Youtube video at the end to have an idea of how the ending show was.  So yes, I do recommend you visit Disneyland but only if you stay more days in Paris. In my opinion, the city should come first.

Prices: Approximately 70/adult/ one park or €80 for both parks. 

Children have discounts. If booked in advance, the ticket is cheaper.

Access: Via train from Paris city centre (lasts around an hour)


Nu aveam in gand sa mergem la Disneyland, dar pentru ca toata lumea ne-a recomandat sa mergem am zis ca mergem. Am ajuns acolo si am vazut ca sunt doua parcuri: Walt Disney Studios si Disneyland Park. Am ales sa le vedem pe amandoua si am inceput cu Studios. Dupa primele minute amandoi eram usor aveam impresia ca nu a meritat banii. Ne-am dat pe cateva carusele iar apoi am ales sa mergem la Disneyland Park. De data asta alta a fost impresia! Amandoi am ramas surprinsi la cat de bine totul era aranjat si prezentat. Te simteai efectiv ca faci parte din alta lume. In cadrul parcului erau mai multe zone cu tematici diferite. Intr-adevar deosebit! Singurul dezavantaj, ca in orice parc de distractii, a fost asteptatul la coada aproape pentru fiecare carusel sau vizita. Partea mea preferata a fost la final. La ora 11 seara a inceput un show cu muzica, desene, artificii, fantani arteziene care a durat aproximativ o jumtatate de ora. Am pus la finalul postarii un mic filmulet de pe youtube cu finalul, sa va faceti o idee. 

Per total va recomand sa mergeti la Disneyland, dar doar daca aveti suficient timp la dispozitie. Parerea mea e ca orasul ar trebui sa fie prioritar. 

Preturi:  aproximativ €70 /adult/ un parc sau €80 amandoua. 

Copii au reducere. Biletele cumparate in avans sunt mai ieftine.

Acces: cu trenul, din centrul Parisului (dureaza cam o ora)

Disney land Paris trip Disney land Paris tripDisney land Paris trip Disney land Paris trip Disney land Paris trip Disney land Paris trip Disney land Paris trip Disney land Paris trip Disney land Paris trip

Here’s a small part of the final show

♥ Andra

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Paris Day Three: Louvre, Pont des Arts and a Ring

Paris Louvre Engagement storyLike every day there, we woke up early and went to enjoy my favourite breakfast: fresh bread and croissants with Nutella and a fresh coffee with milk. Today was time to go and visit the Louvre Museum. We arrived quite early in order to avoid the queues. The entrance was free as we’re under 26 and from the UE. I advise you to always bring your passport/ID with you as you’ll see many offers like this. The only thing we paid for was an audio guide which I totally recommend. It’s like a mini laptop with touch screen, with a map and it can tell you everything about anything. We chose to make the route of the masterpieces of the museum. We stayed there half a day.

In the meantime I was carrying with me a padlock, already with our initials written and I wanted to put it on the Pont des Arts (the famous bridge), like many other lovers do. I know it’s just a symbolic thing, but I like these things. Last time I did something similar was when I was in Rome. I threw a coin in Fontana di Trevi and my wish was to be with Dan. We weren’t together at the moment. And that was 6 years ago.

It was already late afternoon, we were a bit tired and we were constantly looking for a quiet place. Yes, a quiet place in the busy Paris. No, it wasn’t easy to find. That’s when we tought: a park! let’s go to Parc du Luxembourg! It looked so big on the map, we were sure we’ll find a quiet place there, just for the two of us. As we entered everyone was everywhere. But we didn’t give up. We walked and walked and walked so far, until we found a small garden. We took two chairs and put them in the middle of the grass.


Ca de obicei, ne-am trezit devreme si ne-am dus jos la micul dejun: paine proaspata (usor calda) si croissante crocante cu Nutella si cafea cu lapte. N-am zabovit prea mult ca sa putem ajunge la Muzeul Louvre drevreme. Nu am stat mult la coada si deja eram la casa de bilete. Pentru ca avem sub 26 ani si suntem din UE, nu trebuie sa platim intrarea. Va sugerez sa purtati cu voi pasaportul sau buletinul pentru ca trebuie sa dovediti asta. Singurul lucru pentru care am platit a fost ghidul audio care a fost foarte bun. Am avut fiecare un mini laptop, cu ecran touch screen si cu casti. aveam o mapa GPS si puteam vedea mereu unde suntem. Puteam sa alegem ce vrem sa ascultam si cat. Noi ne-am ales traseul capodoperelor de arta, pentru ca stiam ca nu vrem sa stam toata ziua. Asa ne-a luat o jumatate de zi.

Dupa asta am vrut sa ne oprim la Pont des Arts (faimosul pod), unde aveam in gand sa pun un lacat adus de-acasa, gata ‘gravat’ cu initialele noastre. Stiu ca e doar asa simbolic, insa imi plac lucrurile de genul. Am mai facut ceva asemanator cand am fost in Roma. Am aruncat o moneda in Fontana di Trevi cu dorinta de a fi cu Dan. Asta s-a intamplat acum 6 ani.

Deja era foarte tarziu si amandoi eram putin obositi. Cautam un loc mai linistit, unde sa putem fi doar noi. Dar sa gasesti un loc linistit in Paris e ca si cum ai cauta acul in carul cu fan. Probabil or fi, dar nu asa vizible pentru un turist.. Am luat harta si-am vazut ca suntem aproape de Parc du Luxembourg. Era mare si ne-am gandit ca trebuie sa gasim acolo un locsor mai intim, de unde sa luam o pauza de la atatia turisti, atatia vanzatori ambulanti si aparate foto. Cand am intrat in parc am fost dezamagiti… lume peste tot… Dar pentru ca stiam ca e mare parcul, am zis sa ne plimbam pana gasim ceva. Si-am gasit. Locul perfect: umbra, totul verde in jurul nostru, liniste, doar noi doi.

Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story

Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story

Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement storyLouvre, Paris, Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story

When I was in high school I was reading an Elle magazine, with Jennifer Lopez on the cover. I was flipping through the first pages when I stumbled upon a picture of a ring. Then it hit me: this is the ring! There I was, I had no idea who I am going to marry with, where, when…but I knew: I want to have this ring. Since then, I always knew I want that ring… it is a classic design.. and I liked it. Okay, maybe I loved it! So of course, when things got a bit serious with Dan I said to him (more as a joke): ‘If you ever plan to buy me a ring, I want one like this!’. I didn’t have the magazine with me, but I showed him one from the Tiffany’s website. You see, that was a while ago. But he remembered.


Eram prin liceu si rasfoiam revista Elle cu Jennifer Lopez pe coperta. Eram la primele pagini cand brusc m-am oprit la o reclama pe toata pagina cu un inel. Si-atunci m-a lovit: asta e inelul! Pe vremea aia nu aveam prieten, nu stiam cu cine ma voi casatori, cand, cum… dar stiam sigur: vreau inelul asta! E un model clasic si ma reprezinta in totalitate. Asa ca, dupa ce relatia cu Dan a devenit mai serioasa i-am spus mai in gluma, mai in serios (mai mult in gluma), ca daca e sa-mi ia vreodata inel, pe asta-l vreau! Tin minte ca nu aveam revista la mine, dar repede am intrat pe site la Tiffany’s sa-i arat modelul. Asta a fost mai demult… dar el si-a amintit.

Paris Louvre Engagement story

After the visit to the Louvre, we were both feeling very inspired. We were talking about making a change in the future, about making something great. Maybe not as great as Da Vinci or Michelangelo, but something that matters. We were both talking about wanting to have a big garden and a big house with a big swimming pool. It was not the first time we were talking about the future. But this time it was different. This time Dan told me he can’t wait any longer…. The rest is just too hard to put it in writing.. but yes, he had the ring and I said yes. More than once.

The rest of the night was just about us. Every sentence started or eneded with the word ‘fiance’ or ‘fiancee’. We headed towards the Latin Quarter and then we took a long walk in search for the perfect restaurant with a view over the Eiffel tower, for our dinner.


Dupa vizita la muzeul Louvre amandoi ne simteam foarte inspirati. Stateam in parc si vorbeam despre cum vom face si noi ceva deosebit in viata asta. Poate nu asa deosebit ca Da Vinci sau Michelangelo, dar ceva ce sa conteze. Vorbeam cum vom avea si noi o gradina mare, verde, o casa cu piscina si cateva animalute. Nu era prima data cand vorbeam despre asta. Doar ca de data asta a fost altfel. De data asta Dan mi-a spus ca nu mai are rabdare… restul ramane intre noi, e prea greu de pus pe hartie… Dar da, a avut inelul pe care mi l-am dorit… iar eu am spus da. De mai multe ori.

Restul serii a fost o continua celebrare a logodnei. Fiecare propozitie incepea sau se termina cu ‘logodnicul meu’, ‘logodnica mea’. Ne-am plimbat prin cartierul latin iar apoi am inceput sa cautam un restaurant cu vedere spre Turnul Eiffel, pentru a lua cina.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story Paris Louvre Engagement story

Paris Louvre Engagement story

♥ Andra and Dan

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