Evening Dresses for the Wedding Season

EN It’s been a while since I haven’t done one of these inspiration posts and I feel now is the time, with all the weddings coming up. I found myself browsing online for evening dresses, mainly to find out what I’d like to buy or order. So I came up with a list, based on different styles, so I’ve got something interesting for each and one of you, ladies! That’s how I usually do – I look online and the more I see, the more I know what style I want, what colour and what fit. It’s easy to pick afterwards, but with so many options out there I thought I’ll show you some of my favourite ones lately. Just to make it more simple, enjoy my list!

RO  Imi sta in fire sa petrec (prea mult) timp online cautand poze pentru a ma inspira. Si pentru ca tot e sezonul nuntilor, m-am gandit sa creez iar o postare cu rochii de seara, tocmai pentru a va inspira. Am ales sa sortez tinutele in functie de mai multe stiluri, ca sa ma asigur ca o sa va placa ceva din lista mea. Asa ca hai sa va arat ce am gasit!

Long Evening Dresses or Evening Maxi Dresses (click on titles for prices)

lond evening dresses sherry london

Black Evening Dresses (click on title for prices)

Black long evening dresses uk sherry london

Red Evening Dresses

red evening dresses sherry london uk

Short Evening Dresses

short evening dresses sherry london uk

Plus Size Evening Dresses

plus size evening dresses sherry london uk

I got all the images from Sherry London, a website that offers a variety of evening dresses in UK.


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Thin Hair Treatment with Nanogen

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen review

EN I consider myself a lucky girl. I’ve got amazing friends and a beautiful family, I’ve got a cool job , I’ve got a hottie that wants to marry me, I’m happy and healthy. But oh boy, I DO NOT have nice hair! And when you’re born with thin hair, it’s not easy to find the right hair care products.

I have to admit that my hair care is on and off, really. That’s why I am usually after a quick and easy treatment, at a reasonable price. And this is why I decided to try out the  Nanogen Thickener Treatment. I went all in and four of their products and this is my verdict (drum rolls!) :

Thickening Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner – Find the shampoo here and the conditioner here

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen

I’ve always used these two together and my hair was always more shiny than usual, it looked healthier and glowy. However I felt I didn’t get as much volume as I wanted. So a big thumbs up for how my hair felt, but definitely needed some styling to make it more voluminous. Also an extra star for the conditioner which didn’t leave my hair too flat, like most conditioners do – you can see it’s designed for thin hair.

Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray – Find it here

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen review volume and more

This spray does it’s job -it boosts your hair and you immediately have more volume. I like the smell as well and the size is right, so you can put it in your bag and freshen up during the day.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that if you overdo it, it will be too heavy on your hair.  I also don’t feel the need to use my regular hair spray that much when I use this. Which is perfect as the hair spray dries my hair like crazy. And what’s worse than thin hair? Thin damaged hair! I also love to use the Thickening Spray to create beach waves – amazing!

Hair Growth Factor Serum – Find it here

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen review

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen best treatment

Thin Hair Treatment Nanogen how to

Now this is the Creme a la Creme – it says it’s got the highest level of growth factors available without consultation. So because of its description, I had high expectations. And baby, they were met! I’ve recently cut 6 inches off my hair and I can definitely see a major difference already.

Overall I liked the products, I felt my hair got a bit healthier and shinier and I feel better just by knowing I am taking care of it properly 🙂 If you want to try out Nanogen, you can find the products at Boots or click on the direct links attached in the post.

Have you tried Nanogen before? Let me know in a comment below !




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The Coolest Midi Dress

summer inspiration blue midi dress

EN  I think this is the coolest casual midi dress I’ve ever spotted! Seen from the front it looks just like a plain comfy dress. But it’s actually quite magical! The skirt is so dense, that when you walk or the wind blows, it flows a bit. And the cherry on top is the fact that is backless! I used to wear backless things all the time when I was younger, I don’t know why I stopped really. It’s such a fun thing, especially in the summer! And I know some of you might be afraid because it’s always hard to wear it with a bra – that’s why I’m gonna share with you my wisdom: wear a colourful funky bra underneath to complement the outfit and you’re good to go! 🙂


RO  Cred ca asta-i cea mai faina rochie midi casual pe care-as fi putut-o gasi la un pret atat de avantajos! La prima vedere pare o simpla rochie din bumbac, perfecta pentru o tinuta lejera. Insa rochia asta are cateva secrete! In primul rand, fusta e facuta din foarte mult material asa ca atunci cand cobori scarile sau vantul sufla usor, se ridica si creeaza niste valuri extraordinare. Iar cireasa de pe tort e spatele gol! Am si uitat ce mult imi plac mie hainele cu spatele gol… Si stiu ca uneori ne e greu sa purtam haine de genul pentru ca ne e dificl sa gasim sutienul potrivit. Ei bine, vara e mult mai usor – eu merg pe optiunea: un sutien care sa complimenteze tinuta, ceva colorat, ceva diferit – si gata, am rezolvat problema! 🙂

ootd hm summer midi dress

summer in the garden midi dress

daily summer inspiration midi dress hm

daily summer inspiration midi dress

daily summer backless midi dress

summer blue midi dress

Midi Dress – H&M | Hat – H&M | Shoes – Benvenutti | Bra – Victoria’s Secret | Bag – Ted Baker | Necklace – Claire’s


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Crystal One Day Contact Lenses – Review

best contact lenses for sensitive eyes

About two weeks ago I was given the chance to try out a new brand of contact lenses called Crystal 1 Day. I want to mention that I was already pretty happy with my regular ones, but trying something new is always tempting! So this is my full review on contact lenses – but let me give you the full picture first.

About me

I need to say that I’ve been wearing contacts for many years now. And in spite of all this time, my eyes are still as sensitive as ever before. I get dry eyes easily, I can only wear daily contacts and I wear eye makeup daily. I think it’s important to know all this in order to understand better my review.

About contact lenses in general

You need to know that there are two types of contact lenses: dailies and monthlies. This means that the former ones can be used one day only, while the others can be used for a month, they are kept in those popular tiny boxes while you’re not wearing them.

contact lenses crystal day 1 best daily contact lenses

Why dailies

As they’re built to last one day only, the daily contact lenses are much thinner than the monthly ones. This means they are automatically more comfortable, you can barely feel them! But nothing’s perfect and their biggest disadvantage is mainly the price. I usually buy the Ciba Vision brand and pay £30/month for mine. And that I think it’s quite expensive! But let me tell you something, the Crystal 1 Day are half price! And if you would do a blind test on me (the irony), I would say that the Crystal 1 Day contacts are the most expensive ones I have ever tried. So that’s why I find my discovery revolutionary, and here are some more reasons:

Why Crystal 1 Day contact lenses

Now this is the time when I get to convince you to try them out. I was honestly way too impressed. So impressed with how comfortable I felt that I will only buy this brand from now on. In the evenings I would often look close up in the mirror to make sure I got them out. Or I would look really far away to check if I can see. And that’s because I literally felt like I had nothing on.

My eyes did get dry on two occasions – one was when I spent all day out in the sun without any sunglasses, the other one was when I stayed up for almost 20 hours. Any other day I was alright, with an average wear of 9 hours per day.

I want to mention I usually use drops for dry eyes, but didn’t need any this time.

thin contact lenses

How easy is it to use them

I am not gonna lie – you need a bit of dexterity in order to put contacts on in general. You need to feel comfortable being so close to your eyes, you need to always make sure you have clean hands and nothing in your eyes (dust, mascara etc) when you put them on.

It will be easier to put on the monthly contact lenses because they are thicker. With the dailies you’ll find it a bit more difficult. But don’t worry, it’s way easier than applying false lashes! Now that’s a challenge….


This is for all those people who didn’t read the rest of the article – here is the main idea: the Crystal 1 Day contacts are amazing! They are the most comfortable daily contact lenses I have ever tried. And I have tried many. And daily contacts are in general way more comfortable than the monthly ones. So, by deduction we can say that Crystal 1 Day are the most comfortable contacts I have ever tried. And the cheapest too! I was truly impressed, and I recommend them. You can buy them here.

crystal day 1 review


*The contacts were offered to me by Contactlenses.co.uk, however I asked to try them out.

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Wedding Guests

wedding couple black dress dark blue suit

EN  Dan and I had the pleasure to go to our friends’ wedding this weekend. We were rushing out the door as we were already late. But my father still took the chance to take some photos of us. And I’m glad he did, as we barely have any photos together. So this post is as simple as that: Dan and Andra as Wedding Guests 🙂

RO  Weekendul trecut Dan si cu mine am avut prima ocazie de-a fi nasi la nunta prietenilor nostri. Deja in intarziere, am iesit in graba pe usa si ne pregateam sa ne bagam in masina cand tata repede ne-a facut niste poze. Si ma bucur tare pentru ca avem putine poze cu noi doi impreuna. Am ales o tinuta cat mai clasica si extrem de comoda. Iar in final acesta a fost rezultatul 🙂

wedding dress black long jewelry

aldo jewelry

couple dressed up

wedding couple black dress

wedding guests

wedding couple

Dress – Made to Custom | Shoes – New Look | Necklace – Aldo | Dan – Suit Cozac Romania | Shoes – Aldo

Photos by Vasile Dorolti



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Best Way to Revitalize your Hair

cullotes zara affordable look, short hair

EN  Do you want the quickest way to have a healthy looking hair? I’ve got an answer for you – cut it!! After countless efforts to revitalize my hair I gave up… I took my scissors and cut 6 inches off my dull, dry and very damaged hair. I still don’t have the perfect hair, but it instantly has more volume, looks more fresh and I feel great! It’s quite a big change for me, but I love it. It’s also extremely easy to style, so it’s a win!

The beginning of summer is the perfect opportunity to change your style. Is that time of the year when you go a bit crazy, you go on holidays, wear different clothes, dare to experiment with looks – so why not change your hair too? You can always go back with some good quality hair extensions, so why not take the risk? 😀


RO   In ultima vreme am incercat sa-mi las parul cat mai liber, pentru ca era atat de uscat la varfuri incat am zis ca nu mai vreau sa-l stric cu ondulatorul sau presa. Ba mai mult, am exagerat putin cu cantitatile de balsam si tratamentele intensive pentru par. Tot n-am ajuns la rezultatul dorit asa ca intr-o zi m-am enervat si mi-am taiat 15centimetri din par. Yep, 15! Eu singura mi-am facut onoarea, am foarfeca de tuns acasa. M-am asezat frumos in oglinda si am taiat fara frica. Rezultatul? Ma simt fresh si foarte bine! Parul pare mai sanatos, am scapat de varfurile despicate. Am automat si mai mult volum – e perfect!

Vara e anotimpul schimbarilor majore zic eu. E anotimpul in care experimentam mai mult, iesim mai des pe-afara, mergem in excursii, suntem mai energici si mai inspirati – asa ca de ce sa nu ne schimbam si coafura? Iar in caz de ceva, avem de unde sa ne cumparam extensii de par, asa ca risul e mic, I say let’s go for it! 😀

cullotes zara affordable look summer hair

cullotes zara affordable look revitalize hair

cullotes zara affordable look

Cullotes – Zara | White Top – French Connection | Shoes/Ballerinas – Zara | Bag – Vintage | Sunglasses – Primark


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IVY Park at the Gym – REVIEW

ivy park gym review workout gear

EN Hi, my name is Andra and I am a Bee hive member. No, I’m no crazy fan, but I do love Beyonce not onlye as a singer but as a woman. And since I’m listening to her when I’m at the gym, why not wear her clothes too, right? Well, not her actual clothes, but you know what I mean. I was one of the first to check out her collection. I tried loads on and I already knew that these clothes were made for: embracing curves and the body, making it look more feminine and great materials to help with all the sweating at the gym. After a couple of wears I can finally give my verdict and here it is: The fabric technology – it doesn’t feel that special, but it does work! I can honestly say I am most comfortable after a workout when wearing IVY Park. My skin breathes and my clothes are always fry.So hands down to that.

Now on the other hand, all the stories about embracing curves and stuff… I think I might not have the right curves! I am no skinny lady and I have to admit that the leggings do make my waist look tinier which is good. But I have to say that I tried on loads of items in the store and many just looked weird on me. I ended up choosing the basic black tees and leggings. They are good, but I’m no sexier than in my Primarks. I am happy I bought the items and I am also happy with the prices I paid. I know some pieces were crazy expensive, but to be honest they seemed the less practical to me. I have to admit, I bought them because of the brand too. But overall I paid 35 Pounds for the outfit, which I think it’s good. I liked the collection but I did expect something more from Bey. More creativity, more colour and definitely more feminine styles.

RO  Nu stiu daca v-am mai spus, dar eu sunt o fana inraita Beyonce. O admir mult, o ascult mereu la sala si-asa ca de ce sa nu ii port si hainele? Am fost entuziasmata sa vad noua colectie IVY Park si am fost prima la rand la probat. Intr-un interviu exclusiv Vogue, Beyonce descria colectia ca avand doua mari caracteristici: croi special facut pentru fete cu forme, pentru accenatuarea formelor si creearea unei siluete feminine. A doua a fost folosirea unei tehnologii aparte pentru a crea un material cat mai placut pe corp si a nu pastra umiditatea. 

Din punct de vedere material trebuie sa recunosc ca am fost uimita. Ma simt excelent si nu am intalnit echipamente asa bune din punctul asta de vedere. Pielea imi respira foarte bine iar hainele sunt mereu uscate. Insa din punct de vedere – accentuarea formelor si-asa mai departe… nu stiu ce sa spun! Ma stiti doar, nu sunt cea mai subtirica, insa poate n-am nici formele de care vorbea Beyonce. Majoritatea hainelor pe care le-am probat au aratat chiar ciudat. Insa trebuie sa recunosc ca perechea de colanti pe care am ales-o imi face talia mai mica. Dar oricum, a fost un hit and miss. 

Per total sunt multumita de achizitia facuta. Am mers pe principiul simplu alb-negru. Nu am nici cheltuit prea mult. Unele haine erau de-a dreptul exagerat de scumpe. Si si mai exagerat de impractice. Mi-a placut colectia, dar n-a fost nimic WoW. Ma asteptam la ceva mai mult, la ceva cu mai mult caracter. Insa ca si practibilitate la sala – nota zece. 

ivy park gym review workout gear

ivy park gym review workout gear

ivy park gym review workout gear

ivy park gym review workout gear

ivy park gym review workout gear

ivy park gym review workout gear

ivy park gym review workout gear

TShirt and Leggings – IVY Park / Bustier – Decathlon /  Shoes – Nike Air 5.0


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How I wear Red

spring summer trends red jumpsuit 2016

EN   I don’t often wear red, but when I do I make sure to make a statement. I tend to go with a full red outfit, I think it looks so much cooler. I also like to wear loose clothes, without any embellishments or  too many accessories.  I think the biggest thing when it comes to wearing red is – less is more. Don’t overdo it, don’t wear matchy accessories or crazy jewelry. You want to look put together, but not like you’re trying too much.

For today I chose the most basic jumpsuit ever. It’s actually from the beach collection at Primark. You’re supposed to wear it on your holiday, on top of your swimsuit and with a pair of espadrilles probably. But I decided to upgrade the look by simply wearing some cool open toe boots. And that’s pretty much it. It’s comfortable but still chic. The colour makes it really fun and perfect for these sunny days. I don’t know about you, but I love how the weather’s been lately. I’m always listening to music, having way more energy than usual, and just being really happy all the time 🙂

RO   Nu port prea des rosu, dar atunci cand port aleg o tinuta statement. Mi se pare ca e cu totul o alta tinuta atunci cand porti predominant ceva rosu. Insa ceva ce te sfatuiesc e sa nu o duci prea departe. Evita sa iti asortezi hainele cu incaltamintea si accesoriile. Nu vrei sa fii prea asortata. De asemenea, o tinuta mai lejera e mult mai chic decat o rochie rosie ca focul, mulata, poate si mai scurta ori cu spatele gol. Deja culoarea rosie e suficienta, incearca sa ai un echilibru. Vrei sa arati aranjata, dar nu ca si cum incerci prea mult. Eu iti recomand o abordare simplista, mai ales acum pentru zilele de vara – cu parul lejer, incaltaminte decupata si in culori neutre, machiaj minim. Iar ochelarii de soare pot complimenta tinuta, dupa cum spuneam si aici

Cam asta am facut eu azi – am ales un jumpsuit de la colectia de vacanta chiar. Se presupune sa-l porti pe plaja, peste costumul de baie. Insa eu am zis ca merge mai bine-asa cu botinele mele decupate. Mai ales ca nu merg degraba la plaja. Si oricum, mereu imi place sa experimentez. Materialul e atat de comod, iar croiul e super lejer – la fix pentru o zi petrecuta prin oras, la soare. Voi purtati rosu des? Si daca da, cum? 

style ideas red for blondes

hot to wear red body shape

what to wear red jumpsuit spring summer 2016

Red jumpsuit wedding outfit idea summer 2016

red jumpsuit affordable ideas how to look skinny

cum purtam vara 2016

costum rosu primavara vara nunta 2016

Jumpsuit – Primark | Shoes – New Look | Sunglasses – CheapAssSunglasses.com

red jumpsuit spring summer lookbook 2016

Big shout out to Thuy for taking the pics – check out her work here.


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How to Rock Sunglasses in 2016

cheapasssunglasses affordable sunglasses

EN  For years I refused to wear sunglasses even if I was blinded by the sun. I absolutely hated how I looked with sunglasses on, but thankfully things changed and went even a bit too far. I love my sunnies now and I like experimenting. I will always choose the weirdest shapes and try them on. Of course that 90% of them look too weird on me and they’re a pass, but I did manage to add to my collection some cool ones that actually complement my face. I do love my Ray Bans and Police – they are high quality, classic, just perfect.

However, this blog post is all about experimenting with style. It’s all about convincing you to go and buy a pair. So I decided to make a list of very affordable brands that still look really cool and are for completely different looks. I’m trying to convince you to have a go and play with sunglasses, you’ll have fun! It’s all about practice and using some tips. So it’s time for me to share my wisdom with you on how to rock sunglasses this spring/summer:

RO  Ani de zile am refuzat categoric sa port ochelari de soare. Eram de-a dreptul ingrozita de cum aratam cu ei. Si acum am in minte imaginea cu mine in fata oglinzii total descurajata de cum arat cu ochelari de soare. Ajunsesem la concluzia ca nu sunt facuta pentru asta. Insa cu norocul totul a luat o intorsatura – nu numai ca port ochelari de soare des, dar mi-am achizitionat niste modele tare ciudate. Ma duc in magazine si nu ma atrag decat ramele iesite din comun, culorile diferite. Asa ca azi vreau sa va arat cateva perechi din colectie.

Desi trebuie sa recunosc ca cel mai adesea aleg perechea preferata de Ray Ban, sau clasicii Police, astazi va vorbesc doar despre ochelari ieftini. Pentru ca vreau ca postarea de azi sa fie pentru oricine. Si mai vreau sa va incurajez sa incercati sa experimentati cu ochelarii de soare – de aceea nu va voi recomanda niciodata sa investiti o suma mare daca nu sunteti hotarate. Vreau sa vedeti ca doar schimband ochelarii de soare, am cu totul o alta tinuta. Pentru mine e tare fain si e o metoda usoara de-a schimba un look. Am creat conceptul in limba engleza, dar scrieti-mi un comentariu daca nu intelegeti totul, va stau la dispozitie oricand. Iar acum, sa-i dam drumul!

affordable sunglasses find your style 2016 summer ideas

cheapasssunglasses fun glasses cheap afforsable

*This pair was gifted to me by CheapAssSunglasses.com. Buy them online here.

affordable sunglasses topshop style ideas summer 2016


affordable sunglasses crazy ideas fun sunnies


affordable sunglasses affordable sunglasses primark topshop h&m cheapasssunglasses



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How to Wear Printed Trousers – Look Two (Office)

Trousers - Red Valentino (tradesy.com) | Green Print - inpurt.com)
Trousers – Red Valentino (tradesy.com) | Green Print – inpurt.com)

EN Last time I promised you I’m going to style these bad boys in different ways, to show you how easy it can be to play with printed trousers. For a put together look, choose a shirt that has the same colour that you can find in the trousers. It’s going to look like a nice match. It’s even better if you stay away from white or black. You’ll make your outfit more playful if you find a shirt in a bold colour. It’s also a look that you can wear on a casual night out. To balance the outfit, I went with a blazer – it kind of looks like it’s a suit. And then the shoes are elegant, yet simple enough so the focus remains on the clothes. Which one do you prefer so far? 


RO Ultima data v-am promis ca am sa va arat o tinuta office cu faimosii pantaloni de la H&M. Am ales o camasa portocalie ce se regaseste in printul pantalonilor. Si acesta e secretul, my friends! Alegeti o camasa intr-o culoare mai puternica, sa fie cat mai apropiata de printul pantalonilor. Si incercati sa evitati alb sau negru, tocmai pentru a crea o tinuta mai interesanta. Pentru a balansa culorile, alegeti accesorii in culori neutre. In cazul meu, sacoul alb iti da senzatia de costum, desi nu e. Iar pantofii negri ii dau o eleganta tinutei, insa nu compromit jocul de culori al hainelor. Cu tinuta asta m-as duce atat la servici, cat si in oras. Voi ce idee preferati? Cea de azi, sau cea de data trecuta? 

printed trousers summer office look h&m

[rinted trousers summer office look

how to wear orange print

how to style orange print

how to outfit ideas

idei tinuta office

printed trousers h&m outfit idea office formal

Printed trousers – H&M | Shirt – My mum’s wardrobe | Shoes – Zara | White Blazer – H&M


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