I wish I could turn back time

thrifted outfit vintage time ootd

Today I feel like I wanna go back in time a bit, so why not synchronise my thoughts with wearing a thrifted outfit? What can I say, that’s how I roll! But seriously now. I wish I could turn back time to those lazy mornings and instead of snoozing my alarm, to actually get my arse in the gym. I’ve been feeling really unfit in the last couple of months. Kind of like, you know when you run out of breath by chasing the last tram? Or by stretching a muscle after running for 10 mins. I started feeling like this and thought to myself this is getting way out of hand so I need to start working out properly. Well, I’ve been postponing it ever since this bright idea came to mind and now I really regret it. And I’ma tell you why: I am sick. I have been sick. And I am getting sick of being sick. It’s literally my autoimmune system shouting: “Andra, come on now, do something!”

And I get it.. but you see, I start feeling bad, then I get better, I go to the gym, then I get sick. And it’s a vicious circle. The fact that it’s still cold and rainy doesn’t help either. But I got it now, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll start being more active once this flu goes away. I’ll let you now how I get on in a month! Until then, learn from my mistakes and remember to stay active, go have some walks/runs or anything that keeps you moving – it’s the best medicine for your body.

striped vintage jumpsuit outfit

I found this striped jumpsuit in a kilo sale, very fancy I know. I love sales like these, but I have to say it’s been quite disappointing lately. The prices seem to go higher, but the items are less interesting, more and more damaged..and it’s just harder to find a bargain. I liked this one though, I even re-negotiated the price. Got home very proud of myself and realised it has a whole in the leg. You see what happens when you’re out of shape? Even my fashion skills seem to fail me nowadays. But it’s all cool, I was able to fix the problem and I’m quite happy with the result.

What thrift stores do you guys go to around Manchester? Let me know, I’d love to try out new places!

striped jumpsuit

kilosale find

c&a thrifted outfit

Jumpsuit – C&A thrifted | Boots – All Shoes Romania

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Embroidered Maxi Skirt

embroidered skirt lake district views

Working in fashion can be very dangerous for you. It makes you wanna buy everything. You discover new brands, new styles, new bargains and you end up wanting all of them. That’s me at least. And I’m not happy to admit that I still have a handful of items I haven’t worn yet. So to make myself feel better about spending all my money on clothes and accessories, I often buy reduced items. I don’t remember when I last bought a full priced piece of clothing. But it’s good for me. I don’t follow trends by heart, I don’t mind experiencing and I definitely don’t care if anything I wear is classed as old fashioned.

If you’re in this category, then I’ve got some news my friend! Sales time is the best time. And don’t even bother going in town and face the madness, online shopping all the way!

End of January I went back home in Romania and found this gorgeous embroidered skirt in a local designer’s shop. It was about £30, only a couple of them have been made, it’s got several layers underneath so it makes you feel like a princess when you wear it. It’s like the sales advisor told me: probably the fabric costed more than £30, you’re so lucky it’s in sale! And top of the iceberg: it’s got tulle, embroidered flowers (proper embroidered, not printed!) and it’s a maxi/midi skirt – it’s got the 17 trends already. The only reason it was reduced – it’s all autumn/winter colours. The irony of sale in the fashion industry. I would have never sold this gorgeous piece for a reduced price.

So to match the gorgeous dress, we had to take some pictures in a gorgeous place. The photos were made in Lake District, all at the same time, no heavy editing on the pictures – however, check how the lighting changes from one photo to another. That’s the Lake District weather, my friends 🙂

maxi embroidered skirt lake district

maxi embroidered skirt daily look outfit ss17

embroidered skirt lake district views

embroidered skirt lake district views

embroidered skirt lake district views

embroidered skirt lake district views

embroidered skirt lake district views

Skirt – Monesse (Romania) | Top – H&M | Boots – Zara | Red Lipstick – Sephora Lip Stain

andradorolti instagram fashion inspo


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Office Style Crush Pieces

I’m sorry to admit this, but lately I have been very lazy. No more gym, but defo more food… which turned into a very boring fashion sense in the last couple of months. I would find myself picking every morning basically the same outfit: jeans and a very much oversized jumper. But it’s a new year now, my lazy days are gone and I wanna spice it up a little bit. I wanna start putting more effort into what I’m wearing to work. Because when we look good, we feel good, right? 🙂

Looking for some inspo, I found this website called StyleWe, which is absolutely amazing for picking up unique pieces. They say they offer a wide range of items from various designers, hence the variety and uniqueness of items. After spending too much time on their website, I realised I need to share this with you. So I made a selection with my favourite pieces, but check out their website, as they do have loads more!

January Style Ideas StyleWe

Imagine these trousers for the Spring time.. oh yess! It’s just a different approach to the classic black trousers (which I am not a fan of). I also see these matching with everything really.. they’re just too cool and I need a pair in my life wardrobe.Must have office look Stylewe

As I know that many of you are planning your holiday at the moment, I wanted to give you a shout! This website has it all, go and check out their swimwear and high waisted bikini bottoms for great outfit ideas for your hols! And since we’re going on about this vintage inspired vibe, they even have a section with 2017 fashion Hairstyles at StyleWe blog. I said it once, I’ma say it twice – they’ve got it all! affordable designer outfits january 2017

For details on the outfits, prices and more fashion beauties, feel free to check out their website here – StyleWe

andradorolti instagram fashion inspo

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It’s time for a new journey

lake district road trip

While many people argue that New Year resolutions don’t work, I still like to write down new goals for each year. Why? Because a new year/a new era/ a new episode/a new everything in my life gets me excited. And I love having yet another reason to get motivated, to want to achieve more. Why not? What’s so bad in writing down things you want to do this year? Who cares how much you’ll actually do or not, at least you’re willing to wish for it and commit to it even if it’s just for January. At least you had a pretty good January!

You see, I am a goal oriented person in general and I have my own journal, I have a huge stash of personal growth books, I always analyse where I’m at and where I wanna be and I always need to feel I’ve progressed or grown somehow. If I don’t, I get upset, very upset.

But I know that not everyone is the same (or as obsessed). And that’s why it’s even more important to get a chance to write down your personal goals. And really believe in them. Don’t read any of that bullshit that tries to convince you that you’re one of the quitters, or that New Year’s resolutions don’t work. You do your own thing and try your best. Because the more we want, the more we’ll get. And no matter how juicy it sounds, there’s nothing to loose, but to gain. So join me on this new journey, and let’s make the most out of 2017!

mountain outfit

In the morning of 1st of January we went on a road trip in the Lake District, where we got the chance to take these photos. You don’t get to have a clear blue ski in the UK, so yes, we started 2017 pretty well 🙂

mountain trip yellow
hunter boots

roadtrip uk

mountain outfit gear
2017 resolutions

Raincoat – Primark Men | Knit top – Zara | Thermal Leggings – Unbranded | Boots – Hunter


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5 Personalised, Unique and Affordable Christmas Gifts

perfect last minute gifts affordable personal unique

I absolutely love buying gifts for Christmas and I’m always thinking of unconventional ways of surprising my loved ones. One thing that I often do is sprinkle a touch of personal vibes – a great way to make your gift memorable and unique.  After reading million of Gift Guides, I wanted to come up with something a bit more special, affordable and very easy to find. Everything I’m showing you today is under £10 and you can buy most things from stores such as Pound Shop – to John Lewis and Selfridges. It’s totally up to you!

Personal Christmas Gifts for under £10

1. Gratitude Journal

A while ago I was talking about the life changing experience of having a gratitude journal (article here). What you need is  a nice notebook you can call the Gratitude Journal. Every night before going to bed, take 5 mins to write down 5 things you’re grateful for, that happened that day.

But here’s where the magic comes: By writing down all these good things, you relax, get in a good mood and you sleep much better. It’s also a great way to focus on the positive things – something easy to say, but harder to actually do.

Just pick a nice notebook, add a small note explaining what this is about and Voila – the perfect gift! 🙂 And if you don’t believe me, get yourself one this Christmas and see for yourself.

gratitude journal

2. Photo frame with personal photo 

With all these selfies going on, we forget about the real thing – why not get outside the box and actually gift someone a big photo frame with a personal photo printed – maybe a great holiday you’ve been to? Maybe a previous Christmas, birthday party – something with everyone together, having fun? Or a drawing they did, something personal. You can get photo frames from £1 and you can print photos anywhere in town, directly from your phone. It’s so easy and simple, you’ve got no excuse!

perfect last minute gifts affordable personal unique

3. Books 

Buying someone books is not something new, but where to buy them from – now that’s something else! You can go to Print Works and buy classics for so much cheaper. They have an offer of 6 books for £10 at the moment and they’re all classics such as: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and so on.

For the fashionistas, it’s expensive to get a nice table book. But then if you go to thrift stores, or stop by any book stalls (we have some on Oxford Road in Manchester) you can get old vintage fashion books for £2-£5. You can also check Amazon for used books as well. Imagine a pile of 3-4 old table books, wrapped in newspaper, with some rope around and real christmas tree leaves. So vintage, personal and just perfect! At least for me 🙂

Christmas gifts affordable cheap personal unique

4. Homemade Cookies

I absolutely love this idea and I have done this before. If you love baking or cooking in general, you can make a batch of your favourite cookies – wrap them nicely, add a personal card – and that’s done! You can even buy pens with food colouring (Juts look for the Dr Otker ones available in any big supermarket) and write down the names on the cookies.

What stands out here is the packaging – You can buy Christmas boxes from Poundshop, Home Sense, Tk Maxx, Wilko and many more – I got some nice ones from Home Sense with £5 for 10 paper ones. I also saw some tin boxes with lid in Poundshop.

last minute christmas presents affordable personal

5. Memory Box 

I actually received this gift myself and I absolutely loved it (Thanks Pavlina!). You basically need a nice empty box or jar and add a note that explains how this works: Every time something worth remembering happens, write it down and add the note in the memory box. When you’re feeling down, nostalgic or just want to relax – open the box and go through the notes. You’ll then realise how awesome your life is and how many good things have happened to you.

Christmas friends family love have fun

And this is why I love Christmas so much. Because I get to think of all my loved ones and try to bring them just a bit of joy. I hope I gave you some good ideas and I wish you all a fabulous Christmas!


Andra x

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Old Pics Inspired

blog andra dorolti vintage

Hello dear friends, how’s your December going so far? I for one get a bit nostalgic these days – it’s probably because I’m away from home..and also because I miss those gold old winter days with loads of snow, me at my grandma’s, sitting in the house with a view that you can only find in pictures nowadays.

I started going through some old pictures and got in the mood for some vintage clothing yet again. So today’s outfit is all about getting the old wool jumpers out, mixing them with lace and good old Levis denim – such a classic look don’t you think? My jumper and top are from thrift stores, but anything else is available on the market pretty much. I’ve even included a top from Zara (pic at the bottom) for those who want a bit of vintage vibes with a touch of the latest trend – bell sleeves. I love these bell sleeves, but boy they’re not practical at all! Oh well, it’s not the first time fashion’s not practical, but at least it looks nice right?

old school vintage inspired outfit

old school vintage inspired outfit

old school vintage inspired outfit

old school vintage inspired outfit get the look

Vintage Jumper (similar) – here  |Vintage Inspired Top (similar) – here | Levis Jeans – here | Zara top – mine just sold out online! Similar one here | Brown Boots (similar) – here

old school vintage inspired outfit

old school vintage inspired outfit



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Why I don’t blog as often anymore…

red pantsuit lavish alice michael kors laptop case

I remember some years ago being alone in my room, contemplating whether I should write a blog or not. I remember my biggest problem was how will I create the content? I had a cheap pink camera, no photography skills, no budget to buy any new clothes and absolutely no tech skills on how to launch a blog. But I really liked the idea and without thinking too much about it, I decided to make a start. I was so nervous when I shared my first blog post.. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, but I was out there, for everyone to see and to judge and it wasn’t really my favourite feeling.

But years went by and I still kept on blogging and it slowly became a part of me. As a part time blogger, or how I like to call it – a hobby, my most asked question was why I still do it. What’s the outcome? And honestly I wasn’t 100% sure myself, until now. It all started with a deep passion I always had for the fashion and textile industry. But I never wanted to be a designer, I just wanted to work with clothes somehow, in a creative way. It took a while, a lot of what if’s, a lot of wonder. But now I’ve got it, now I do what I love and now I don’t need to feel the gap anymore. And that’s why I don’t blog as often these days. I’ve found a job that pays for spending my time doing exactly what I’ve always wanted. And the cool thing is that having the blog helped me get there 🙂

As I look back, everything makes sense. All the small projects I did in my spare time, the education I chose, the previous jobs… it all comes together beautifully. And that’s what I want to tell you guys because I know that for some of us is not that clear what we want to do and where we wanna go. Just follow your passion, make sure to excel in anything you do and it will come to you, I promise! And to spread this message, I had to wear a power pantsuit. There’s no better way to say – just be fierce!

outstanding suit

red pantsuit office attire

Michael Kors laptop case office look

michael Kors starbuck lavish alice

office goals daily look lavish alice uk

get the look red pantsuit

Red pantsuit (both pieces) – Lavish Alice at Asos.com | Glasses – Versace at Boots.com | Laptop case *can’t find the exact one anymore* – Michael Kors |Red Lipstain – MUA at Superdrug | Pumps – H&M | Top *similar* – Phase Eight

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New Season, New Beginnings

mac trends 2017 aw season

Happy Autumn, dear friends! I can’t believe it’s the beginning of a new season. I know how much people love the summer, but I hope you’re excited for the fall!

I don’t know about you, but this summer for me was both amazing and incredibly short. I had so much fun that I literally lost the track of time. I found myself today realising that it’s almost October. But I guess time always flies when you’re having fun, right? So now.. why was my summer so spectacular? Firstly, because I took a lot of risks. I decided to be more free and courageous and just do whatever I wanted to do. And I can honestly say that I’ve had a blast!

I’m now in my living room, I’ve just turned on a Jazz playlist on my Spotify account, lid some candles and made myself a cup of tea. I guess I’m all ready for the new season 🙂 Not only ready, but very excited as well. What you guys don’t know is that I’ve started this year badly. I was very unsure, a bit lost and unhappy. And after sleepless nights I thought I’ll just go with it. With my attitude, my days changed. And my year has slowly turned around.

So if you’re still unhappy, a bit lost or just unsatisfied with what’s going on at the minute, take this chance and start over. Make this new season a new beginning! I know good things come for those who wait, but better things are coming for those who work for it 🙂 pink mac affordable new season

aw17 blue dress h&m

affordable nude pumps h&m new season

aw trends 2017 mac dress affordable new season

colour block trend aw 17 nude pumps affordable look
aw17 affordable dress new season

pink affordable peach mac

Dress – H&M | Shoes – H&M | Bag – Ted Baker | Coat/Mac – Primark


Let’s chat more on Instagram! Click on any photo below and let’s be Insta buddies! See you there 🙂

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When Your Priorities Change

Andra Dorolti Going Out Retro outfit

Hello world! It’s been a while since I haven’t been writing on my blog. And that’s because I’ve been reading a lot instead. You see, it all stared with the previous article, about how overwhelmed we feel sometimes. So I decided to take it slow and make a plan. I’ve started reading the book called The One Thing (by Kerry Geller) which is basically all about focusing on one thing only. And let me tell you something – boy that’s so much better! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still have more than one things on my mind, but not as a main priority. And that has lifted a lot of pressure off my shoulders and has actually given me the chance to really make a difference in the things that matter most to me.

Now I feel more energized, excited and eager to get more creative and more efficient! And when it comes to blogging, it still is a soft spot of mine but it will never be priority number one – hence my long absence. But no worries, I’ll always come back to blogging when I’ve got something worth sharing. Today is this really cute outfit and a humble advice: if you feel lost, read. If you don’t know here to start, read. If you’re bored, read. If you wanna grow, read. Just read 🙂

zara retro outfit embroidery zara retro outfit embroidery zara retro outfit embroidery

zara retro outfit embroidery

Top, Trousers and Shoes – Zara | Earrings – Primark


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It’s one of those days…

holiday outfit vintage dress

EN I was recently reading an article about how important it is to get things done and stop saying “what if..”. Stop dreaming about it and just do it – was the message. But you see, I can’t help it. And I don’t wanna. I’ve always been a dreamer, that’s how I managed to do some cool things in my life. But I’ve also ended up being frustrated some other times. But I guess we all do at one point, we cannot have it all and it would be way too boring if we did.

But lately I’ve been too much of a dreamer and less of a doer. It’s probably all the holidays and travelling I’ve done lately. I got overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration and now I fell like I wanna do it all but there’s so much you can do! I’ve got so much choice and freedom, but also uncertainty at the same time. I feel this is what my generation is facing with at the moment. And it’s hard to stop asking yourself “what if..”

Or maybe it’s just one of those days, I keep saying to myself – one of those days when you’re just a tad frustrated, but it will go away. Because you’re actually working harder than ever, and results will come, it’s just that your patience has reached its limits. It’s all in the mind, isn’t it? 🙂

vintage dress seaside lifeguard

vintage dress seaside

holiday vibes

Dress – Thrift store | Photos taken on the Toronto Island





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