How everything changes when you turn 25

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EN    For the first time in my life I wasn’t happy to celebrate the fact that I’m getting one year older. Before the day, I started feeling melancholic and a bit bad about the fact that I am no way near to where I thought I would be by now. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be better or worse, it’s just that I thought it would be different. And the biggest disappointment, I guess, was the fact that I always thought that by the time I’ll be 25 everything will be more clear, I would have stability in my life and I would definitely have a clear plan about what’s next. I started feeling a bit lost and thinking why on earth do I still have so many questions that need to be answered and why on earth have I not accomplished everything that I wrote on that list, everything that I dreamed of before I was 14. And then the day came and I turned 25. And just like that all the thoughts, all the drama varnished. Just like that I felt better again. I realised that guess what, ain’t no big deal. And after talking with some of my friends, they’ve told me that they’ve been through this as well. I guess it’s just a phase, I guess it’s just that time when we really want to make a difference, when our passion and motivation bursts. But at the same time we have no patience, we want it all and we want it now. At least, that’s what I feel. So now that I’m 25, I’m back to the old me – no more regrets and more energy – to make myself more proud by the time I turn 26.


RO     Pentru prima data in viata mea nu am asteptat cu bucurie sa-mi sarbatoresc ziua de nastere. Inainte de data cu pricina am inceput sa ma simt ciudat. Ma simteam melancolica si usor dezamagita. De mica aveam in gand cum va fi la 25 de ani (nu stiu de ce tocmai varsta asta) si acum, aproape de prag, simteam ca sunt departe de asteptarile mele. Nu neaparat intr-un sens rau, ci mai mult legat de ceea ce simt. Credeam ca odata ce voi trece de 25 de ani o sa am mai multa stabilitate, o sa-mi fie mai clar ce si cum, o sa fiu mai sigura de ceea ce urmeaza, si da, ca o sa realizez ce mi-am pus in gand de cand eram inca in scoala generala. Si toata supararea asta s-a evaporat instant duminica, de ziua mea. Insant am revenit la normal. Si ce e interesant e ca treacand prin starea asta ciudata am vorbit cu mai multe prietene care au trecut de pragul asta (marele prag). Si toate mi-au confirmat acelasi lucru. Asa ca am ajuns la concluzia ca nu-i asa mare tragedia. E o stare prin care trecem la varsta asta, e o perioada in care avem prea multa pasiune, prea multa motivatie, prea multa dorinta sa facem ceva maret, insa n-avem rabdare deloc. Da’ deloc! Cel putin asta se-ntampla prin cercul meu de prieteni si la resedinta Andra & Dan. Asa ca marea revelatie care mi-a adus-o varsta de 25 de ani e ca mai este timp. So let’s enjoy it! 

spring outfit white fedora h&M over the knee boots white shades 25 anniversary spring outfit white fedora h&M over the knee boots white shades 25 anniversary spring outfit white fedora h&M over the knee boots white shades 25 anniversary spring outfit white fedora h&M over the knee boots white shades 25 anniversary spring outfit white fedora h&M over the knee boots white shades 25 anniversary spring outfit white fedora h&M over the knee boots white shades 25 anniversary

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Hat and Blazer – H&M

Playsuit – Miss Selrfridge

Boots- Ego in Manchester

Necklace and Bracelet – Primark

Watch – Casio


♥ Andra

It’s time we do some work

versace glasses river island black and white dress over the knee boots fcuk blue coat ted baked bag

EN     I don’t know about you, but I feel that this winter I spent too much time in bed, watching movies and just being warm. Don’t get me wrong, it feels soo good and what else can we do when it’s so cold outside? But guess what, it’s the middle of march already so I think it’s time for us to stop the winter procrastination and start doing more fun stuff. The first thing I did was to start yoga classes. Well, actually, hot yoga classes. Yep – here I am, a very not flexible person trying to reach my toes in a room at 40 degrees temperature. Dan and I were making summer plans and I suddenly realised that my body’s not ready for beach. And I blame all those cafe lattes that kept me warm during winter, and all those snacks and cakes while watching movies, and all those ‘let’s take a cab, it’s too cold outside’ moments. We’re all a bit too lazy during winter, don’t you think? But I’m done. I really want to change this. I want to feel good about myself when it’s time for swimming suits and I feel I need to start working now and no later than that. So I invite you to start this journey with me so we can all rock it in the summer! Until then, some spanx might help :D


RO      Simt c-am hibernat prea mult iarna asta. Dar la cat de frig si urat a fost afara nu e de mirare. Tot ce vrem e sa stam la caldurica, sa bem ceai si sa ne uitam la filme. Insa deja e mijlocul lui Martie si am impresia ca trebuie musai sa terminam cu procastinatul. Iar ca sa ma pun in miscare am inceput sa ma duc la clase de yoga. De fapt, hot yoga. Adica timp de 90 minute te chinui (sau te strofoci - daca esti din Ardeal) sa faci miscarile intr-o camera incalzita la 40 de grade Celsius. Totul a inceput cand eu si Dan ne-am uitat la idei de vacanta de vara. Atunci am realizat ca de fapt eu nu-s pregatita de plaja. Si pentru ca nu-s eu subtirica de felul meu, stiu ca nu-mi va fi usor. De-aceea am hotarat sa ma apuc din timp, am hotarat ca e timpul sa renunt la comoditate si sa ma misc mai mult, sa ies afara mai mult. Asa ca va invit si pe voi sa fiti alaturi de mine, sa fiti mai active, sa fiti mai pline de energie. Iar la vara sa putem sa ne fataim in costume de baie relaxate. Pana atunci insa, in caz de nevoie, va recomand niste Spanx :D 

versace glasses river island black and white dress over the knee boots fcuk blue coat ted baked bag versace glasses river island black and white dress over the knee boots fcuk blue coat ted baked bagversace glasses river island black and white dress over the knee boots fcuk blue coat ted baked bag versace glasses river island black and white dress over the knee boots fcuk blue coat ted baked bag versace glasses river island black and white dress over the knee boots fcuk blue coat ted baked bagDress – River Island

Coat – FCUK

Bag – Ted Baker

Boots – Local (Ego in Manchester)

Glasses – Versace



International Women’s Day

20150301_150834EN    In many countries around the world we celebrate the women today. And I personally love this day. So to surprise me, Dan booked a nice table for lunch at a very nice stake house. I didn’t know beforehand, the only thing I knew was that I had to dress nice. So the easiest way was to wear a red dress and Dan wore a suit. Now of course when we got there we realised we were both way overdressed for the place, but hey, it’s a celebration today so it was just fine. The place where we went to is called Hawksmoor and if you’re from England you should check it out! It’s definitely worth trying.


RO    La Multi Ani, dragi femei! Va doresc o primavara calda si senina! Sper ca ati avut parte de-o duminica aparte. Eu am fost invitata intr-o locatie secreta de catre Dan. Singurul lucru pe care l-am stiut dinainte e ca trebuie sa ma imbrac mai elegant. Asa ca am ales sa port o rochie mai mulata, rosie – am zis ca sigur nu pot da gres asa. 

Englezii nu sarbatoresc aceasta zi, asa ca noi romancele suntem mai norocoase. Dupa cum spuneam, luna martie e plina de flori si sarbatori – 1 Martie Martisor, 8 Martie ziua femeii, iar spre final – ziua mea! (someone’s excited)

women's day red dress women's day red dress20150308_155244women's day red dresswomen's day red dress

Coat – French Connection

Dress – Mango

Boots – zara

Bag – Vintage

Necklace – New Look



Hello, Spring!

spring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookEN     I love spring. It used to be my favourite season. But I’ve decided I don’t have a favourite season anymore, because each of them has its own beauty. But winter might be the last on my list… or at least this winter. It was way too long, and way too rainy. So to express my excitement towards the warmer season (hopefully), I chose to wear a really bright outfit. Yes, it is too bold for the weather, it’s still cold outside. But I couldn’t help it. So I hope it gives you some inspiration for the (many) upcoming sunny days!


RO    Ador primavara. Era intr-o vreme anotimpul meu preferat dar am hotarat ca nu mai am unul. Gata. Am impresia ca fiecare anotimp are farmecul lui. Si totusi iarna poate se afla pe ultimul loc. Sau cel putin iarna asta care (in sfarsit) a trecut. A fost mult prea rece, prea ploioasa, prea lunga. Asa ca, (prea) entuziasmata am hotarat sa ma imbrac in ceva cat mai fresh de 1 Martie. Ma duce cu gandul la florile de cires, la campiile lungi si dese de la bunica. Nu stiu voi, dar eu tare-am asteptat primavara! Asa ca sper sa va placa si sa va inspire tinuta de azi.

spring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookspring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookspring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office lookspring outfit michael kors clutch ara shoes office look

Top – French Connection

Jacket – H&M

Skirt – H&M

Shoes – zara

Clutch – Michael Kors


❤ Andra

Yes, I was on Holiday

wool knit statement necklace rainy outfit

EN     This week I came back from a lovely holiday. After a year and a half I finally had the chance to sleep in my old room, to dance around in my walking closet, to eat the best food in the world (without a doubt!)  and to torture the cats by being way too friendly with them all the time – yep, this is home! So after all the sleeping and eating I decided to use my holiday time more efficiently – going out as much as possible. Oh, and yes, doing whatever I wanted to do, no boundaries. Now that felt good!

To be honest, I had quite a hectic time that started way before Christmas. So I was looking forward to just resting and getting my energy back. And now that I’m back, I’m ready to take it to the next level. It’s interesting how a holiday can help you so much, don’t you think? At least that’s what I think. And probably that’s why I like to travel so much. You should do it too, trust me, it’s worth it!

Now going back to the subject – my outfit. My outfit is exactly what you need to wear for this awesome (not) rainy Britain. The jumper belongs to my brother, or should I say – belonged? It’s 100% wool and it’s really comfortable. And it helps to hide the fact that I ate like crazy for the last 2 weeks. It’s what I have been wearing lately, given the fact that I spent a lot of time reorganizing my schedule and planning new things around the house. And to make a comfortable outfit more interesting I added that awesome necklace that I really love.




RO    Saptamana asta m-am intors dintr-o lunga vacanta. Dupa un an jumate am avut in sfarsit ocazia sa dorm in camera mea, sa ma fatai prin dressing, sa mananc cea mai buna mancare (ever!) si sa chinui pisicile cu dragalasenia mea cam exagerata. Yep – am fost acasaaa! Si dupa atata mancat si dormit am ales sa-mi petrec timpul liber intr-un mod mai productiv – sa ies in oras cat pot de mult, sa fac tot ce-mi face placere, sa ma rasfat la maxim. 

Adevarul e ca din luna Noiembrie am lucrat neincetat. Deja energia mea era sub zero si cateodata simteam nevoia sa dorm si cate 10 ore pe noapte sa ma refac. Asa ca vacanta de acasa a fost exact ce mi-a trebuit. Iar acum ca mi-am reincarcat bateriile, sunt gata sa trec la nivelul urmator. Simt ca de cele mai multe ori o vacanta e tot ce-ti trebuie sa te puna pe picioare. Fie ca-i vorba de energie, fie ca-i vorba de idei de o anumita coordonare despre ce vrei sa faci mai departe. Poate de-aia si calatoresc asa mult. 

Iar acum, revenind la subiectul principal – tinuta de azi e extrem de simpla si comoda. Puloverul apartine fratelui meu (sau mai bine zis, a apartinut!). E 100% lana, o calitate extraordinara si e perfect pentru vremea asta ploioasa din Anglia. Si pe langa asta, ascunde foarte bine mesele copioase din ultimele doua saptamani petrecute acasa. Decand ne-am intors n-am facut decat sa ma ocup de lucruri organizatorice, drept urmare tinutele mai lejere. Insa adaugand colierul am mai dat putina personalitate tinutei. 

 wool knit statement necklace rainy outfit wool knit statement necklace rainy outfit wool knit statement necklace rainy outfitwool knit statement necklace rainy outfitSweater – old

Necklace – Hand made

Leather Boots – All Shoes, Romania

Leather Backpack – Vintage store

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Watch – Casio


royal blue zara jumpsuit

EN     I’m going through a very difficult phase right now, ladies. You know that time when you decide to cut your fringe and then it starts growing and it’s too long to leave it on your forehead, but too short to leave it on the side… frustrating, I’m telling you! So to make myself feel better, I put on this gorgeous royal blue jumpsuit that I found on sale in Zara. In the photos it looks a bit like I’m preparing to fly somewhere (I wish!), but it actually looks really nice when I wear it. It gives the illusion of a cape. The only downfall it’s that it’s the type of cloth that will show every line of your underwear, but because of the colour it’s quite manageable. Sold!

What bargains did you find this winter? What stores do you usually hunt on the sale? Let me know in a comment below, sharing is caring!




RO     Trec printr-o perioada foarte dificila, fetelor… Stiti momentul ala in care va hotarati sa va faceti breton drept, apoi incepe sa creasca si e prea lung de intra-n ochi, dar prea scurt sa-l pui intr-o parte? Greu… foarte greu… Asa ca, sa ma simt mai bine, am hotarat sa port o noua achizitie – un jumpsuit de la zara intr-un albastru roial, gasit la reduceri (of course). In poze da impresia ca parca-s gata sa-mi iau zborul, insa cand stau normal arata ca un sal elegant. E foarte comod, singura problema e ca e cam subtire materialul si lenjeria intima trebuie aleasa cu atentie, altfel se vad repede cutele. Oricum, culoarea inchisa ajuta. Vandut! 

Voi ce oferte bune ati prins sezonul asta? Care sunt brandurile voastre preferate in general, dar in perioada reducerilor? Lasati-mi un comentariu mai jos, sunt curioasa! 


royal blue zara jumpsuit royal blue zara jumpsuit royal blue zara jumpsuit royal blue zara jumpsuit royal blue zara jumpsuit

Dress – Zara

Belt – Ted Baker

Shoes – New Look

Earrings – Dorothy Perkins


New year, new approach

bold black jumpsuit asos

EN    It’s my first blog post of 2015. It seems that it took me a while to come back to blogging. Not because I didn’t have anything to share with you, but because I still haven’t decided yet the right approach for the blog for 2015. I spent quite a lot of time analysing the last year and I am now in the process of building the best ‘strategy’ for a better me (if that makes any sense). Despite the majority, I left 2014 a bit disappointed and sad. I felt I didn’t tick everything off my list and it just didn’t feel right. I mean, I did get a better job, I did triple my blog readership, I did graduate, I did get engaged with the most amazing guy ever, but I felt I could have done more. Much more. I feel I stayed too much in my comfort zone and, hence, I missed some good stuff. And it’s the same with the blog. I know now that I want to experiment more with looks, that if I want to dye my hair pink, I shall do it. I mean, if not now, when? So I am ready to play more with looks, even if sometimes I might fail at it.

It’s been so long since I bought this black jumpsuit. I saw it online and I knew I have to have it. I knew it’s a bit revealing but I thought it’s such a statement piece. I hesitated wearing it just because I thought people would say it’s too much (and by people I mean mum). But here I am, embracing my new theory not only on the blog, but every day and hopefully it will get me far by 2016.

I wish you all a great year!



RO   E prima mea postare din anul 2015. Dupa cum se vede, mi-a trebuit ceva timp sa revin. Si nu din lipsa de inspiratie, mai degraba dimpotriva. Am incheiat anul 2014 melancolica, usor dezamagita. Am realizat multe anul trecut – am o slujba mai buna, am terminat facultatea, m-am logodit, mi-am triplat audienta la blog si totusi am avut impresia ca am esuat. Poate am pus prea multe pe lista, poate am avut asteptari prea mari. Insa un lucru e sigur – am ales prea des sa fiu intr-o situatie confortabila, iar uneori am ales sa renunt doar pentru ca parea dificil. Asa ca anul asta vreau sa fie mai mult eu si mai putin ce cred altii (sau ce spun altii). Vreau sa am mai mult curaj, vreau sa invat mai mult, chiar daca asta-nseamna sa si gresesc mai mult.

Si asa am ales sa incep anul cu o postare mai indrazneata, purtand ceva ce mi-am dorit de mult sa port dar m-am gandit ca e cam mult. Si poate e, dar in acelasi timp e si o tinuta foarte eleganta. Mi se pare perfecta pentru o cina romantica cu iubitul. Poate o aniversare, sau poate chiar Valentine’s Day, ori Dragobete.


Va urez tuturor un an nou cat mai bun!

bold black jumpsuit asos bold black jumpsuit asos bold black jumpsuit asos bold black jumpsuit asosJumpsuit –

Blazer – H&M

Shoes – New Look

Photo Diary – Samsung Galaxy Alpha Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy Alhpa How was your Christmas, dear friends? I hope you had enough time to rest and really enjoy this Holiday! And I hope you got what you wished for. And don’t bother about those extra chocolate cakes you had… I know I don’t.

This Christmas I had the chance to update my phone and in the end I went for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. I also navigated towards the Iphone 6, but I didn’t really like the design. So I played a lot with my new gadget, we even took some photos for a blog post. And in the end I decided to share with you some of my favourite photos, to give you an idea of how good the camera phone is! I was really impressed with the quality.


Dragi cititori, sper ca ati avut parte de un Craciun bine meritat. Liniste, mancare buna, familie, prieteni si poate chiar zapada? Si nu va faceti griji pentru portia dubla de sarmale.. ca doar o data-i Craciunul! (pe an). 

Si pentru ca am meritat, mi-am facut singura cadou un nou telefon de Craciun. Era cazul sa-l schimb si-am ales noul Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Am avut de ales intre ceva ce altii voiau (Iphone 6) si ceva ce eu imi doream (Samsung), asa ca am ales ce-am vrut eu si sunt foarte multumita. Cu ocazia asta am facut mai multe poze si ma gandeam ca ar fi interesant sa impartasesc cateva cu voi. Am ramas placut surprinsa de calitatea camerei din telefon asa ca am ales cateva dintre pozele mele preferate din vacanta de Craciun. 

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha PhotosSamsung Galaxy Alpha Photos Samsung Galaxy Alpha Photos

Baby it’s cold outside

white coat winter lookIn an ideal world, I would have a wardrobe full of coats and jackets only. Why? Because I often get bored of my old ones. And sometimes that’s all I see myself wearing all day – the same old coat. So when I saw this faux fur collar I had to buy it. It gives me the illusion that I’m wearing something different. And the good thing about it is that it looks awesome on top of a dress too! It’s not very warm to be honest, but oh well.. the things we do for fashion! I leave you now with this post and I wish you all the best for getting ready for the holidays!


O situatie ideala pentru mine ar fi un dulap plin de geci si paltoane. Iarna am impresia ca mereu port acelasi lucru. Degeaba sunt creativa cu tinutele, daca paltonul acopera totul. Si deseori imi petrec toata ziua pe-afara, deci da, purtand mereu acelasi palton poate fi plictisitor. O modalitate de-a mai improspata tinuta e alegerea unui guler care efectiv se prinde peste. Mai ales daca e o culoare diferita, ai impresia ca e alta haina. Sincer, practic nu prea e! Nu tine de cald, dar macar arata frumos. Cateodata ne mai sacrifiam si noi, de dragul modei. 

Va pup si va urez mult spor pentru pregatirile de sarbatori. Noi inca mai avem cale lunga.. Desi pentru mine pregatirile de Craciun sunt fascinante (de-a dreptul!) si toata ziua as impodobi si-as coace cozonaci, din pacate energia mea se-ndreapta mai mult anul asta la servici. Dar Dan ma ajuta si el (acum freaca vana din baie de zor) asa ca incetisor vom fi gata pana pe 24. Si daca nu, oricum nu conteaza. Cozonac avem de la mama, vinul e in frigider, cadourile sunt pregatite, iar prietenii nostri ne vor astepta cu cina. 

white coat winter look white coat winter look white coat winter lookCoat – Mango

Gloves – Vintage

Bag – Ted Baker

Boots – zara

Collar – Primark

Basic RGB

♥ Andra

When All Black is enough

high knee boots black outfitI always loved high knee boots, even when they weren’t ‘on trend’. However, my – let’s call them – not to tall legs, and not skinny either, don’t look that flattering in any high knee boot. And I could never pair up a pair of these boots with a pair of trousers. I would look too strange and probably too small (and chubby). So my way of wearing them is with a dress short enough to show a bit of skin, to give the illusion of a longer leg. And if the boots have a bit of heel, mission accomplished! I felt that wearing the boots is brave enough, so I chose to wear all black. I did try on a white dress before but it just looked like I was trying too much. and oh, how I hate looking like that. I’d rather look more casual than too put together. It’s just not my style. Sometimes less is more and in this case it seemed enough for me. Please tell me how you like to wear your boots in the comments below!


Mereu am fost fana cizmelor peste genunchi, inainte de-a fi la moda, inainte de-a fi populare, inainte de dinainte. Mi se par extrem de comode si le-as purta mereu. Insa nu e un model usor de purtat si uneori putem arata caraghios. In cazul meu, daca ar fi sa port cizme de genul cu o pereche de pantaloni as arata scunda si rotunda (rimeaza!). Idem cu o pereche de cizme prea botocanoase pentru noi, fetele de 1,60 si ceva. Daca aveti picioare foarte subtiri atunci aveti mare noroc! Insa cele mai multe dintre noi n-avem norocul asta. 

Asa ca, pentru a parea mai supla, aleg mereu o rochie suficient de scurta incat sa mi se vada putin din picior. Un alt truc e purtarea unor colanti de culoare inchisa. dar atunci care mai e farmecul cizmelor inalte? 

Si ca sa revenim la tinuta, am ales totul pe culoarea negru. Am zis ca rochia mini si cizmele peste genunchi e destul. Astept sa-mi spuneti voi cum purtati genul asta de cizme, sunt curioasa! 

high knee boots black outfithigh knee boots black outfit high knee boots black outfit high knee boots black outfit high knee boots black outfitBoots – local store Manchester – Ego

Coat – French Connection

Bag – London

Black Dress – Oasis

Black Poncho – Local store

Glasses – Versace

❤ Andra