What to buy now: City Break Essentials

One thing I discovered when I moved to the UK was that British people have the habit of going shopping for a holiday. For those as confused as I was, this means that when you book a holiday, you go shopping for a new wardrobe for that specific holiday. As crazy as it seemed back then, as normal it seems now and I’ll tel you why. Britain has this particular weather you see, where we cannot really wear summery clothes without shivering. So when we book a holiday to a warmer country (which is basically anywhere else but Britain), we kinda need new clothes! And brits love shopping in general, so here you go!

city break must have shopping list

Blue Cotton Dress here | Sunglasses here | Shirt Striped Dress here | Lacoste White Trainers here

Flipping through the latest magazines and checking a couple of stores, all you see is swimwear. But what about us,who get bored on the beach and prefer to explore some new places instead? I thought it would be a good idea to give you some updates on the latest items in the shops, perfect for a city break. What is a city break essential? Something comfortable, but that stands out. As you’ll be taking pictures probably, but also walk a lot.

city break must buy now for summer holiday shopping list newin

Pink Frilled Top here | Pink Summer Straw Hat here | Golden Braided Heel Sandals here | Pink Chiffon Dress here 

When on holiday, clothes need to be fit for purpose so you can truly enjoy the experience of travelling. I also like to be more practical and invest in pieces I can wear back in England, with some layers on top.

wood brown safari

Braided Tote here | Brown Vest Top here | Floral Culottes here | Wooden Earrings here

 Fendi Silk Scarf here | Slides here

I hope I gave you some good ideas and if you haven’t planned a City Break yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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