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Blog Andra DoroltiAs part of my final project at Uni I need to look at other bloggers from the UK. This is a great opportunity for me to connect with other people and get inspired by them. Some of them caught my eye, mostly because they are original, they stand out. That is why I will share with you some of my favourites. The first to talk about is Amy from The Pre-Trender. What I particularly like about her blog is that she’s always honest. No matter if it’s the latest trend, or a designer, or a celebrity. She will say her opinion in a charming way. You can see she likes to write and she actually wants to become a writer in the future. To get to know her better, check out some pics I chose from her blog.

Lucrez la proiectul de final pentru master si trebuie sa analizez bloggeri in Anglia. Cu ocazia asta, am inceput sa cunosc si sa colaborez cu diverse fete pasionate de moda. Si-asa mi-a venit ideea de a impartasi cu voi cele care mi-au atras atentia. Va vorbesc azi despre Amy, autoarea blogului The Pre-Trender. Imi place felul ei de-a scrie: mereu onest si cu o sinceritate curata. Mai jos am pus cateva poze cu ea, sa va faceti o idee.

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