5 Personalised, Unique and Affordable Christmas Gifts

perfect last minute gifts affordable personal unique

I absolutely love buying gifts for Christmas and I’m always thinking of unconventional ways of surprising my loved ones. One thing that I often do is sprinkle a touch of personal vibes – a great way to make your gift memorable and unique.  After reading million of Gift Guides, I wanted to come up with something a bit more special, affordable and very easy to find. Everything I’m showing you today is under £10 and you can buy most things from stores such as Pound Shop – to John Lewis and Selfridges. It’s totally up to you!

Personal Christmas Gifts for under £10

1. Gratitude Journal

A while ago I was talking about the life changing experience of having a gratitude journal (article here). What you need is  a nice notebook you can call the Gratitude Journal. Every night before going to bed, take 5 mins to write down 5 things you’re grateful for, that happened that day.

But here’s where the magic comes: By writing down all these good things, you relax, get in a good mood and you sleep much better. It’s also a great way to focus on the positive things – something easy to say, but harder to actually do.

Just pick a nice notebook, add a small note explaining what this is about and Voila – the perfect gift! 🙂 And if you don’t believe me, get yourself one this Christmas and see for yourself.

gratitude journal

2. Photo frame with personal photo 

With all these selfies going on, we forget about the real thing – why not get outside the box and actually gift someone a big photo frame with a personal photo printed – maybe a great holiday you’ve been to? Maybe a previous Christmas, birthday party – something with everyone together, having fun? Or a drawing they did, something personal. You can get photo frames from £1 and you can print photos anywhere in town, directly from your phone. It’s so easy and simple, you’ve got no excuse!

perfect last minute gifts affordable personal unique

3. Books 

Buying someone books is not something new, but where to buy them from – now that’s something else! You can go to Print Works and buy classics for so much cheaper. They have an offer of 6 books for £10 at the moment and they’re all classics such as: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and so on.

For the fashionistas, it’s expensive to get a nice table book. But then if you go to thrift stores, or stop by any book stalls (we have some on Oxford Road in Manchester) you can get old vintage fashion books for £2-£5. You can also check Amazon for used books as well. Imagine a pile of 3-4 old table books, wrapped in newspaper, with some rope around and real christmas tree leaves. So vintage, personal and just perfect! At least for me 🙂

Christmas gifts affordable cheap personal unique

4. Homemade Cookies

I absolutely love this idea and I have done this before. If you love baking or cooking in general, you can make a batch of your favourite cookies – wrap them nicely, add a personal card – and that’s done! You can even buy pens with food colouring (Juts look for the Dr Otker ones available in any big supermarket) and write down the names on the cookies.

What stands out here is the packaging – You can buy Christmas boxes from Poundshop, Home Sense, Tk Maxx, Wilko and many more – I got some nice ones from Home Sense with £5 for 10 paper ones. I also saw some tin boxes with lid in Poundshop.

last minute christmas presents affordable personal

5. Memory Box 

I actually received this gift myself and I absolutely loved it (Thanks Pavlina!). You basically need a nice empty box or jar and add a note that explains how this works: Every time something worth remembering happens, write it down and add the note in the memory box. When you’re feeling down, nostalgic or just want to relax – open the box and go through the notes. You’ll then realise how awesome your life is and how many good things have happened to you.

Christmas friends family love have fun

And this is why I love Christmas so much. Because I get to think of all my loved ones and try to bring them just a bit of joy. I hope I gave you some good ideas and I wish you all a fabulous Christmas!


Andra x

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