At the pool: DIY Cover up

calvin klein swimsuit ray ban sunglassesEN   I got a dress from a friend and didn’t have the chance to wear it. And then I thought it’s the perfect item to do a small DIY project. What I did, I cut the fabric on the inside and I left only the outside bit which is very see through. But I made this in order to transform the dress into a cover up for my swimsuit. In the end it turned out to be extremely practical: long to cover my legs from the sun, very flowy so I never felt too warm, and it got dry in seconds. I am really happy with the result. On the market, something like this will cost me about 30 Pounds, and it wouldn’t be something original either.


RO   Am primit o rochie de la o prietena pentru ca ei nu mai ii era buna. Nu am apucat sa o port deloc pana cand am hotarat ca mai bine fac din ea un proiect. I-am taiat captuseala si am ramas cu o rochie lunga si vaporoasa, transparenta. Nu stiu cum e acasa, insa in Anglia rochitele semitransparente in stil cover up sunt foarte in voga. Si din cauza asta sunt si foarte scumpe. Sau ma rog, prea scumpe sa le umpli cu nisip si sa le uzi cu apa de mare, sa le tii la soare toata ziua… nu se merita investitia. Echivalentul a ce port eu ar costa intr-un magazin peste 150 RON. Eu sunt foarte multumita de rezultat si m-am gandit ca poate va dau si voua niste idei – poate aveti ceva rochii lungi (sau fuste) mai vechi care stau in dulap nepurtate. swimming pool swimming pool outfit cover up diy cover up poolcalvin klein swimsuit pool outfit calvin klein swimsuit ray ban sunglasses

Dress – no name

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Swimsuit – Calvin Klein


♥ Andra

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